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[15] Denali Scout D2 Knives of Alaska Knife Review

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[15] Denali Scout D2 Knives of Alaska Knife Review

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Description: All right folks we are looking at another sweet knife this one is a little different than some of the other ones I’ve recently reviewed this is the Alaskan knives of Alaska Denali Scout made out of d2 and I like this knife because it’s a little bit it’s a little

Bit bigger fits in the hand well and it’s made out of good quality components you can see here d2 tool steel is made in the USA and it is the scout from knives of Alaska amazing thumb grooves up here just super quality jimping quite away it’s got an oval allows you to open it

Pretty easily it’s got a clipped kind of like a well it’s kind of like a clip point blade you got quite a bit of piercing penetration there so if you’re skinning animals or you know whatever you’re doing with big animals you can do that pretty easily super solid clip

Right here heavy duty and then what I really like is this orange it’s like an orange plastic type handle I like that it’s orange because you can actually see it if you’re in the woods if you set your knife down you can actually see you can see the knife

You won’t lose it as easily it’s a pretty simple design it’s got a lacking liner lock right there that locks the blade and that liner lock goes all the way through the knife seems to work pretty well with a nice smooth opening everything is attached really well this clip I believe

This is the only spot the clip can be there are really no other options for the clip just right here on this side but really good solid blade I guess these are heat-treated pretty well these knives so that makes the D last even longer and very sharp out of the box this

Blade length is 3 e 3.3 75 inches the blade total length of the knife open is eight point seven inches and closed we’re looking at five points one to five inches I got my 110 right here you can see this is really similar in size to the 110 be open up

The 110 opens up this one you’re looking at is about the same size roughly as a 110 except this handles a little bit bigger on the scout yeah overall I got this one at the local outfitter and it costs me I picked it up for $69 but they normally I

Think are 130 so and on their website I think it’s 139 actually if you go to knives of Alaska dot com but they make quite a few quality knives and I like that it’s made out of that d two tools still it’s going to hold an edge really

Well it’s going to last quite a long time it’s a pretty simple knife or one thing with the handle it’s contoured to your hand so it fits really well and it’s got this little like up right here I like that you can’t easily slip and then it’s hard to tell but there’s like

A little lip right here and on here so it seems like that fits a little bit more grip right there it’s not real slippery as you’d think it would be but not too bad this is the scout Denali knife of Alaska with the orange handle sure grip and it’s a

The well-built knife I really liked it I’m looking forward to just trying it out you know it’s got these thumb grooves I really like that thumb grows hard to find knives made out of d you don’t see those a lot these knives I think you can get these at Cabela’s

Gander Mountain a lot of your local stores carry these knives from Alaska they’re good quality knives you just don’t hear about them a lot but I definitely recommend them and I’m looking forward to trying this one out a little bit more thanks for checking out

This great knife again is the Scout Denali and it’s made out of d to let me know what you think

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[15] Denali Scout D2 Knives of Alaska Knife Review


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