Trim Guy Tool Belt Setup – Diamondback Denali (Deluxe Framer Rig)

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Trim Guy Tool Belt Setup – Diamondback Denali (Deluxe Framer Rig)

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Description: I’m gonna give you a rundown on my Diamondback tool belt this is the deluxe framer I believe they call it the Denali it consists of the Wrangell pouch and the values pouch the Rangel and Elise are basically the same thing but the elite has more small slots in it for different

Items and it has a flap which I cut off because I do not need this flap right here to Belko velcro on there so I’m gonna strap this thing up and show you guys what I’ve got in it first thing you’re gonna notice is this buckle I

Think they call it a Cobra buckle but it does not creep at all as far as the belt goes and it comes goes together and comes apart super easy very solid I’m just gonna start over here on my right side and work my way through it I got

The sheath which keeps your hammer canted at an angle and keeps it tucked back behind here got my stiletto in there 10-ounce slides in really nice I used to carry a 16 ounce s twig with a metal hook up here and you always had it hanging right

Here whenever you go to crouch down it’ll always be jabbing ya so I really like having it tucked in back there going around starting from the bottom I keep my babeh glue bottle doing trim this is a chinois chalk line it’s got the little pointer on it

That’s the chalk line I use most of the time here’s where I keep my Cutlass tucked in I’ve always got a cut list in there and every time I come to the saw I pull then I pull it out and switch out the Cutlass that is at the saw works pretty good

Pretty easy to get get in and out and I’ll have a link to these notepads it’s about the perfect size for this because it doesn’t go in too deep but it doesn’t stick out too far either so those work pretty good nine-millimeter pencil the adjustable eraser pretty simple utility knife I

Don’t like a big old thing I like just simple that smooths slides in and out I keep a flat bar like this primarily for baseboard whenever I get a drywall taper where the baseboard wants to go in at an angle I’ll hook this in underneath and pry it and then

Scissor nail it and then I’ll keep my joints tight that tucks in pretty nice back in there and nippers use these quite a bit I did have to cut the rubber off of the handles on these just to make them go smoother it’s a lot

Less friction sticking them in like this speed square slot does exactly what you need it to it doesn’t fall out doesn’t get in the way keeps it tucked in pretty nice up here I mainly just carry sandpaper and then miscellaneous fasteners or if I need some number 20 biscuits or Craig screws

I’ll kind of throw them in this pocket I keep this kind of just for miscellaneous stuff keep my other flat bar back in here tucks into this loop pretty nice and then rubber mallet gotta have that I’m always banging on things and you put dents in your wood if you’re using one

Of these so going around I’ll just keep going around back I’m the kind of guy to have been ever since I started 15 years ago just what I’m used to so I put my own holster from my old griddle on here and that works pretty good phone it’s really annoying to try

And reach in the pocket and get your phone out all the time so whenever I’m on site I just tuck that in there I got this off Amazon it just it’s got a belt loop and a clip on it stays on the back pretty nice laser this is a lake D store

Like D studies – it’s my favorite laser I’ve had three of them I tried a couple of different things I tried to have my laser up here and stretch this pocket out it did not work it’s just not a big enough pocket I think that that’s something diamondback needs to change as

A trim carpenter you’ve got to have a spot for your laser so I bought this from Menards it is a cell phone holder and I cut the flap off of it and it works pretty well I had tried to put it up here at the front but I found that

When I write crouched down it would get me in the gut and then it would want to come on clift so it’s been working pretty well just keeping that back here in the top pouch I just keep miscellaneous stuff usually I have a three or four pinch dog some

Tenpenny nails maybe some grk cabinet head screws I just keep miscellaneous items in there I did put a couple of magnets on the inside of this flap and that keeps nails and stuff kind of stuck up here on the side and it makes it easier to sort through the stuff that way if

All you need is what you’re hanging crown and you just need one nail you just got it right here on the side rather than having to dig all the way to the bottom nails there’s one slot that’s big enough for two and a half inch nails 15 gauge or

Two inches unfortunately there’s not really any other of the slots that are built-in that are adequate for that so I’ll put some nails in here and then the rest I just leave loose kind of in here inch and half 18 gauge nails I use a lot of and I keep

Those right Here I am having issues though they do tend to break so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do it works okay but they just tend to break off and it’s kind of annoying right there my Hawk knife I keep right here and I thought

That it was working you can see how nice it goes into that spot and I thought it was gonna work but little did I know I had actually sliced right through that pouch and it was going over the top of the flap I don’t know if you can see

That or not but it is yeah it cut through there so there’s not really a great spot for that Hawk knife but honestly, this works for me for now moving forward chisel up here nail set whatever you call this thing I use this for hinge pins and whenever you

Screw up and you nail something off the wall and you need to take it off gracefully especially if it’s 15 gauge nails I just drive them all the way through with this thing it works miracles for me trend ez scribe always carries this and it fits perfect

Back here it hasn’t fallen out or anything yet I mean it just could not be a better fit for that thing right there this is like a welder’s tapers gauge I use this for beam work whenever I need to see how much to take off for drywall tapers and things like that fitting

Things then you got your little slots up here I was doing a final so I’ve got some little ball and hex wrenches in here for bathroom hardware got my spring punch I always keep a handful of number-10 biscuits I go through these like water that’s my pouch they put those in and

I pretty much always have my stud finder on me and that fits really nicely right there easy in and out for running bass or whatever you can grab it really quick so I think that pretty much covers the tools that I keep inside I carry this torpedo level a lot of beam work stairs so

Many things don’t really have a pouch that’s big enough to fit this really well as an easy-to-put slide in and out I can get it in there quite honestly more often than not it just gets kind of thrown in and still works just fine Lee Nelson 102 block plane

Sometimes you need to throw that in somewhere that works pretty well to check for I’m running crown I like to have the regular chalk line in so I’ll swap this chalk line now for the Chinua either long wood filler you know sometimes it happens you’re using some

Wood filler the nice thing about these pouches is there are just so many compartments to put stuff so it’s not hard to find somewhere to stick stuff in a double square there’s just not really a great spot to fit this thing in well I can just drop it in here but then it

Kind of impedes anything else that I want to stick in this slot and so I actually haven’t been using this as I thought I might swish it out and use one of these gauges because the main thing I use a double square for is marking different reveals but there

Really isn’t a good slot that’s big enough to hold this either so still kind of working through that whole process so that’s pretty much hit like I said the nice thing is I don’t even use this pouch there’s so much pouch space that’s not even used on these I

Like that that whenever I need to throw a tool in that kind of switches up my normal order of use that I can just I’ve got plenty of options and it doesn’t just screw everything up so yeah that’s pretty much the contents of what I carry in this thing

If you guys have any interest and seeing all the tools I’ve got an Amazon list with everything that I have in my tool belt that you can look through and get anything that you want I’ll have that and the notes below I think I’m gonna have another video with some of the

Things I think could improve the rig and the things that I don’t like about it that’ll be more of a review on the diamondback tool belt itself this is more just to kind of show the contents of what I carry on a day-to-day basis so thanks for watching hope it helps

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Trim Guy Tool Belt Setup – Diamondback Denali (Deluxe Framer Rig)

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