Tool Belt Walk Through // What i Keep In My Tool Belt For Framing

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Tool Belt Walk Through // What i Keep In My Tool Belt For Framing

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Description: Done Hey guys it’s jack from the people’s tool co um I’ve been saying for a long time on Instagram I’m gonna do like what’s in my nail bag um today is the day I finally do it so probably to keep in mind is my background of what I actually do so

Pretty much every day just frames for me um we’re good at it we’ve got good systems I make good money on them so we kind of just keep with what we know a lot of our work’s prefab so you won’t see me carrying like tons of nails mostly like

I carry a big nail bag for clip-off stuff so keeping triple grips in its rolls of coils dyna bolts that type of is why I mainly use the bigger nail bag I’m wearing the Denali 2.0 I’ve used a lot of nail bags I started

With like the standard one you get from bunnings worked my way up I got a buckaroo then I started the tool company and I went to diamondback then I ran occidental for a bit and now I’m back in diamondback so both times I’ve run diamondbacks

Being the Denali this is the updated one the Denali 2.0 one of the other boys in the crew still wears the original Denali I had that thing’s three-four years old now and it looks the same as this one if you’re being honest so they wear pretty well um

That’s not a concern your braking time sucks a little bit only going to last for about a month or so and then you’ll figure out how you like to wear it just a quick note on suspenders I’m seasonal with suspenders in summer I definitely won’t wear them

Winter, I might if I’ve got big clothing on that I don’t really notice the suspenders anyway um aside from that’s probably the background that you need to know if I might set that up the way it is so start on my tool side first thing you’re

Going to notice the hammer that’s an m1 martinez milled face for framing that one’s actually not but I do recommend carrying a milled face if you’re going to be framing never do any finish work chisel I don’t always carry one when I do it’s a whole first 40 mil

Mostly for me if I need a chisel I probably need a reciprocating saw or buzzer tin snips not all the time just when we get to clip off if I’m framing like actually shooting altogether I won’t bother carrying it as far as marking all of that still sits in my

Right-hand side pouch pencils textures every crayon in there um and then just a spare pencil as well so yeah crayons mainly for marking my plates pencils for pencil and then textures if I’ve got a mark concrete Stanley knife gotta have one that one’s the whole fizzy one right I think it is

Right up the tops me chalk line um great chalk line not so good for flick out the lines just a little bit too fat for flick out I’ll use it to Jimmer and then I’ll use that one for all my rough stuff flicking plying doing all that good stuff marking battens this pocket

Here I’ll do a close-up just keeps my phone in it the rest is just a couple of drill bits so the three sizes of roofing bit batten screw bit a couple of spare cipro blades that’s really about it for the tool side um on my fixing side up the top keep it

Tape 10-meter tape it does take a little bit of wearing in to get in there um it’s not too bad though it’ll fall out a little bit for like the first month I reckon down from that square um I’ve never really liked combination squares I’ve always been a speed square

Guy um and then yeah when that came out it was just even better for me Martinez titanium pick again obviously has reasonable access to this kind of stuff so I might as well grab it at the spot where I keep my phone on this side the opposite side is where I keep

Plans most of our plans will fold up just tuck in there up the back there I’ll keep clips of framing nails then screws and like that, I probably generally always keep a couple of these on me these are worth they’re about 180 mil screws they’re pretty much like a permanent

Clamp on the front side here’s a distance measurer it can be a to get to around the backs where my pez load lives you can hook it on there it’s not a terrible spot but most of the time keep it up in the middle of my back there

But yeah depends on what I’m doing I might hook it there it’s also a good spot for a drill that’s the end of this one um I’m gonna try and do something weekly it’ll either be like tool related maybe even just my general thoughts on working in carpentry um

For some tips videos we might click out a house that was a common one on Instagram a lot of people wanted to see how we flick out and how we use the layout station to do it yeah we’ll just see where we end up I don’t have any real plans for the

Channel like if you’ve got ideas in that just drop them below I do read them I can’t guarantee you’ll get a reply but yeah we’ll do like a week in the life video so you’ll see how the tool company runs and that kind of thing and then how I work that in with

Being on-site with the boys each day so it might be interesting let’s see what happens cheers guys

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Tool Belt Walk Through // What i Keep In My Tool Belt For Framing

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