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Apple TV+ First Impressions | Reviewing The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, Dickinson

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Apple TV+ First Impressions | Reviewing The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, Dickinson

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Description: There come moments once-in-a-generation twice maybe when tectonic forces shift the course of mankind everything changes everything changes Apple TV plus has come along now and changed nothing this is not one of those moments okay your life is not going to change but there’s some new shows for you to watch and

We’re going to talk about some of those it has arrived is November 1st and it is launch day I have been up now for untold hours watching Apple TV Plus for you I did this for you and I’m tired you see these bags these did not happen by

Accident okay so we’re gonna be talking about Apple TV Plus kind of some first impressions how how the app itself is working how the delivery is going and then yes I am going to talk about the shows themselves because frankly that’s what this is all about and that’s going

To sell you on whether you’re gonna sign up for this on day one or whether you want to wait for a month or three or 40 before you sign up for Apple TV plus so let’s dive it Now if you enjoy what we do here on this channel don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell icon we’re here multiple times every week with new videos and livestreams on topics like this now Apple TV plus I will get to the shows in a few moments I’ll talk about my

Impressions of the shows and whether they make it worth it to sign up well let’s kind of go through the fact sheet if you’re not aware of some of these facts it may be worth our while so Apple TV Plus out today November 1st

5 bucks a month if you need to sign up for it if you have purchased a new Apple device according to the paperwork a new Apple device since I think September 10th when this was all announced then you can get Apple TV plus free for one

Year with that new device so I put that to the test it was time for me to buy an iPad anyway so I bought an iPad and I went today to sign up for my one year free of Apple TV Plus didn’t work so I did software updates and it didn’t work

I reset the iPad it didn’t work I signed out I signed back in it didn’t work I did I did everything I could I signed in on computers I did everything that I could think of to get my Apple TV plus free for one year and it did not work

However guy behind the camera Adam he’s got an iPhone that he just did the new iPhone that came out and he got that iPhone it worked fine I’m not bitter look I’m not bitter I’m happy for him and I’m happy for you if you got it to work

But for some reason something wasn’t working with this new iPad that I got Adam say hi each yeah there you go all right so there’s Adam it worked for him maybe it worked for you if you have any wisdom to share hit the comments below

Let us know what you did if you had any trouble getting Apple TV plus working for your one year free let us know what you did so I’m gonna keep working on that and if I have any wisdom to share I’ll share that in the community tab

Here on the reviews org YouTube channel as for the devices that’s available on obviously all of these Apple devices so iPhones iPads Mac’s MacBook so you can watch it on any of those devices Apple TV is what I’ve got running right behind me here now so you can watch it on any

Of those but you can also watch it on few select Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TVs or the Roku device not Roku Smart TVs for some reason or the older model Roku Smart TVs I don’t know exactly how it works but I did get it working on my

Roku streaming stick plus so I plugged that in I downloaded the app I got it working just fine the only problem is that the app did run pretty slow on my Roku so it’s obviously an app that is optimized for Apple hardware to play nice with Apple software Roku is not

That it worked ok it just was a little bit sluggish so watch out for that if you’re using a Roku now a lot of times when we have new software like this I want to talk about the interface and how things work with Apple TV plus they just

Put it right into the Apple TV app that you’re maybe already used to so if you’ve used that before it’s just plugged right into there so it’s worked into the categories just like every other show it’ll just be marked with Apple TV plus now why do they do that well there are probably

Lots of reasons like I said you’re already used to the Apple TV app but also there’s only nine shows available they couldn’t fill up an entire app of nine shows so they had to work it into what they already had there are only nine things available at launch it blows

My mind that that that’s all we get but hey they had to compete with Disney Plus so they had to get out there in front as for how it looks obviously Apple delivers good product and so whether I was watching it on iPad

Or on the Apple TV or on the Roku I mean once it got rolling everything looked great all the picture quality was great the sound quality is great so no problems there I do have Dolby Atmos set up in the house I’ll be testing that a

Little bit later just not quite yet but as far as the way everything looks the 4k HDR everything’s crisp and so maybe now it’s time to talk about what the actual content is what the shows are that we have to watch like I said I’ve been up for hours now just consuming

Consuming content like I’ve never done in my life just for you so I’ve watched therefore marquee programs I watched the morning show see for all mankind and Dickenson the first episode of each one and so I have a few thoughts to share about those if you’re

