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Description: In this with raffle review I’m going to be showing you software that’s going to allow you to turn any website into a list building Machine by using the power of Raffles and make sure you stay to the end of this review as I am also going to

Show you all the different Auto and upgrades and how you can get a special bundle discount on the entire sales funnel if you are new to my channel my name is Suresh sahu I am a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the

Best deals and upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out with raffle just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out my YouTube channel and I appreciate it it makes you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification

Last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page I have got a tone of x extra bonuses that you are going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of

Jvz2 after you purchase through my link let’s take a look at the sales page here together it says brand new video raffle app turns any website into a high converting list building machine in seconds the highest converting email has guaranteed to save thousands Inc on confusing list but the methods convert

To one in three visitors into hot leads and subscribers create viral video Raffles that get shared by up to 62 percent of people so essentially what this does is it engages people in a raffle or the visitor plays a raffle game and wins a prize there is an

Engaging video to build trust with them and then the visitor enters their email to claim the prize and then they see your thank you page so it’s something that’s a little bit different than what they are you to its not the whole the same old boring octane form they get to

Play a little bit of a gain and it’s going to be a little bit more exciting and memorable for them a lot of different brands use this already this is a kind of a technology that’s been around but it’s usually a monthly fee and now you are going to be able to get

It at a one-time price and not have to worry about paying month after month in order to actually use a software like this so they have some some data here so showing like new contacts added in here a new contacts yesterday and your total new contacts month emails sent their

Account dashboard of emails they have been using to add this in end results that they have actually been getting and showing their like how you can see a normal opt-in forms like this and another one using like this is much more exciting and it’s got like a little bit

Of a game aspect to it here now I’m going to go over and before I play you a quick demo of this I just want to go down and show you the options here so there is two different options on the sales page there is the basic and there

Is the commercial with the commercial one you are going to get access to like all the different stuff here you are also going to be able to provide this as a service to people you can add in branding and logo and watermarks you can sell this as a service on places like

Fiverr and B able to really go in on this what I’m going to do now is play you a quick video explaining this a little bit more than I’m going to come back and show you the back end area and actual example of this I am going to

Show you the O2 and the bundle discount you want to build your list you want to build your list so you can make money fast right you created a free lead magnet and a cool looking opt-in page so why aren’t more people entering their email are you frustrated because no matter

What you do people are just not engaging on your landing pages not subscribing to your lists or webinars leaving you without a list and without a way to make money online what if you could instantly turn your opt-in pages into list building machines with one line of code

Let me show you a little secret that the big Brands and gurus are using right now to explode their email lists introducing Raffles by replacing your regular opt-in box with a raffle you can opt-ins by up to 78 and grow your list faster than you’ve ever seen before in fact Raffles are consistently

Converting one in three visitors into subscribers even the most competitive niches that’s because they’re fun excited and make people want to claim their free prize with bid raffle you engage and excite visitors with a fun raffle they can play and when they win a prize they’re up to 34 percent more

Likely to claim it by entering their email and with video added to the raffle you get to make a personal connection build trust and get them excited about the prize so your email opt-ins go through the roof and you get to build a list faster than you’ve ever known before

Here’s how it works step one your visitors play a raffle game and win a prize which could be a coupon code report software consultation or anything else you want Step 2 players are sent to the lead capture screen where they see a video showing the prize they’ve won they’re excited to enter

Their email because they want to claim their prize step 3. players enter their email to claim their prods and are sent to a thank you page where the prize is delivered this thank you page also includes a video to upsell other services and tell them how to claim their prize it’s

Simple powerful and it works in the past Raffles were hard to build and without the right gdpr compliance they were risky too not anymore vid raffle is a brand new app that allows you to create email exploding Raffles in seconds in a few simple clicks you can create

Fun Raffles that capture people’s emails and build your list today it’s simple powerful and it works like nothing else it’s easy to get started step one choose a raffle template two customize it step 3 share it on your website then sit back and watch as people start playing

Your raffle giving you their emails to claim their prize and buying from your emails you can create any type of Ravel in just a few clicks use the ready-made templates and themes to launch your first raffle in minutes without coding or design skills and with hundreds of customizations you can create fully

Branded and totally addictive apples for yourself or your clients over and over again there are no monthly fees no watermarks no hidden costs and no steep learning curves and it’s packed with powerful features to get your results today including ready-made templates total customization Casino style sound effects and so much more

Plus vid raffle is fully gdpr compliant so you can run Raffles safely and legally to build your list like wildfire starting today with bid raffle you can customize the win probability offer multiple prizes embed on any website or landing page connect with all major autoresponders detailed Analytics

