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$0 – $1,000+ Per Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge With NO Money

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$0 – $1,000+ Per Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge With NO Money

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“I want to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch and make money within the next 10 days. If I fail to make any money, I’ll give away one of my real estate marketing courses for free.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service and earning a commission. For example, if I share a link to a product, like the camera I’m using to record this video, and someone buys it through my link, I earn a small commission.

You might think you need a large following to succeed in affiliate marketing, but I’ve discovered that’s not always the case. I’ve done my research, and some people without big followings have found success.

I’m taking on a challenge to test this theory and see if it’s possible to make a living with affiliate marketing without a large audience. Here’s my plan:

Step One: Find a product that’s both expensive and addresses a significant problem. Selling higher-priced products can lead to better commissions.

Step Two: Promote the chosen product in a way that can potentially go viral. I’m using TikTok, which has good organic reach, to create videos showcasing the product and its benefits.

I’ve chosen a software called “Go High Level” that offers a 40% recurring commission for as long as the customer stays. This means I can earn a substantial income over time.

To capture leads and not lose potential customers who don’t convert immediately, I’ve set up a funnel using Go High Level. This funnel includes three pages: one to capture leads, one to sell the product, and one with an affiliate link.

Additionally, I’ve set up an email automation sequence to keep engaging potential customers who may have initially dropped off.

In the past few days, I’ve had some success with two sign-ups, though one wasn’t directly from TikTok. I’ll wait to see if these sign-ups convert into paying customers over the next 14 days.

While this strategy requires effort upfront, it can lead to a passive income stream that’s scalable and potentially turn into a full-time business with a team.

I’m excited to see how this journey unfolds.”


  • Instinto Masculino 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    But did you actually made any money?

  • Catherine George 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm


  • Billy Duque 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    What's your opinion on selling high ticket affiliate courses?

  • DRJ Digital Company 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    The more I watch your channel, the more I see that your full youtube channel is basically there to get people to sign up to your GHL. But well, it's written in the description so that's not really a surprise.

    Good luck on the grind

  • clickmaster 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    Man you can use the massage gun for first time gym goers
    And rilatit it to mucsle soreness

  • Blake Toves 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    Love the content brotha

  • Richoryx 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    Dude explain about what your business do and how to start like you. Inspired by you but don't know to start a business that you do. Talk about that pls. Make a series prolly. Will be very helpful to US. Thanks

  • Σεμινάρια Online 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    I realy like your videos, the only thing that spoils me a bit is the background you have behind, I don't know why but it's a bit sad to see an empty space empty offices in my opinion.

  • Hasan Abourakbah 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm

    Can you please make a vid with smma for people who own amazon fba stores I need one thank you

  • Lynn Larkin 22nd September 2023 , 6:46 pm



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