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Diamondback Review From A Trim Guy – The Denali – Deluxe Framer – Elias & Wrangell Pouches

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Diamondback Review From A Trim Guy – The Denali – Deluxe Framer – Elias & Wrangell Pouches

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Description: So wanted to do a video a lot of you guys have asked me since I switched over to this Diamondback rig I’ve been using it for about two three months now this is the deluxe framer rig it has the Wrangler and the aleus pouches on it and

I’ve got the hammer sheath right here that tucks in on the underside of your pouch and you can adjust the can’t on that on how it pulls in and out the reason that I got this was because I used to carry my hammer up here on a

Metal loop I’ve always been a hammer up here on the right and my tape in the back kind of guy ever since I started construction 15 years ago now so kind of hard to get over that but the thing I found is I always crouch down and if

You’re running bass or something and you’re leaned over it’s really hard to get your hammer out this keeps it canted in a way so that whenever you’re bent over you can still pull it out really easy which is very convenient so that I really like the downside to that is my

Entire finished carpentry career I’ve had a steel loop up here which is where I would hang my nail gun then I will grab a nail gun so whenever I’m trimming I always had my hammer right here but then I had this convenient loop this

Clip and nail gun on and it was in the perfect spot you know quick-draw and you can grab it and and go the thing I found out whenever I switched over to this is I’m really really used to having that hammer right there and now it’s not there and

There’s not a good place to actually clip a now going on the right side it needs to be on your right side if you’re right-handed and it’ll pinch you if you try to clip it up here on the belt that doesn’t really work this back here doesn’t really work so I would really

Like to see an add-on product that could go right here that would have a hammer loop either right here or maybe even hang down slightly Fred for a nail gun so that’s one thing that I would change I really like everything on this side if anything these small pouches that are on

The inside here where I’ve got my end cutting snips in my pry bar they’re a little tight and you really can’t get much in there as far as thick tools so I’m kind of like see that’d be a little bit bigger I think it’d be more versatile to have a little bit more

Space to stick things in and it also can be difficult at times to find that spot to get your your tools stuck in especially if it’s a thicker tool I had to cut the rubber off the ends of these to get it in there but not not big deals

But something could be a little bit better maybe one major issue that I have is this hammer loop back here I keep my rubber mallet and as I’m kind of working and I bend over this thing a lot of times will will get knocked like that

And then it doesn’t for it just to fall out and I pick this thing up off the ground an awful lot so I I’m kind of working on trying to figure out a solution for that I don’t know if I need to break this in more store it twisted

So that it wants to camp the other direction not real sure but that’s been annoying thing I don’t think I covered the Cobra buckle the buckle is awesome comes undone super easy and if the belt itself does not creep the good thing is it doesn’t creep the bad thing is if

You’re having a fat day or you’re wearing a little bit thicker clothing you’re kind of stuck and it doesn’t adjust just super easy as much so as if you just have holes and a belt buckle so no complaints at all I think it’s much better this way but that’s just kind of

How it works moving around the back maybe diamondback could offer a tape measure holder and kind of used to this size so I just took it off my rig myself because I in the back cellphone holder I just got this off Amazon there was not a great spot to

Put a cell phone I didn’t feel like on on this rig you you can drop it in you know a place like that well I’ve had issues sawdust clogs up the mic ports and then you got to go and have your phone worked on because you got your

Phone full of sawdust so it’s a little bit better protected back here but it’s really annoying to try and reach with your tool belt on in and out of your pocket you know multiple times a day so I find it’s just easier to keep it back here I think that diamondback could

Really improve this by putting a laser pouch specifically for finish carpenters if you’re running trim nowadays you’re gonna have a laser or else you’re trimming in the Stone Age still so we really need a pouch somewhere designed for you know standard size laser tapes for me if I had a choice

I would probably put that directly up here and just make this pouch a little bit bigger that’s where you’re usually grabbing from I would probably grab for it with my left hand and this would be the spot for that running trim base and crown and whatever you’re using this

Tons and tons it’s got to be in a spot that’s really easy to access I had to put it back here because it didn’t work up here dig into my gut and then it would want to pop off because it’s just clipped on nail pouches so what I would

Do this pouch has three slots in it I would make that two there’s only one pouch or slot whatever you want to call it that’s big enough to stick my 15 gauge finish nails that are two inch and two and a half inch and actually slide in fairly easily so I’d

Rather see that be two slots and be able to slide them in really really nice and easily kind of a similar situation down on the next pouch down I use inch and a half 18 gauge nails most of the time the pouch isn’t quite big enough the other

Thing I didn’t know if it’d be possible to get some kind of a like pouch stiffener in there that would keep that slot from being able to be bent because this is what happens to my nails in there they end up just getting obliterated if they’re in there for any

