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Description: Welcome to the channel today we’re doing some investigative journalism here when it comes to buying power tools yes we are going to be serious today I know I like to have fun on this channel but it’s going to be Christmas time here pretty soon black Friday is coming up

And a lot of people are looking to buy power tools for either themselves or one of their family members fathers sons nephews nieces whatever i don’t want you getting ripped off so this video is pretty important I want to make sure you stick around and watch the

The entire thing all right so let’s talk about this shall we number one place that you’re probably going to look for your power tools this year I’m guessing is amazon they are a powerhouse when it comes to selling these things there are some tools that yeah i would say buy on

Amazon but there are absolutely some tools out there and major power tool brands that you want to completely stay away from on amazon or i’m telling you now you’re going to get ripped off and I’m going to tell you why so let’s take a look at this and i’m going to walk you

Through this and show you what exactly you need to look for before you buy any power tools or hand tools on amazon so in my search on the amazon page I type in dewalt and Dewalt tools are going to pop up the wall is going to be a very

Popular brand this year trust me with the whole new power stack battery and everything that came out by the way if you haven’t seen that video I’ll leave a card at the end of this video for you to check out the brand new battery technology but here’s the thing i’m going to click

On this battery right here and it’s going to be the Dewalt 20 volt and you’re going to see a couple of things here you’re going to see the battery you’re going to see the prices the chargers but the one thing you need to look at really is to visit the

Dewalt store so if I click on the Dewalt store you can see that the Dewalt store comes up and talks about the wall you know their hand tools their accessories it’ll take you to other tools and all that good stuff let me click back here and

Then if I go and I hit control f control f what’s going to happen is I’m going to type in warranty w a or okay so what’s going to happen is it’s going to pop up let me see here 16 go down so limited three-year warranty very

Clear it’s telling you that there is a three-year limited warranty on there but let me show you something else all right so here is where it gets interesting now I just typed in probably the number one most popular selling brand when it comes to power tools on the market right now

Milwaukee tool mo walk out is right i want to show you something this is very interesting this is where you want to pay attention so let me just pick a random thing you see the batteries pop up you got drills impact saws oscillating tools sanders over here

Let me scroll up let me just pick I don’t know the half inch mid torque impact wrench I’m going to click on this now remember that I showed you on the wall page when I clicked on it it said to visit the dewalt store well what’s going on right here brand Milwaukee it doesn’t

Even say visit the Milwaukee store if I click on that was probably going to do is just take me to a bunch of other Milwaukee tools which it does let me tell you straight out right now we’re going to go through a couple of other brands so you don’t get confused amazon

Or their sellers they are not authorized Milwaukee tool sellers so you ask me why does that matter if I am getting maybe a couple of dollars knocked off maybe it’s a little bit cheaper on amazon why would I not just buy it from amazon who cares if it’s an authorized dealer well i’m going

To tell you if I hit control f on my browser I’m going to type in warranty w-a-r-r-a okay so it popped up you’ve seen it right there warranty and support usually it’ll say this right in the description or the details but if you click on warranty and support on the

Mwaka ia tools it just says click here so if you click here it just says please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product you may also be able to find the warranty information on the manufacturer’s website so if you did decide to dig that far into the warranty information and

You go to the manufacturer’s website it’s going to tell you that you get five years on the tool the three years on the battery but that does not apply when you buy through amazon it is very sneaky and that’s why they are not putting it on that actual page because

Your warranty will not be honored so that raises a second question if you can’t sell them on amazon if you’re not an authorized dealer and you can’t provide the warranty how are they even able to sell these on amazon where are they getting them and I’ll tell you

Where i think i believe that a lot of these tools are refurbished tools that they’re either buying and selling at full price or they’re getting some type of discount where they bought them directly from the manufacturer or they just you know found them somewhere either or if something happens to that

Tool a year two years down the road you will never be able to recoup that money because Milwaukee will not honor that warranty and that is directly from the horse’s mouth that’s not me just saying that that is from Milwaukee tools saying listen you’re not going to be able to

Replace that toll so let’s take a look at a couple more of your favorite tool brands or something that you might be looking to buy for somebody and see if they are a legit seller on amazon and if you should or should not buy on amazon

