Denali 2.0

Our two most popular tool belts are the Denali and the Artisan. In this video, we’ll focus on the Denali, while we have another video dedicated to the Artisan and plenty more showcasing our other products. So, let’s dive into the Denali and explore its features.

If you need to carry a substantial amount of gear while keeping everything organized, the Denali is the ideal choice. The Denali belt comes equipped with a dominant side Elias and a non-dominant side Wrangle. It includes a hammer holster and a flat bar holster, all mounted on a six-inch belt. To ensure you get the right size belt, be sure to check out our video on belt sizing. Now, let’s walk through the features, starting with the Elias on my dominant side.

The hammer holster is a favorite among many as it prevents the hammer from accidentally hitting your leg, butt, knee, or anything else. On top, there’s a pocket where you can store chalk, or you could even fit an LDM (Laser Distance Measurer) in there. There are six tool slots with a divider, making it easy to carry various tools. In the second pocket, there’s a drill bit index, similar to the miter pouch, great for organizing drill bits or driver bits. You can also use it for other small items. The outside pocket has Velcro, making it secure for items like an LDM.

Moving to the front, there’s a dedicated pocket for your knife and a slot for a marker. There are multiple marker slots on this belt. On the back, you’ll find a tool loop where you can keep tools like a nail puller. Additionally, there’s a hammer loop on the back, convenient for those carrying a staple gun or other tools that require a hammer attachment.

Now, let’s shift to the non-dominant side. At the top, there’s room for a 25-foot tape measure (currently holding a 25-footer) but designed to accommodate up to a 35-footer for those who need a larger tape measure. In the main pocket, there’s space for a full-size speed square. The divider includes three tool slots, and in the second pocket, I have a mini square. The third pocket is essentially a mirror image of the other side but without the closure pocket on the outside. Here, there are three tool slots in the main pocket, which works well for holding a speed square.

Up front, there’s a spot for pencils, markers, or nail sets. On the back, you’ll find a butterfly tool loop, perfect for securing a torpedo level.

On the backside of the Wrangle pouch, there’s a flat bar holster, which can accommodate up to three bars. You can also place a nail puller in a separate slot. With this setup, you have your most useful tools within easy reach.

It’s worth noting that this Denali setup has four pockets on each side, making it a bit larger than the Artisan. It rides a little lower, but if you keep the belt in the right position, you can still access that last pocket without bending over. This configuration is excellent for remodelers and framers who need to carry a substantial amount of gear. For commercial workers or concrete professionals, we typically recommend the Grande setup, which features even larger pockets. While the Denali offers ample capacity and organization, it’s a balance between the Artisan and the Grande.

If you require a tool belt that offers plenty of storage capacity, superior organization, and more openness than the Artisan but slightly less open pockets compared to the Grande, then the Denali is the perfect choice for you. Be sure to check it out!

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