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Denali: Amazon/Skil’s budget rotary hammer. How bad is it?

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Denali: Amazon/Skil’s budget rotary hammer. How bad is it?

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Description: Get hammerheads and uh today we’ve got well this box so I don’t normally do unboxings on this channel but I figured given the topic why not you know it’s a pretty amazony kind of thing I don’t know what that energy thing’s all about uh so straight away we can see that they’re actually saving a bit of money just by not springing for a glossy color printing on the box uh just a plain cardboard pretty good little kit there us plug of course Man here she is yeah seems alright so far Battery shit’s half full All right so I have charged up had a bit of a play and she feels like a pretty solid little tool you know I’m pretty impressed with uh how cheaply they’ve been able to sell this kind of thing and how good the quality feels you know it’s

Pretty good now Denali skill and also Flex they’re all owned by this company Chevron and if we bring in my other Chevron tool which I also bought in North America you can see there’s a definite family resemblance not just because because of the color scheme but

A lot of The Styling too for instance you know batteries I mean that’s just a bigger version of that like pretty obvious there very very similar styling there is literally a red version of this made by skill which has you know one or two extra features I mean the action on

This trigger feels sort of just as nice as the the flex version now that one’s uh that one feels a little more solid but you know things like that you can definitely see the resemblance uh so so I guess this little guy you know got a pretty good pedigree even

Though they would be making them as cheap as they can for Amazon let’s look at the specs this is actually the model number here are so I guess that’s Amazon rotary hammer uh 1702 don’t know what that means B and then oo seems to be the US version

Because the UK version that I saw has a different uh suffix there so pricing AUD the full price is about 230 bucks including a lot of shipping I got it on sale I think I paid about 190 and right now it’s on sale at 82 bucks us or normally 109.95 now the

Weight on my scale is about 1.4 kilos or in pounds, about three pounds capacity is half an inch or 12.7 mils impact energy one joule so I think that’s actually the lowest of any hammer on my table here so we look at the 12 volts Dewalt that’s 1.1

Uh 12 volt Makita is 1.1 yeah so one is the lowest so far impact per minute is 5000 revolutions per minute 900 and impact power is five thousand so that’s just one joule five thousand times a minute now let’s check the revs So about 840 just shy of the 900 advertised so I’ve got this Imperial set of Maximum drill bits that I bought in North America so may as well use them because you know this is a North American Tool uh sort of got quarter inch 3 8

3 16 whatever the hell that is so I’ll do a few of those uh entry sort of sizes and because this little guy is marketed at the uh the homeowner DIY kind of crowd I’m just going to do some wood drilling uh just using one of those uh SDS adapters

Like that in there we’ll see if she can drive some screws too I thought of those all right Mia so let’s see how she goes Foreign Thank you half an inch [Applause] [Applause] In the block Uh underlying is it lonely [Applause] A bit annoying when I get the works in a pinch so we’ve got the driver bit on there now All right Y so I actually snuck an eight millimeter bit in there don’t worry guys that’s about a third of an inch pretty similar um but because this is an unofficial time uh I’m not gonna count it hang on let’s just put a star there so this drill doesn’t have a handle so I

Can’t time it as purely as I can with the other so this is just going to be an unofficial time for now but 25.96 seconds for an 8 by 80 mil drill Fair bit behind everyone else we’ve tested so far but hey you know it’s literally one

Quarter the price of uh the Milwaukee which was the next fastest on this list all right so I did actually throw a half-inch drill bit in there and that is actually the Max Capacity so there you go Max Capacity by 80 mil drill she’s

Come up in the ranking a fair way but you know not super surprising because half an inch is a fair bit smaller than 18 millimeters 26 millimeters these guys did so that’s about an inch and you know what smaller drill bits are just going to drill faster than bigger ones

All righty meow so uh pretty impressive little stuff from this little gray drill here uh she actually handled all of that stuff just fine she managed to get these screws in I think they’re 10 gauge uh and actually managed to get him out too which I was pretty impressed by

Because often uh once you’ve got all that static friction on a Fastener uh little tools don’t usually have the talk to actually undo them so yeah pretty good pretty impressive stuff after all of that work the battery is on three stars now when I was drilling it

Was down to two but I guess it’s cooled off and you know had a bit of rest and come back up to three so to give you an idea all of that work used well you know one star on the battery there but I did have to redo the screw part because my

The camera battery died so uh that should give you an idea of uh the kind of battery life you get out of this little thing um the other thing I didn’t like about it was it doesn’t actually have a handle so that means I couldn’t actually do my normal testing method uh these drills

Results you know they’re not really comparable so that’s why there are they’re unofficial but it just meant that drilling downwards I had I kind of just held it you know however I could if you’re going to hold it this way if you’re drilling you know sideways or maybe upwards that little post thing

That you’re meant to hold here that’s rubberized you know probably work fine plus if you’re just a you know a homeowner DIY or whatever you’re probably not going to use it all that much so it doesn’t need a handle I mean she’s she’s a pretty good little tool honestly

As always with the masonry drilling um you got that Paradox of the smaller bits tend to be actually harder to make the drill struggle just because they go in so tight you know there’s not much kerf on these little guys dust builds up in the hole gets really

Tight the drill does bog down a little bit so interestingly enough she struggled more with the little ones than with the big ones um but that kind of happens you know I thought the real test of the talk was that she could actually undo a screw that was fully driven into Pine

Um because yeah often sort of weaker tools can’t really do that but uh she handled it just fine so there you go Hammerheads uh I thought it was a pretty interesting decision for Amazon to commission Their Own Line of power tools but since it is just a

Re-badge skill uh you know shouldn’t be too arduous for either party very little design effort for the tool maker you know Amazon would be a big buyer so they could just say give us a hundred thousand of these things and you know we’ll sell them for whatever it was so

The manufacturer is actually listed as Amazon in Seattle so that’s interesting something I don’t like is right here it says for use only with the Denali battery but guys it’s a skill I mean I’m sure elsewhere I’ve seen it advertised as compatible with skill it even says

Buy skill why are we just going for use only with Denali battery that’s a bit of a cheap out so um I reckon I might have to grab the skill version of this and just you know do a head-to-head at some point in the future see how different these things

Are because you know maybe the batteries are lesser quality than the skill ones or something like that anyhow Hammerheads this has been a cool low-stress and kind of interesting video for me because you know I do like trying the uh the foreign tools that you can’t

Really get in Australia uh you know I got the old power adapter thing so it’s all good anyhow if you are picking up what I’m putting down uh you know Chuck is alike and The Cheeky subscribe and you know all that stuff I mean you know

How YouTube works and uh I’ll scratch you later foreign

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Denali: Amazon/Skil’s budget rotary hammer. How bad is it?

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