With the commercial license you can even sell a service to clients or rent out your Raffles for a passive monthly income with opt-in rates declining in almost every industry you need a new way to build your list and stop watching your hard-earned traffic ignore your opt-in

Forms and bounce off your site never to return that’s why we love Raffles because they convert like crazy and it’s not just us Raffles are the secret list building weapon for Major Brands too with vid raffle you can start building money making lists fast so you can launch your own products earn

Affiliate paychecks sell more of your services get more webinar signups sell red hot leads to clients or even sell Raffles as a service to Hungry clients so isn’t it time you stop using boring opt-in forms that everybody ignores with vid raffle it takes just five minutes to

Create a wrap that could be converting one in three visitors into hot leads subscribers and buyers tonight so why wait vid raffle is guaranteed to get you results or it’s free it works for any Niche it works for any business model and it will work for you guaranteed grab

Your vid raffle commercial license today and stop wasting time and money building your list the hard way just imagine being able to Triple your leads and sales by pasting one line of code on your website now you can there’s simply nothing more powerful for building your list than this

No frustrating technology no steep learning curves no buggy design problems no third-party watermarks no need to hire experts no limitations let’s quickly recap on what you’re getting with vid raffle today brand new raffle app allowing you to create addictive Raffles that build your list in under five minutes without any

Special skills or expensive tools ready-made templates ready to customize for you or your clients to build your raffle games without coding hundreds of customization options allowing you to create unique Raffles for any Niche or brand Casino sound effects that are proven to attract players and boost excitement plus 24 7 support analytics reporting

Autoresponder integration unspash and pixel integration gdpr compliant mobile friendly and a commercial license to sell to clients for easy paychecks and you can see why people are going nuts for bid raffle in fact we are 100 convinced you’re going to love how easily you can create list building

Money making Raffles with vid raffle in minutes but if you don’t agree we’re offering you a full 30-day money-back guarantee don’t wait until it’s too late say goodbye to boring opt-in forms that no longer work and get your list building Advantage with big raffle today secure your commercial licenses to bid

Raffle now before the price increases or the doors on this special deal close forever okay so we are back so this is the actual back end area here and I just want to take you over and show you a little bit of my raffle and games here

And I can actually show you some examples of what these look like here so we just take a quick peek at this and these obviously you would embed them on your pages but like people see this it gets their attention participate in the raffle game to win a free course click

On the start button it starts moving around like crazy and then of course it’s gonna end up stopping here it’s gonna give this little things gonna pop up here whatever the price is congratulations you win and then it’s going to ask for the email address here

To clean whatever it is that you are giving away to them it could be a discount it could be a course it could be a software it could be a real price or it could be whatever you want that to be and of course there is tons of

Different options to add these now there is a pro version with the pro version you can unlock unlimited Raffles new themes Integrations agency features and more with this if you want to talk away the limits on the front end you can have unlimited leads as well new embedding

Options you can split test your raffle see which ones are working at team members addictive themes video coasting zapier Integrations VIP support a bunch of extra bonuses as well with this upgrade and it is 67 for this the next one that you are going to see says you

On your own four thousand dollar package of ready-made templates agency websites traffic campaigns and more all done for you so you can get this one if you want of course it’s an optional upgrade and this one’s going to be if I can find the pricing for you I always like to find

You the pricing there we go get the white label license and you get a bunch of extra tools as well so you can actually sell this like it’s your own product and this one is going to be if you want to get 500 licenses 147 dollars then the last one you’ll see

In the sales funnel is sales sales pumping stop-motion videos that you can sell so you can actually create videos to use with this and that’s forty seven dollars for this now you can either go through this link right here and see all the upgrades or you can get the bundle

Discount and that will take you directly to the bundle discount page where you can get the front end offer and all the different Autos you can even use this coupon with raffle to get 50 off and you get this all for that price here let’s

See here I want to show you what you are going to be paying for this if I can here we go so it’s the bundle deal is going to be save you save a bunch of money from the sales funnel here if you were going to go through the sales

Funnel one by one a ulb would pay a lot more for it so it’s up to you you can get the front and product and pick and choose the Autos or you can get the bundle discount okay so what do I like about wed raffle and what don’t I like

About it if I just say something that I don’t like about it it’s just a tool it’s nothing that like magically you put this on your website you are going to start like making a million dollars it’s just a tool that you use on your website so don’t don’t think just because you

Add this on that it’s going to really like change your business what do I like about this that all being said it’s an interesting thing to test on your websites it might be something that you could sell as a service to clients this is something that’s exciting for you

That you think would be something that would work on your website or work for your clients then check this out thank you so much for checking out my review today a if you want to take a look at where raffle go ahead and click that link below also please like this video

It really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and I will see you again in my next review video thanks

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