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Description: Welcome to cube core casual videos but hardcore knowledge like this video subscribe to our Channel press that Bell notification let’s start the video wait for a raffle reloaded review on Namaste friends and welcome to your channel tube core and in this video we’ll be talking about this software called a web for

Reloaded so this is the way raffle reloaded review and right now we are on the sales page and then we have the demo video which is four minutes long so we’ll get back to the demo video and right now on the sales page it says agency rights

Included brand new video raffle app that turns any website into a high converting list building machine in seconds first of all this is not an app this is cloud-based software so you will get your email and password and then you will log in to a new browser so if you log

In into something on a browser such as Safari fiber, you know my Microsoft Edge or Firefox those things are not called apps and an app is something that you download on your phone or by going into play store or you know this app store okay so this is not an

App to start with and it’s all about creating some lead magnet pages okay or opt-in pages so technically you will be creating some balls I guess what is called a raffle I never heard of this but it’s something new to me so yeah people knows you’re supposed to bring people to these

Games or uh some quizzes I don’t know or maybe give them some offer to play with that you know they can play this game and then they can unlock something or win something a price maybe or some discount and when they start playing or start answering the questions after that

They will have to enter their email address to get the discount or get the lead magnet whatever you’re offering okay so this is how it is that is what you will be creating if you buy this now High converting list-building machine or nothing like that because first of all

You have to bring people to this page how would you do that okay so once somebody comes on this page then only they decide if they want to play this quiz or not and then only you get subscribers okay so your Universal problem will remain the same that you

Have to go and get traffic to your capture page either you will go and buy solo ads or maybe you will uh run some paid ads or maybe you might be making some YouTube videos and then you will be leaving the links below your YouTube videos okay so with raffle

Reloaded will help you with all uh you know this gaming thingy the raffle thingy here and you will see in the demo video how to go and make these customize everything and anything else we have here so it says the highest converting email list-building tool for 2022

Guaranteed to save thousands on confusing list building methods convert one in three website visitors into hot leads and subscribers create viral video Raffles that get shared by up to 62 percent of people no monthly fees watermarks hidden costs or steep learning curves okay and the sales page

Is too long so I might have to come back to this now they are talking about here uh email marketing list building okay now in case you want to get started you know get started with email marketing without having to create your own email list or opt-in Pages or buying your own

Autoresponder then you can go and check out the first link below my YouTube video it says here to make money with traffic Jarvis once you click on this link here you will see two methods on the next page one will be email marketing second will be traffic Jarvis

Uh with that email marketing method, you will be getting 100 email leads per day and you will also be getting an inbuilt autoresponder which you can use to send emails to those 100 leads every single day okay so as a beginner if you do not want to get into this technical stuff of

Creating this uh this page opt-in page or bringing traffic to those pages and then paying for your own autoresponder if you want to avoid all that hassle then in the beginning I would say go and click on the first link and check out the email marketing method which I am

Talking about this traffic Jarvis will also help you to make money for the rest of your life on YouTube okay in case you want to do exactly what I am doing you want to make you know YouTube videos or reviews and you want to sell something in your videos then you can

Exactly uh you know then you can do exactly what I’m doing using traffic drivers okay the good thing about this YouTuber traffic Jarvis is that you can make money on YouTube without even knowing without even selling anything so for example here right now this video which you’re watching this video has

Made me a little bit of money already without me having to sell you anything okay so whether you buy something from me or not this YouTube video has made some money because you have seen some advertisements in this video okay you remember you must have seen some ads now

The more people see these ads in my videos the more money this video is gonna make for me okay more does not meet Millions but still good enough not to get frustrated okay so when you want to make videos you want to get paid for

That as well okay and the only way you will get paid is if your YouTube channel is monetized right now to get to your YouTube channel monetize and get paid by YouTube you need first of all 1000 subscribers and four thousand watch hours for your YouTube channel within

The last 12 months if you don’t have them then you can get this traffic Jarvis this traffic driver will help you to get those 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watt Shoppers in two weeks only and then get to your YouTube channel monetize fast Within 30 days after that

Your job will be pretty simple come on YouTube make videos and people will be watching the videos and you will be making money on YouTube without sending anything okay so go and get-go and check this first limit says make my traffic service so on this link you will have