Interested this is of course like I said what should sell you or not on whether to sign up for Apple TV plus I am NOT a media critic and so I’ll keep this fairly brief okay but my initial impressions are this the morning show this is the big marquee program they

Have reportedly spent three hundred million dollars if I’ve got my numbers right over the first two seasons so a mind-boggling number and I cannot for the life of me figure out where that money went other than the stars you’ve got Steve Carell Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon big names on this show and

I’m sure they’re being paid very handsomely but it’s a stand around and talk show it’s Aaron Sorkin on less caffeine he has less to say apparently you know it’s not Aaron Sorkin I’m just saying that’s the style of it so if you enjoy shows like that this one is really

Well done it’s not quite as clever as it thinks but it is an interesting entry into the me to conversation it’s getting decent marks from critics and so I think there’s a good chance that if you watch it you’ll fall on either the hey I really like it or really don’t side of

Things so it’s gonna be a divisive one see speaking of divisive this is the one starring Jason Momoa post-apocalyptic future in which all of mankind has gone blind and now there are two children born these twins who are born with the ability to see and it throws the world

Into chaos right and so this is a very very high concept show and like I like an epic fantasy book or like a great video game it’s taking a long time to develop the story so if you watch just the first episode like I did I can kind

Of see some promise in it but it is definitely it’s slow developing so if you aren’t in for the long haul on that maybe don’t even bother with it but if you’re somebody who enjoys that style of storytelling then you may end up enjoying this one I’ve kind of enjoyed

It I think it’s got like a thirty percent on Rotten Tomatoes or something like that I don’t really I was enjoying it it’s a little bit weird that these you know these post-apocalyptic tribes hundreds of years in the future all sound like they’re from San Bernardino or something

So it’s a little odd but once get past that I think it’s it’s good so far for all mankind stars Joel Kinnaman you remember him from Robocop or altered carbon and now he plays an astronaut in the Apollo program and this is kind of an altered history situation similar to

Man in the high castle but in this one the Soviets reached the moon first and so he’s an astronaut now trying to figure out what to do with his life it focuses on him individually but also on society broadly and what this would do so it’s kind of interesting to take this

Concept of you know nothing brings a nation together quite like a common enemy and what if our enemy had actually you know won a bunch of you know space race battles and that sort of thing so it’s an interesting another high concept show but this one definitely it’s less

Of a leap for the viewer then see is because it’s just you know it’s set in the 60s it’s you don’t have the weird post-apocalyptic design and odd language and that sort of thing so it’s gonna be less of a jump for you this one I think is the highest-rated one along with

Dickinson and it’s easy to see why I really enjoyed for all mankind and would call it recommended viewing Dickinson is the story uh well the story of Emily Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld she plays Emily Dickinson but this is kind of an interesting one in that it kind of

Plays halfway with the period stuff and then halfway with the modern teenage language and so it’s it’s a it’s a shock to the system if you’re not ready for it but so far enjoyable I’m a fan of Hailee Steinfeld I think she’s a good performer

So you may enjoyed this one as well so on the whole if we look at all four of these marquee programs and there are some other ones there’s the Oprah one there’s the the elephant between whatever it’s called there are some other programs but if we look at these

Marquee ones the ones that I was able to watch before putting this video together I would say like a set up top this is not life-changing this is not world-changing they they’re good programs but they’re miscible up to this point I’ve only seen one episode of each like I said they’re

Not things that I would encourage people to run out and grab so here’s what I’m gonna say you can do the one-year free Apple TV plus with a new device so if you happen to get a new device then this is gonna be a nice bonus for you a few

Shows to watch do not go out and spend a thousand dollars on a new iPhone just to get Apple TV plus okay please don’t do that but it would be a nice bonus if you want to give it a shot they do a seven

Day free trial so you can give it a shot that way 7-day free trial will allow you to watch at least an episode of all of these and in fact you can probably watch quite a bit more than that so in my opinion look give this a few months give

It three months give it six months give it twelve months for Apple to fill out this Apple TV plus library before this becomes a must sign up kind of deal this is not there yet but it is enjoyable enough for what it is did that make any sense I don’t even

Know hit the comments below I’m very tired tell me how you liked Apple TV plus whether you’ve watched any of these programs let me know what your take on them is hit the comments give this video a like and subscribe thanks for watching everybody I’ll be back next week I’m

Gonna go take a nap

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Apple TV+ First Impressions | Reviewing The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, Dickinson

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