When it comes to this brand we already talked about the d wall tools yes absolutely they are authorized to sell on amazon no issues with that right there let’s move it over to a different brand let’s talk about rigid power tools you find them at the home depot they are

Exclusively sold the power tools at home depot if you buy any of these tools on amazon you can see most of these are the older style anyway right they’re not even selling the gen fives anymore at home depot so if you were to buy these you go

To register for a warranty for the lifetime battery warranty or the tool warranty you will not be able to do it and those are lifetime warranties i’m telling you now do not buy a Ridgid on amazon it’s the exact same situation when it comes to ryobi tools if you were to buy a

Ryobi tool it’s a tti brand right you will not be able to get the warranty when it comes to these tools they are not authorized they are only authorized through the home depot now just to show you again let me click on I don’t know we’ll click on the battery here and if

You click on that brand ryobi there’s no ryobi store here right amazon is authorized to sell those now you also have to be careful that if you’re buying Makita tools which makita is so if you go Makita right makita tools if we come down here we

Click on this right here you can see there is a Makita store amazon is authorized to sell Makita but you have to be careful because there may be some third parties on here that are not so look for that visit the Makita store and make sure that it’s a legit site here

Now let’s look at a couple of others here so if you get flex tools you probably won’t even find anything because let’s see flex let’s go flex a lot of protein I don’t need all that tools we’ll go flex tools right and what’s going to happen is you’re not

Going to see anything because really it’s a newer brand they’re not going to be on here because they’re pretty much directly through lows and there’s not a lot of refurbish i would imagine on those tools right now just because it is such a newer brand but i would say give

It’s a year and you’re going to see flex tools on here what about Metabo hpt so if I click on matavo which a lot of people might be buying taboo right um you come over here and visit the Metabo store yes you got it if I type in warranty if I hit ctrl f

W a r r there you go five years so it tells you directly right here product description five-year warranty for peace of mind it’s telling you straight it doesn’t say go check out that freaking manufacturer’s website it’s telling you right there there’s the warranty right now craftsman tools yes you can buy

Craftsman tools and we’re going to click on them right here and visit the craftsman store right type in look for the warranty all that good stuff but here’s what drives me crazy about amazon this is what I’m not happy to see so this right here is an amazon choice

You look at this and you say to yourself well this is pretty trustworthy because it’s an amazon choice for Milwaukee there’s only 18 left in stock so that’ll tell you something there anyway but let me click on this and again you click brand by Milwaukee it’s not the

Milwaukee store you will not be able to register these batteries you are not going to be able to honor that warranty if you buy these from the store but it’s very misleading when you see amazon’s choice and the other thing I will point out it’s not even prime this is not even

Prime so they don’t even have those at the warehouse ready to ship out this is not even a prime thing but it’s still an amazon choice which is a bunch of crap they’re probably paying amazon a little bit of that moolah to put that up there

Right but it doesn’t matter even if it is prime you click on it here this is the Milwaukee battery or it doesn’t even say the seller where’s the seller at right brand Milwaukee up here ah what don’t buy tti products rigid ryobi Milwaukee stay far far away from those

Get those at the home depot milwaukee are sold at a lot of different stores ohio power tool acme tools I already said ohio power tool uh yeah just a lot of them international tools I’ll leave links in the description below for you to check those out if you want to buy

Presents when it comes to tools for people that you love don’t buy these types of tools on amazon or you’re going to get ripped off make sure you do your research on those pages before you click the add to cart speaking of clicking click that subscribe button smash that bell

Notification so you don’t miss out on any of these investigative report videos that right there is not even a real milwaukee ia tool if this video is helped in any sort way please don’t forget to smash that like button it’s greatly appreciated and helps us

Continue to do what we are doing on this channel also I want to know what you think have you been burned before buying on the site that goes for eBay as well especially ebay craigslist all that you don’t get the warranty you’re not going to be covered if you buy on

Any of those sites but let me know in the comment section what you think about this I love hearing your feedback we’ll be back with more videos soon check out this one that I got right here for you I’m sure you’ll enjoy that too

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