[15] Denali Scout D2 Knives of Alaska Knife Review

Hey everyone, we’ve got an exciting knife to explore today, one that sets itself apart from some of my recent reviews. It’s the Alaskan Knives of Alaska Denali Scout, crafted from high-quality D2 tool steel. What stands out about this knife is its slightly larger size, offering a comfortable grip and excellent craftsmanship.

The D2 tool steel used in this blade is proudly made in the USA, ensuring durability and reliability. The Scout boasts fantastic features, including finely crafted thumb grooves for enhanced grip and precision jimping along the spine. Its oval-shaped thumb hole makes opening the blade effortless.

The blade itself is akin to a clip point, excelling in piercing and penetration, making it ideal for tasks like skinning large animals. The robust clip ensures secure carrying, and I particularly appreciate the bright orange plastic handle. This distinctive color not only adds character but also makes it easy to spot in the wilderness, reducing the risk of misplacing your knife.

The design is elegantly straightforward, incorporating a reliable liner lock mechanism that spans the length of the knife. It operates smoothly, and all components are firmly secured. The clip placement is fixed on one side, offering limited alternatives, but it serves its purpose well.

These knives undergo exceptional heat treatment, enhancing the longevity of the D2 steel and ensuring a razor-sharp edge right out of the box. The blade measures 3.375 inches in length, with the overall open length of the knife at 8.7 inches and a closed length of 5.125 inches. For reference, it’s similar in size to a well-known classic, the 110.

I managed to snag this one for $69 at my local outfitter, but its regular price is around $130, or $139 on the official Knives of Alaska website. It’s a worthwhile investment given the quality and durability of the D2 tool steel.

The handle is ergonomically contoured for a comfortable and secure grip, featuring subtle texturing to prevent slipping. Additionally, there’s a slight protrusion for added grip support. Despite the smooth appearance, it offers a secure hold.

In summary, the Denali Scout by Knives of Alaska, with its striking orange handle for sure grip, is a well-crafted and dependable knife. Its D2 tool steel construction promises longevity and sharpness. It’s a simple yet highly functional tool that I’m excited to put to the test. These knives are somewhat under the radar, but they’re worth considering, and you can find them at various retailers like Cabela’s and Gander Mountain. I highly recommend giving them a try. Thanks for tuning in to this review of the Scout Denali, a reliable companion made from top-quality D2 steel. Please share your thoughts below!

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