diamondback tool belt Denali 2.0

Hey, YouTube! I wanted to share a brief overview of my gear setup 2.0 for concrete work here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m using the Excel Fit X300 harness, which has been fantastic for my needs. In my harness, I keep my paddle bits, drill bits, a reliable Husky knife, Klein pliers, alignment pliers, diagonal cutters, and a few other tools that I use depending on the task at hand.

Inside my harness, I also carry a paint marker, a Stiletto TB3 titanium hammer, and the Diamondback hammer holster. Additionally, I have my trusty Stanley FatMax tape measure. This side of the harness is primarily dedicated to keeping my essential tools organized.

In my climb bag, I store larger hardware and utilize a tool pocket from Boulder Bags. This pocket houses my one-foot level, adjustable wrench, 3/16 tubes, sinkers, and various bits for different tasks. I like to keep everything neatly organized for quick access during my concrete work.

Among my tools, I also have a Milwaukee speed square, which comes in handy with its clear lines for measurements ranging from one to six inches. And of course, the Tajima chalk line, a reliable choice. To complete the set, I have the Cat’s Paw, which is securely held in the Diamondback Cat’s Paw holder.

I wanted to share this quick review as I’ve been using these tools for my concrete work here in the PNW, and they have served me well.

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