Amount of time without me not using them like ours so and then they get stuck down in there and that’s kind of annoying so some kind of a piece that could go in there keep it nice and stiff so that those Brad nails wouldn’t break would be a

Plus for me so size of this rig I’ve got a good friend that has had a set of Diamondbacks for probably several years now and I saw pictures of his many times going back a few years and I never wanted a set of Diamondbacks like his because they just look huge I finally

Ended up buying a set now and they are big whenever you’re in a finished house a kitchen with cabinets stuff like that this isn’t ideal there they’re quite they’re quite large you really got to watch yourself banging into stuff honestly I like having extra pouches to stick stuff in this is just me

Personally my workflow I probably could have downsized to a smaller rig with less pouches and would have been just fine but this is working out good for me still I’m I’m not complaining just kind of giving my thoughts on it even though I could have probably downsized I’m

Still glad I think I have this because there’s there’s just room to put everything if I need it this was the style of rig that I used for years and years was just this basic I think CMT usually makes this super lightweight very simple not fancy at all but it

Worked for me for a long time I had a set of occidental I bought some occidental framer set up whatever you want to call it a couple years ago I hated it utterly hated it ended up selling it and went back to my standard setup that I had used for a long time

Ended up picking up the at Menards and because it caught my eye for a couple features one it had these slots that were perfect for nails I’d have two and a half 15 gauge 2 inch 15 gauge an inch and a half 18 gauge 3 slot boom boom boom and it

Was just perfect the other thing it had a nice slot on the front right for my laser right there and that’s kind of what I’m talking about I think this was made for a cell phone but it worked great for a laser so that’s what I used to have and obviously

It was a lot smaller it worked good but obviously this failed with from a durability perspective and the other thing I didn’t cover is this was a probably 2 and 1/2 inch belt that would cut into your sides like crazy after a day especially if you had it loaded down

Dangling about belt gives you a lot better support I think you’re technically supposed to wear it a little bit higher I find that it kind of creeps down throughout the day and you have to kind of keep pulling it up but it distributes the weight that you’re

Carrying and a lot more healthy way across your whole body then a really narrow belt like this I think there’s actually probably some bad long-term effects of wearing a really narrow belt this this wide belt really distributes things really nice one other thing that I think would be cool if diamondback

Would do I keep small stuff on this side a handful of pinch dogs always using these small finish nails for random things and the small stuff tends to fall down to the bottom of the pouch and you’re kind of trying to just sort through stuff same could be said for

Drill bits or whatever so what I actually did was inside here where you velcro it all and I stuck some magnets they’re rare earth magnets so that whenever I pull the stuff up the side it actually sticks to the side so these small fasteners that I can just grab and

It’s really easy you can see how it just sticks on there I think that would be neat if diamondback would integrate that into the rig itself that would be kind of nice so just a thought an idea just in summary I think that this is the best

Brand of tool belt on the market from a durability standpoint I purchased these myself I’m not being paid or anything like that to to say that I don’t think you’re gonna find a tool belt that’s gonna last longer from that standpoint also Connor and the Diamondback team

Seems to care more than any other company obviously out there about creating the setups that we need so I’m all about supporting companies like that that actually want to create a product that suits our needs exactly according to each trade and niche market niche trade I think that’s really cool I want

To support them however I can but they just sent out a video asking for suggestions so these these are some thoughts that I have number one need a place to put my nail gun up here you know a metal loop of some kind I think that metal is the thing that I want

Where I can get a real positive connection not so much because I actually did purchase the other nail gun holder that they sell and it didn’t work for me at all love the hammer sheath just the downside is that you don’t have a steel loop up here maybe a little bit of an

Improvement one on this loop back here I made a list here the nail pouches make them bigger instead of three in here give me two that way I can fit my 15 gauge nails in nicely there and then below I can put my smaller nails with some

Kind of a solid insert to keep those nails from breaking Laser pouch again up here that’s that’s right where I would want it so that that would be really nice to enlarge this pocket that way a laser can be very quickly and easily pulled in and out the the pocket as it

Is right now just a little bit too small maybe give the option of a tape measure border back here the magnets on the side and I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts other than that I think it’s absolutely fantastic so much storage well thought out it really meets 95% of

My needs there’s just a very few small things that I would change for my personal workflow but I think you’re gonna have that with anything so great job Diamondback I highly recommend their products from a quality customer service standpoint that can’t be beat it’s just a matter of finding the rig that’s gonna

Work best for you so hope this video helps I’m definitely not disappointed in my purchase with these

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Diamondback Review From A Trim Guy – The Denali – Deluxe Framer – Elias & Wrangell Pouches


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