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Apple TV 4K Review | First Thoughts and Impressions

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Apple TV 4K Review | First Thoughts and Impressions

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Description: So here’s the new Apple TV we just got it over the weekend I’m pretty excited to bust it open I haven’t looked at it at all so I hope you guys will humor me for a minute as I bust this thing open I just have to use my my fingernails or

Something and get this thing open up alright so as always Apple does a very nice job packaging and I feel like a very wealthy man as I pull this out okay we’ve got the Apple TV we’ve got the remote we’ve got the necessary power cables and um okay USBC it’s their

Proprietary thing what in the Sam Hill did they include this for because it’s not gonna plug in on the box anywhere I don’t understand it we really didn’t need that thing after all as my genius colleague Derek let me know it doesn’t have anything to do with this at all you

Gotta charge your damn remote I’m not that smart you guys oh well and their manuals I think that’s everything in the box so there we go there you have it that’s everything that you need to get the office to be up and running except for an HDMI cable which they do not feel

The need to provide for you but that’s alright just hop on Amazon grab one for 10 bucks it’s not that big a deal as far as the Apple TV itself goes it’s looking pretty much the same as the fourth gen it’s about the same weight about the same thickness And yes it’s very very attractive I like to look at this you know I need that the one big visual difference is this menu button has finally ringed in white there’s actually it’s ridged a little bit so you can feel it and that that’ll help you remember which button is which

So you don’t have to constantly look down at the at the remote the base of this is a little bit different you can see it’s got some space for the fan to work as it goes yeah that’s basically it so the deal with the Apple TV 4k the

Reason they’re not calling this an Apple TV fifth-generation is because it’s largely the same as the last one the app TV for you looked and felt a lot like this the big difference here is that this is 4k HDR capable which is great for some people and so we’re getting a

Lot of questions about it is this worth it should I buy the Apple TV 4k and maybe if you’re an apple junkie yes if you have a 4k TV because I’m not sure that it’s going to be worth it if you don’t they do something called 4k

Upscaling whereas you watch as you watch TV on this box if you have like a five or a ten year old TV and that only displays at regular HD picture quality then this will take your the picture that it’s sending to that TV and it will

Upscale it and try to make your TV play 4k video and I’ve heard that the results aren’t exactly what you might want out of that but we’ll see how true that is we’re gonna play with this over the weekend and let you know what we think

Of the picture quality as far as the price point we got the 32 gig one because we don’t need all that extra storage and it came in at 179 bucks which is a little bit painful honestly so I’m not sure I love the price point they try to

Offset that price point by lowering the cost of their 4k programming so if you go in iTunes me buy or you rent a movie it’s supposedly going to be a lot cheaper now then it then it was previously and I know Amazon just dropped their prices trying to compete

So thank you for that competition I suppose already Apple so thanks guys for watching I hope that gives you an idea at least of what’s in the box and and what to expect with this like I said not much different than the previous generation it’s just trying to up that

Picture quality so whether it’s worth it for you to buy it right now I would say if you have a 4k TV and that is HDR capable then maybe it would be worth it to get that extra picture quality if you don’t I probably wouldn’t spend the

Money but I’m gonna test this on a few TVs over the next few days and watch a lot of TV for you don’t worry and I’ll let you know what the verdict comes in at and we’ll see you for that video thanks everybody You

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Apple TV 4K Review | First Thoughts and Impressions

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