This Tool Company just went INSANE and released a ton of new Power TOOLS!

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This Tool Company just went INSANE and released a ton of new Power TOOLS!

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Description: There are a couple of different things to consider when you start looking into buying a tool Brand number one how many tools does that brand have in their lineup number two how’s the pricing on the damn things are they too expensive it worth the cost of these tools and

I’m telling you the last couple of years has been very interesting when it comes to all these different tool Brands coming out with some really cool tools but there is one that really caught my attention I mean this whole company went completely insane and today we’re going

Look at some of the new tools that they just came out with and I believe especially you will love these tools if you’re a DIYer a woodworker somebody that likes to Tinker out in the garage you’re going to say these tools are really nice like let me go get the first one

Belt and disc you see this piece of wood right here well maybe I need to sand this piece of wood so I’m going to use my belt first come over here flip the switch look at it so I got my back stop right there I’m going to take my footage

Bring it down over here’s a different view for your viewing pleasure you see that’s real nice slack they also give me one of those sweet sweet miter gauges I can use that on a table or I can just turn this on and maybe shape something if I’m into it

You see you can make a giant pencil if you wanted to you can write I love tool reviews all over your walls over and over again got your dust Port right there you can bevel this right here if you want bring it down up whatever you

Want to do super easy to change the belt if you need to change that paper just spring this slide off if you want I’m not going to do that and then of course you can adjust the track of the paper if it’s going too far over this

The way you just bring it this way it’ll slide that paper and adjust for you so this is the first tool that we’re looking at from skill and if you haven’t noticed we’re talking about scale today now skill has been around for a very very long time people love this brand

Now a while back skill went pretty silent you didn’t hear anything from them then they were purchased by a brand name chevron now if you don’t know who serves on they’re the ones that own Flex their own ego skill they’ve really pump life in this brand and bringing

They back in a big way but this is their brand new bandsaw need to loosen this up to change the blade is Boom super simple to do on the back over here you can adjust your track and all that good stuff you can lock stuff down tighten it

So this doesn’t move on you and under here you can also adjust and tilt your table so you just loosen this up I got another one for you right here this is the new skill drill press again di wire doesn’t take up a lot of room

Look at it let’s go over this real quick right here you can raise lower your table you can raise and lower your bit what’s nice about this though is it doesn’t slap back at you it goes up real nice and smooth like this also has a built-in

Light see it right there see it and a laser beam lays a beam turn this bad boy on super quiet bring it back down got your tool right here for your Chuck you can loosen it super easy to put in your bits tighten that bad boy down raise and

Lower the table to your desired height and then you can drill your wood that’s really nasty I just used an abuse that is a new skill drill press let’s move it to the next tool now the tool behind me is the one that got a lot of people excited

When I posted about these new skill tools this is the one that they wanted to see the most and I will move out of the way it’s a scroll saw Yep this is the new 16-inch skill scroll saw now this thing is really really super cool let me show you why so number

One is super easy to use so the blade change I’m going to come back here I’m going to loosen that blade up then I can push down take this blade out or put a new one in but we’re going to leave this one in oh by the way they

Give you two different adapters here so if you have different size blades longer blades water blades whatever you can use these at the brand that you have doesn’t necessarily fit now this is where it starts getting cool you got your on-and-off switch right here

But watch this if I flip that switch right there and I flip that on the switch that doesn’t come on there’s a reason for it that’s because this bad mama jama has a foot pedal it’s also protected so you don’t accidentally step on this thing you put your foot in there I push

This down and watch this oh but it also has different speeds so if I want to go slow I can bring this all the way down and push that pedal it’ll go slow but if I bring this up oh yeah throw an ass lag what does a scroll

Saw do you ask well let me show you so I’m going to unplug it and I’m going to release my blade I’m going to take this blade out right here and let me show you so as you can see for yourself the blade is completely out so maybe you’re making

Christmas decorations maybe you’re making wreaths now this is a thicker piece of wood right here but nonetheless, we’re going to try it all I do is have a pre-drilled hole it could be a smaller hole anything for this blade to go down through I’ll bring that down put that

The blade on like so and then tighten that blade down I’m gonna put my leg here this right here has a little pump it’s going to blow air through that too and the dust out of there we’re going to turn this bad boy on now you can adjust the speed lower

Or higher you don’t need the foot pedal to do that but let’s say I’m cutting out a Christmas tree I’m not going to cut out a Christmas tree I’m just showing you so if I need to make a cut I’m just going to go down into this leg

And as you can see I clearly made an angel for Christmas next tool the next tool that we have right here is a grinder that a right skill just came out but the brand new desktop grinder now I don’t believe that you need me to tell you what a grinder is

Good for but for example you sharpen it up it’s a lawnmower blade taking your ego out for the first time this year and you said my blades are dull I need to sharpen that blade there you go get your power button right here listen to that beautiful hump And turn it off right now got your guards right now too oh and FYI never let these things move out further away from the disc than an eighth of an inch you also got a guard right here that you can look into and the Sparks

Will hit you in the face and if you’re blind well this is a magnifying glass and I am looking at you through this magnifying glass did you get subscribed hit that Bell notification yet now these discs come with this you got a grittier wheel and a not so grittier

Wheel a smoother to really get that thing sharp your knives or blades or whatever and you got that grit to take off some of the nasty always where you’ll see if the glasses when you’re grinding to knock around without the safe foreign [Applause] consider that rebar ground now what’s so

Cool about seeing skill come out with all these new tools this is really a beloved company your grandfather and your father probably all had at least one skill tool in their garage that you remember when you were a kid and now they’re sort of Reinventing themselves

Coming out with new tools now that they’re under the shirt of our name and I do want to let you know that I am not paid to say anything in this video I am just really happy to see that they are coming back to life coming out with so

Many new tools speaking of new tools we got the new 12-volt tools from the skill we got so many other cool 18-volt tools from a skill that they released get subscribed and hit that Bell notification if you want to see a really cool saw check this video out right there right there

You’re going to be blown away by this next skill tool we’ll be back with more videos soon

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This Tool Company just went INSANE and released a ton of new Power TOOLS!

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