All your needs uh if you want to make money with email marketing or YouTube go and just get these two things here and also if you’re a beginner only and you want some freebies then you can check out this you know this link here say three courses for online marketing

Absolutely free so once you click on this link then you can go and claim your three courses on affiliate marketing email marketing stuff like that and they will teach you whatever you need to learn the backend process okay absorb the knowledge and then use that knowledge to come out you know come on

YouTube maybe and do exactly what I do okay so go and check out these links in the end after watching this video right now subscribe to the channel hit the like button press the Bell notification and if you want to support and contribute to this channel then use the

Super thanks button and leave your question and colorful comments if you two okay however subscribing is free like is free do that okay so if this video is reaching you somehow if you’re watching this video then you have to subscribe you have to like it’s a

The technical requirement that you have to fulfill okay as a YouTuber I cannot subscribe you know to subscribe to my own channel I hope you understand that right so subscribe and like it’s free right we’ll get back to all this in the end right now let’s get back to the update

After reloading the page where it’s too lengthy so I will leave the link to the sales page below my YouTube video you will find the link to the sales page below my YouTube videos somewhere here go below my video click on show more find the link which

Says grab with a rougher reloaded copy here click on that link will take you to this sales page and then come on the sales page spend your own time it’s never-ending for me I actually got frustrated because I have had to you know I had to scroll too

Much okay so I’m just doing it right now and you can see I am not even halfway through so lets Carry On by the way these are the balls let me see yeah this is what you will be creating on your uh lead magnet page okay not lead a magnet

The opt-in page is right and you know I don’t think people will be interested in playing the game but you could have something like start or maybe uh I don’t know what else okay you’re gonna have to win now okay so whatever it

Depends uh what kind of audience are you approaching if you’re approaching somebody who’s interested in weight loss then you might ask them some quiz if you are interested I mean if your audience is interested in making money online then you may give them something for free you ask them to maybe uh complete

The task is okay so that’s how you need to choose your words here carefully yeah okay ABCD I don’t know CD I don’t know I have never seen these things so I don’t know what to do here but these are the good balls so here is how you can profit fast

With a bit of a ruffle so just go and check out everything on the sales page I told you already it’s just never ending for me the sales get too long and yeah probably I’ll save my breath these are the bonuses so you will get the bonuses by default from the vendor the pricing is

Right here basic package in the agency commercial license package so these are the features I would obviously tell you to go for the agency license in 37 don’t buy the 27 but buy the 37 one because it has got more features plus agency rights included okay cash in with commercial rights I’m just saving my breath where is the sales page oh it’s done so we have questions here how easy is to use with Rafael is it Rafael or Rafal Rafael I guess rafale is the fighter jet so how easy it’s easy what if I don’t make any leads or sales with Rafael

Will help you to set up a campaign blah blah well if you get the traffic then eventually you will get some subscribers so it all depends on how many people come to come to these pages okay otherwise they have 30 days money back guarantee with raffle windows and

Mark compatible well it works in the browser so it will be compatible everywhere will I get any training or support yes you will do you charge any monthly fees no they don’t do I need to download no should you need anything else we are a massage away not a massage

Message away maybe I feel like getting a massage all right sales speed was too long okay so let’s not make this review too long let’s get to the demo video right so probably you will find the link to the demo video on the sales page as

Well but the sales page is too lengthy so you might be lost so what I will do is I will leave the link to this demo video below my YouTube video here so go belamavino go below my YouTube video again and find the link which says to watch

With Rafael reload a demo here click on that link and that link will take you to this weird profile, not Rafael we have rafales here we have like 36 profile checks now uh I guess only a few countries ever fell France, and we and we’re making more okay so this is a

Demo video and uh what we do we come here and then you go into the level and let me maximize they are our there are three basic steps okay and uh you choose the name okay you you type in the game name here okay and after that

You will go into the customization page after you have done the customization you will be getting this code you have to embed this code on your opt-in page or on your main page where you are going to bring traffic okay after that you can add here the questions it’s simply like

You know if you have seen quiz funnels okay if you have seen those quiz funnels where we will have to answer three-four questions before they get delivered with the answers that are the thing this is the same way here they will be starting to apply this game I guess if this is how

