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Comcast Xfinity Review | Cable TV Service

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2016 Comcast Xfinity Review | Cable TV Service

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Description: Hey this is Craig with review zorg let’s take a look today at Xfinity from Comcast one of the nation’s largest cable TV providers Comcast scored a six-point one out of ten in our 2016 buyer’s guide with four packages Comcast has something for any budget most plans come

With or without contracts which is nice if you don’t want to commit but if you do lock into an agreement you generally save about ten bucks a month Comcast impressed us with the new x1 platform there are a lot of bells and whistles but our favorite feature is the powerful

Voice control that works through your TV remote or smartphone the x1 is also your DVR you can record a single episode or an entire series and it records up to six shows at once and you can pause and rewind live TV unfortunately x1 is only available for bundled packages meaning you must have

Both internet and TV through Xfinity it’s also important to note Comcast’s low customer service scores which they’re trying to turn around with last year’s 300 million dollar investment into their customer service infrastructure Comcast also partnered with the Amazon cable store which has its own dedicated customer support now

These aren’t small moves so it may take some time to see satisfaction scores improve but low scores aside they are one of the nation’s largest providers for the reason of innovative technology reliable service and plenty of packages to choose from we’d recommend going with Xfinity Digital preferred package it’s

Worth it to combine TV and Internet in order to get the x1 platform plus bundling services save you money alright now that does it for us today be sure to check out our full analysis on reviews org and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates

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2016 Comcast Xfinity Review | Cable TV Service

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