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Denali 2.0

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Description: The denali and the artisan are our two most popular tool belts so this video is going to be all about the denali we’ve got another video about the artisan and a lot of videos about our other products but here’s a run-through of the denali

If you want to carry a lot of stuff if you want to stay organized the denali’s the way to go The denali comes with dominant side elias non-dominant side wrangle it’s got a hammer holster it’s got a flat bar holster it comes on the six inch belt check out our video on belt sizing to make sure you get the right size belt now let’s start walking through starting

With the elias on my dominant side i’ve got the hammer holster everybody loves the hammer holster keeps the hammer from hitting you in the leg hitting you in the butt hitting you in the knee or anything else i’ve got on my top pocket i’ve got a

Chalk i could also put an ldm in there i could put a couple of small fasteners in there i’ve got six tool slots in here with a divider i got a chisel shut down in here i could put any other tools in there i’ve got these two big pockets

The second pocket has a drill bit index much like the miter pouch i’ve just got a nail set put in there these are great for drill bits if you’re using driver bits put a dowel or something down in there so you don’t lose your shorter driver bits

On the outside pocket i’ve got my ldm in there right now just because this has a velcro pocket i can tough this down in there when i’m not using it but if i got anything i want to keep secure like an ldm i can drop it down in there on the

Front i’ve got my knife’s pocket and i’ve got a slot for this marker i’ve got a couple of marker slots on here in the back i’ve got a little tool loop where i’ve got right now i’ve just got uh my nail puller and i’ve also got this

Hammer loop on the back if i’m carrying a staple gun or something else where i want a hammer attacker i want to keep something else there on the back on my non-dominant side starting at the top i’ve got a 25 in here right now this pocket is made to

Hold up to a 35 for you framer types you want to carry a big tape i’ve got a full size speed square in the main pocket on the divider where i’ve also got three tool slots and i’ve got my mini square in the second pocket and i got second pocket third pocket

Basically mirror image of the other side but without the closure pocket on the outside i don’t have the i only have three tool slots in my main pocket here instead of all six that just makes the speed square work a little better i’ve got a spot here again for pencils

Markers or nail sets up here on the front and then on the back i’ve got a butterfly tool loop where i’ve got my torpedo now on the back side of my wrangle pouch i’ve got the flat bar holster i just got one bar in here right now but this will

Hold up to three bars i can put my uh nail puller in here too if i want it in a separate slot so now i’ve got up to three uh bars over here on this side and i’ve got my hammer some of my most useful tools right where

I am now this setup is going to be a little bigger than the artisan this has four pockets on either side you’re going to go down a little lower but as long as you keep the belt where it should be you can still reach down into that last

Pocket without having to bend over this setup is perfect for remodelers who want to carry a lot of stuff it’s great for framers who are carrying a lot of stuff it borders own commercial guys and concrete we would mainly push those guys towards the grande setup it’s going to have a little

Bit bigger pockets these pockets are bigger than the pockets on the artisan you can put loose fasteners in here coil fasteners you might want to either get yourself an extra db sack or thinking about get think about getting an ox rather than a wrangle on the left side

But these are generous pockets just not huge gaping pockets i’m going to stay close to my body this belt allows you to carry everything you’re going to need on the job and stay ultra organized and comfortable so if you’re looking for a lot of capacity a lot of organization

More open than the artisan but less open pockets than maybe on the grande the denali is the choice for you check it out

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Click for More Info: Denali 2.0

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