It’s supposed to be and after that they have uh I mean you can come here in the back end and you can change this ABCD as per your likings okay and after that, you can give them whatever they have one either they have one some discount coupon as you can see

Or whatever your lead magnet is you have to go and adjust everything in the back end accordingly and then you can give them whatever you are giving them maybe PDF what is this here this is your message here so that’s this this is a thank you page okay I guess this is a

Thank you page and then you have a video You’re supposed to use maybe your video or this is not thank you paid this is actually an extra scrub okay uh after they have started playing the game then they will be taken to your uh this lead

Capture page where they have to put in your name and email and you can change all this here you can have this text Everything is customizable you can also add a video if you want to and then you can choose to connect then you can choose which leads you will be

Collecting only the email and name or email plus mobile or the Facebook Messenger or you want them to log in through their uh you know Facebook or Twitter or some other accounts okay in all the ways you can click the leads will come into the back end and

You can connect the autoresponder Iowa to get the response we all know how it works if you do not have any autoresponder then you can save the leads inside this dashboard itself okay anything else I don’t think so yeah let me check again all about customization so you can add YouTube videos or videos

From these platforms okay so you can simply uh copy the URL and then though that video will start showing up here okay anything else not much right so this is your code go and use this code on any website or page and you’ll see you’re good to go to promote your opt-in pages

Right so go and watch the demo video then take your call or make your call and uh otos let’s talk about some otos here so here here here front end will be 37 is agency license then you have pro version for 67 oto2 Oto three four okay here we

Are we have these features so this is the front end then we have a bundle deal for 297 bundle deal means that you get all the photos together and you can also get the discount if you use the coupon code with Rafael and this will give you 50 off on

The bundle offer will be 247 so if you use this coupon code you can get all the photos including the front end in just 247 so go and get it Oto one is this okay oto2 this is down sold this is oto2 you can check all the features here

Audio to then down-sell 67 oto3 is this and oto3 does not have a down cell I guess do they I don’t think they have only taken two options you go for 200 white level licenses in 127 or you go for 500 and 147 so obviously you can go for

500 and then oto4 is stop motion Suites 47 this says something I don’t know what it is but you will find out when you go on these relevant pages okay so I guess so good to go and check out this with rafale or a bit Rafael actually not

Rafael maybe a trauma tomorrow I’ll be flying Rafael so go and get this video with ruffle with raffle I have to end this video otherwise I’ll keep saying Rafal rafale so with Rafael go and get this if you want to do the email marketing using these games quizzes whatever okay go and

Watch the demo video before you make or take action and as I told you in the beginning that if you want to do email marketing uh in the most straightforward way possible then go to the first link which says here make money with traffic Jarvis on this page you will see two

Methods YouTube which is what I’m doing plus email marketing in which you will be getting 100 leads per day plus autoresponder all you need to do is log in and send emails and if people buy you will make sales okay so that’s how straightforward and simple process it is

And then you have these three courses okay so go and get them for free in the end I would say subscribe to the channel hit the like button okay and if your goal here is to make money online or maybe grow your email list then I would

Say start for free because if you don’t have money to invest you can’t do much anyway okay so the way most people work if they don’t have money is that they come on YouTube they make their YouTube videos people like you come on YouTube to watch our videos and

Then if you go and click on our links in the video and you subscribe then you are our free traffic this is what you need to do I already know what to do okay I’m telling you all this so that you can do the same thing come on YouTube make

Money without selling anything after getting your YouTube channel monetized using traffic service and also go and check out the email marketing method which I am telling you and on this note, I would say just go and do whatever it takes you have to work manually for your

Money so go and write if you can go and speak if you can go and scream if you can and if you cannot do any of that then stand with the person who’s screaming for you at midnight thank you very much subscribe and like it’s

Free and mandatory and now I’ll show you how to make whatever Traffic Service so once you click on the first link below my YouTube video it says to make money with traffic drivers and then you will be taken to this website which says finally proven methods for making real

Money online from home even if you’re a brand newbie option number one is email marketing option number two is YouTube traffic service so this traffic driver will help you to monetize your YouTube channel within 30 days as soon as possible and it will help you to get

Those 1000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours are required to get if you want to make money on YouTube without selling anything okay so before I talk about traffic Jarvis in detail first of all let’s talk about this email marketing method here so you can

