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Denali power tools Amazon brand made by skill

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#Denali power tools Amazon brand made by skill

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Description: Welcome welcome to the Channel please make sure to hit subscribe like comment share I wanted to bring you some great news if you see this brand on um Amazon it’s made by scale it’s something new I guess Amazon Amazon contracted out uh Chevron to make power tools for their uh Denali brand

Let’s say the first one here and see what you all think of it man you know a four piece combo kit for the Cyber Monday it’s 100 it’s 146 dollars four piece sorry not the three piece sorry three and it’s four piece it says I still count it’s three but you know it

Is what it is I don’t know what the count is the fourth piece but uh you get your uh circle of sore probably six and a half okay oops I hit the wrong thing but it’s made by skill so I don’t know if the batteries now from skill will fit this

And get a drill two amp hour battery a light some candy store I don’t know where they get the four tools but it’s not three actually but you know four piece but it’s three tools two yeah three tools and the light this is a light comes One battery 146 dollars Cyber Monday deal

Then there’s a two-piece tool set 77 impact drill unpacked and drill impact driver and drill so you know let’s see the specs on this bad boy right here and you know it’s probably the same as skill brushed an impact driver 1100 pounds wow pretty low but you know what for a homeowner

Good deal see what else they got 58 you get a jigsaw okay let’s see the uh Strokes permitted on this for two amp hour two uh 0.4 amp out at what that’s a weird odd number but I guess that’s skills um way of doing things let’s see the SPM on this

You can pause this I’ll hold it for a minute and you can read the specs five-year warranty which is a good deal at that so um yeah let’s see what else they got uh I’m looking for the SPM I really don’t looks like they have a sand or two I didn’t see that

What’s the SPM they don’t give you SPM ain’t that funny oh here’s the SPM 2800 and it’s low but at 58 bucks come on you can’t beat that you got this drill here 36 piece it’s like a homeowner’s kit with the drove as the drivers bits

For 51 dollars with a bag made by skill obviously 1600 RPM 350 inch pounds of torque half inch Chuck plastic Hobbies but I wonder you know I challenge some YouTubers if you want to buy this I don’t know if I am but uh probably not but there are plenty of

YouTubers that might want to try this and Amazon if you want to contact me and have me test this out I’ll be willing to test it out for you guys to give you an honest review no questions asked see what else they got that’s Bosh there’s another one of recipients for 58 bucks

They have a oscillating tool 57 bucks by itself the circle is worth 64. impact driver 58 bucks I got a better and quicker way to do this let’s go straight to the power tools from Denali so they’ve got two different drills 20 volt Max what as this one for 48 bucks let’s see

It’s a basic one it looks like I know that they have a hammer drill I’m not 100 sure that they have a hammer drill yeah here it is hammer drill 64 right now so that’s a pretty good deal if you want a hammer drill with a five-year warranty

Comes with a two amp hour battery there’s a better look at it it’s not bad looking I mean it’s a different lipstick different color if you don’t mind a little gray and a little like green it’s basically rebranded skill made by Chevron for Amazon it’s probably let’s see the uh specs

1400 170 foot 74 inch pounds of torque pretty low this is definitely home home gamer right here but uh let’s see the uh oh it’s 350. I was like 137 that’s that’s off that’d make no logical sense for it to have that low of a torque number especially if it’s counterpart is uh

Skill branded doesn’t say what the BPM is but let’s see if it says it trying to find you guys the BPM 2400 BPM not bad actually for a home gamer I noticed a long video I’m getting bored I apologize but I’m just showing you what they got

I got uh Supreme saw a jigsaw oscillating two oscillating sander wordless everything cordless here angle grinder SDS for 74 dollars let’s go back come on thank you thank you very much let’s get into this and finish this video we’ve got combo kit 77 for two 146 for three

Four if you count the light here’s the batteries you get a 2.0 for 29 you get a 4.0 45. battery gauge obviously I don’t know let me see I don’t know if these are comparable to the to the to the uh Chevron skill brand which is the one that manufactures this for them

Let me see I’m trying to see if the back has uh made by skill cross compatible with all Denali power tools and skill so obviously these batteries will fit your skill tools and vice versa all right that’s a good thing that’s what we want to see here and if anything

It probably has a USB port I’m not 100 sure let’s see I don’t say anything about that but this is good news though so if you want to get in the skill plot if you’re in a skill platform and you wanted to add some tools and these may be a little cheaper

You could do that you have a charge of 35 dollars screwdriver for 32. 4 volt um cordless screwdriver another type 24 another type 36. so that’s pretty much it um thank you for um tuning in to my channel and I’ll be back with more products this is great for anybody in the uh

Home game that’s looking for some tools just figured I’d bring that to you catch you in the next one

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#Denali power tools Amazon brand made by skill


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