Wolfeye Remote Screen

Wolfeye Remote Screen

Wolfeye Remote Screen is a software that allows one to see live computer screens remotely via the internet using a web browser.

Customers are small business owners who use the Wolfeye Remote Screen to monitor employees in compliance with legal requirements. However, in some cases, the Wolfeye Remote Screen is also used by parents who want to control their children’s internet behavior.

Wolfeye’s Functions:

  1. Unauthorized PC Access Monitoring: Use Wolfeye Remote Screen to identify unauthorized access to your computer and the culprits involved.
  2. Children’s Internet Behavior Tracking: Safeguard your kids from cyberbullying and inappropriate online content. Monitor their internet activities and chats with Wolfeye Remote Screen.
  3. Employee Productivity Oversight: Employ Wolfeye Remote Screen to ensure your staff is utilizing their work hours efficiently. Detect excessive social media use and unauthorized projects during work time.
  4. Remote Desktop Capabilities: Collaborate in real-time by sharing screens or offer remote assistance through Wolfeye Remote Screen.
  5. Attention Warning: The legal usage of Wolfeye requires confirmation from a lawyer. Use only on your own devices. Illegitimate activities are prohibited. Adhere to local laws; your compliance is paramount.
  6. Pricing and Support: Free trial available. $97 for a 12-month, 1-PC license with a money-back guarantee. Windows 11 to XP supported. Reach out for assistance at KONTAKT@WOLFEYE.DE or by phone.
  7. Usage Restrictions: Employ Wolfeye ethically. Prohibited on third-party devices without consent. Illicit utilization is forbidden.

Contact Information:

ANGEL GONZALEZ Höllbergstraße 4A 60431 Frankfurt am Main Germany +49 151 23 27 88 66 KONTAKT@WOLFEYE.DE

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