Also, make money with email marketing just by sending one email per day but you need a lot of numbers okay you need to have thousands and thousands of email addresses in your list and then only you can go ahead and make some money with email marketing so if you want to

Grow your email list without buying some paid ads then you can try the system which you see right on the screen this will give you 100 email leads from US Canada Australia from those countries and you will also be allowed to send emails to these at least once per day so by

At the end of the month you know in 30 days you will have 3 000 leads minimum and you will be able to send them emails 30 times you know in a month right so here are the proofs you can see they have made fifteen thousand plus this is

You know they have made 15 000 plus with the system, I have made three seven seven so far and when I am recording this video uh you might be watching this video in my uh you know on my YouTube channel but these data will change because this is a

Reoccurring commission okay so these numbers keep adding every month and this number will change I don’t know when you’re watching this video so whatever numbers you will see will be the updated numbers okay then if you want to learn how to use the system

Then go and click on this play button go to the next page enter your name and email address click on this watch the free video then go back to your email and verify your email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to this video watch the video and take action

Because if you take action I’ll send you some bonus email swipes okay now let’s talk about YouTube Traffic Service figures on YouTube again you can make money for the rest of your life without selling anything click on the play button here go on the next page enter

Your name and email address click on this red button go back to your email verify the email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to the traffic Jarvis video what’s the video take action because you can see the proofs here this is the money I have

Made just by uploading videos without selling anything because my YouTube channel is monetized and you must have seen some ads in my YouTube videos so the more you people see these ads in my YouTube videos the more money this video is going to make for me okay the same

Can be done for you too you can go and get your YouTube channel monetized with the help of traffic Jarvis within a maximum of 30 days and after that, your job is simply to upload videos every day on your channel and make this kind of money okay and you can see here this is the

The money I have made it by doing some reviews on my YouTube channel my primary source of income is YouTube ad Revenue just upload videos and make money no selling required okay again these numbers will change these numbers will grow because again I’m telling you this is a reoccurring

Commission system so right now if it shows 560 in the future it might be well above 600 or 700 so the data will be changing when you’re watching the video in the future okay all right great so we have these two methods email marketing and YouTube now

If you can Master these two methods you will never need to learn any third way to make money online so go and check this out and then we have this link that says get kiss tracking keyboard case tracking is all about doing what I’m doing right

Now so in case if you are interested in learning how to do these reviews on your YouTube channel if you want to know how to find these products how to get your affiliate things approved and how to upload these videos on your YouTube channel then you can go through the city

Training and this case tracking will also be available inside traffic Jarvis okay and then we have the third link it says make 120 again commission let’s click on this one this is for people who know how to sell or maybe you have some kind of experience online so just go and

Enter your name and email first and then click on email be my free ebook then go back to your email address click on click on the verification email and then you will be given your ebook go and read the ebook if you want to join the system

And take action because you have to go and sell this system to others because this system can make you up 220 dollars from one person from one sale okay so if you can bring in let’s say 10 people into the system those 10 people can make

You up to 12 100 every single month okay so this is a reoccurring system and they will give you the proper training on how to go and try free traffic or paid traffic so you will have you know all the training inside too but it is good

If you have some experience already and experience means if you already have a YouTube channel or maybe you have an email list or you have some kind of audience uh and you can go and promote this product so that will give you quick you know quick boost okay so

This is it uh these were the links and I would say go and check them out if you want to make money without selling anything for the rest of your life then you can go for Traffic Service YouTube method YouTube is absolutely free and uh you know you it’s entirely on you

The more you work the more money you will make here’s here’s you know here’s an example you can see and email marketing you have to go and start doing it because you have to wait for the numbers to grow because in one month

You will be getting 3 000 and that means you have to spend two three four five months before you can get up to those 10 or 15 000 email addresses okay so all these methods are working for me they will work for you too if you know how to

Make them work okay so again in the end go and check everything and thank you so much for watching the video so far and subscribing I have told you YouTube does not allow me to subscribe to my own channel so you have gotta do it subscribe like leave your uh colorful super you

Know comments here and thank you for watching the video again I guess I’ll see you in my next video shortly till then Baba Thai Thai means kind of bye bye

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