14 Roku Apps I Just DELETED

Description: In my video content, I frequently discuss the best Roku apps to download, covering categories like top-rated apps, free ones, hidden gems, and more. However, today’s focus is on a different aspect—identifying and removing unnecessary apps from my cluttered Roku menu.

Currently, my Roku menu boasts a staggering 106 items, but in reality, I only regularly use about 15 of them. While having plenty of choices is beneficial, occasional decluttering is essential. In this video, we’ll explore which apps I believe should be removed from my Roku, and these suggestions might help you clean up your Roku menu as well.

Before we dive into app removal, I want to mention that I’m not suggesting these apps are bad; many of them are quite good. The reason for removal is often redundancy. For instance, I have multiple music apps, but I primarily use Spotify, so I don’t require these redundant alternatives. Let’s start with the removal process.

To remove an app, I’ll use my Roku remote and press the Star key, then navigate to “Remove channel.” For instance, I’m keeping iHeartRadio but removing Pandora since I already have Spotify. Likewise, I have cable channel apps like USA Network, which I can access through a live TV streaming app, so they’re getting the axe as well.

Next, I noticed some redundant apps like Vevo and XITE, both of which serve the same purpose. I’ll keep Vevo and remove XITE. Similarly, there are Baby Boomer TV and Baby Boomer Cartoons; since all the cartoons are within Baby Boomer TV, the Cartoons app is redundant and can be removed.

Moving on, I have several apps that imitate what Pluto TV offers, like Xumo and Stirr. While they’re good, I’ve found myself using Pluto TV exclusively, so I’m removing Xumo and Stirr. Likewise, I have Tubi, which is similar to Netflix, but since I haven’t used Crackle in months, it’s time to remove it along with Vudu.

For cooking shows and food channels, both Eater and Bon Appetit are good options, but I prefer Bon Appetit for its recipe content. Therefore, I’m removing Eater. Regarding kids’ content, while PBS KIDS is staying, free services like Kabillion are getting the boot as my kids prefer Netflix and Disney+.

There are also apps like Nosey, which offer daytime talk shows, but I haven’t used it much, so I’ll remove it. Lastly, I’m parting ways with Locast because it’s not available in my market, and I can use alternatives like Haystack News.

As you can see, there are still many apps left to evaluate, and I invite you to join me for a live stream on Friday where we can discuss and decide which additional apps should be removed. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to the channel, and join us for the live stream—it promises to be a lively and informative discussion. See you on Friday!

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