The Curious Case of Amazon’s Own New Tool Brand: Denali

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The Curious Case of Amazon’s Own New Tool Brand: Denali

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Description: Uh welcome back to ttc today we take a look at what appears to be amazon itself’s the first step at making an actual tool brand denali should well-established brands be shaking in their respective boots at this affordably priced new tool name backed by a 1080 billion dollar company

Or is it not worth its own metal we’ve seen amazon basics tools before and even tested some of them here which have at least in their pliers not been so bad that many of you bought them and now they’re sold out so perhaps affordable alternatives are as popular

As ever let’s find out by taking a closer look at and testing some of the pieces from this new denali brand toolset a set made by or probably more realistically for amazon themselves this brand’s swinging at automotive tools that’s only a couple of months in the making

This is their 142-piece set which we paid 85 for it can be found for less now it appears but that’s how much we paid for it with all these chrome shiny bits staring at you it looks quite comprehensive yeah up here the metric sizes stop at 17

Millimeters whereas she goes up to 7 8 which is a bit strange on the wrench side of things the sizes go up to 15 millimeters and 5 8 or 16 millimeters on the other end and the first thing you’re going to notice when it comes to these wrenches themselves is that they are

Wafer thin like thinner than a bolt head thin which I mean I realize this is a budget set and thin wrenches do have their place when that’s what you need but here it is next to an average wrench of equal size the Denali comes out to 6.1 millimeters

On the jaw end whereas the more typical wrench we find to usually be around eight millimeters in this size a snap-on being a bit slimmer at seven and a half and here it is next to an old-school us craftsman we have all these same size wrenches from our previous testing on

Combination wrenches which we can dive into first here we start by measuring the clearance of this tool or how much over the wrench is zeroing the calipers for its advertised size and we’re measuring here in millimeters just to match our past data we’re seeing 0.21 millimeter over when placing it

Here on our ranking for now on this sort of budget end of the crowd that .21 over isn’t awesome but also not criminal it would get six points or middle-of-the-pack sort of stuff if it finished the rest of our testing today with six points in each column it would finish

Quite well but when measuring over pieces from the set a large clearance is sort of typical in this Denali kit the 15-millimeter wrench, for example, is 0.27 millimeters over and the 15-millimeter socket is 0.28 0.29 millimeters over you’ll also notice how the Denali brand is lasered onto the

Wrenches have no stamping but drop forged is stamped no alloy like chrome vanadium is mentioned crv which by the way alloys like 6150 chrome vanadium are very good are stamped on the sockets along with size but zero branding on any of the sockets when these are looked at by themselves they’re basically generic unbranded

Sockets well let’s see how well those wrenches grip or if they just slip reviews of this toolset are quite positive but you’ll also notice the lion’s share of those reviews are through vine amazon’s program of giving out products early to popular reviewers needing to have a tool

The background is not a requirement for vine and amazon itself is sort of running the show here so personally, I’d prefer if they had a program called wine where they gave products out to the biggest complainers and one-star generals out there from review sections and then these early reviews

Would mean something I suppose but I digress by measuring bolt tension psi here we do three tests and show the median on screen we can compare how tight this wrench is able to make this nut and bolt versus other wrenches we’ve done we sort these nuts to within point zero

Two millimeters of each other which means about ten percent of the ones we purchased get scrapped but not too bad really they’re closer to each other than we assumed when ordering we’re going to be comparing against an equal size capri tools wrench here which finished exactly in the middle of the

Pack in our past testing so let’s see so 780 and taking some small metal scraps with it as well that’s not very high we were able to get one of them up to 799 but we do use the median score per usual that’s super narrow draw

Not doing this tool any favors but we do have performance per jaw thickness on this leaderboard as well so let’s take a look 780 is well that’s the worst we’ve seen we’re not going to reorder this whole ranking chart just for this one we’re wedding points to for now

But that puts it below the current worst place with one point up here so the Denali is getting zero points effectively down here much of that i’m sure is thanks to this thin profile maybe it’s for better access I’m sure it’s not just about saving a few dollars

In raw material right its performance per jaw thickness is 127.9 which is also the worst so far but practically even with the Indian made sun x down here which got a three in the spread of results we saw so this one gets a three as well so all these totals a three-point

Even average which well it puts it above the crescent and only the crescent just because of the two thousand here they both have similar performance the crescent just happens to be thicker but what about hardness well when looking at the old Rockwell c hardness scale the Denali sees some surprising numbers that’s just

36.9 hrc is the same as a cheap jet tech that we tested from amazon as well that’s below the ASME standard for a wrench being classified as a wrench which means according to the American society of mechanical engineers this shouldn’t really even be sold here you might remember that while the sockets

Said crv and alloy are more than capable of achieving this hardness range the wrenches just say drop forged which means more often than not they’re used at least in china where it originates something like 30 cr or as we call it here in the states 5130 roughly this is

Just a popular choice due to its availability over there but here’s what that difference would look like 6150 chrome vanadium up top on each lines comparison versus the 5130 on the bottom quite a stark difference so it back on the leaderboard even though it’s scored slightly above the crescent it’s not

Really made from traditional wrench material so I think this would still place it last overall in our opinion so what about the Denali pieces that do say crv well the sockets measure we’re showing around 48 hours which is decently hard not that harder means best but at least it signifies that it’s

Using an alloy capable of being heat treated to this level which is a good sign in the chrome extension we’re measuring that at 45.4 where harbor freight examples come in at about 52-53 and a snap-on extension at 54 or 255 here so some difference for sure but at least above ASME standards

For the Denali, this time the ratchets that are included in the set while certainly big and sort of chunky for their quarter-inch and 3 8 drive sizes are not very long to exercise much torque on but do feel decent 72 teeth it’s not terrible when

Using a cheater bar to maybe break the 3 8 ratchets the short arm of the ratchet does feel like quite of a hindrance but we reached 135 foot-pounds which feels like the most you’d ever be able to put on this one by hand and it’s still operating fine in forward and reverse

But we do want to break some stuff so let’s open this green case of goodies and try out our old friend the hex impact adapter we’ve gone through our fair share of these when testing impact drivers some break instantly others last quite a few tools worth of testing let’s see the

Denali impact adapter at full beans on a Milwaukee gen 3 impact driver So with three attempts it’s fine and then the fourth it breaks trying to remove a 185-foot-pound titan bolt it had just tightened it met its end which I’d call about average maybe slightly below average from name brand adapters from your favorite colors at the hardware store but pretty good I feel

We’ve had the best luck ourselves with DeWalt’s adapters in this half-inch flavor they last anywhere from six to fifteen goes like this other brands like the bosch last not even half of a go on any test that we do despite it doing fairly well on project farms testing let us know if

You’d like to see a bunch of these tested by us so there you have it the wrenches may be some of the worst we’ve seen and are thin enough that you’d be slipping off of almost anything like Bambi and not made from material that most in the states would call wrench material

The sockets extensions and ratchets can’t complain but nothing to write home about and the adapters are at least on par with what you would expect from most brands given the scant lasering of the Denali brand and complete lack of branding on most pieces it’s pretty clear that the private label arm of

Amazon just found a good deal on an existing tool set or a manufacturer in general and slapping their name onto their stuff seems pretty similar to how they run their amazon basic stuff when it comes to tools perhaps this Denali line is just more concentrated effort at

Targeting dads and tool guys alike you tell us what you think in the comments appreciate you joining us for this one we want to do more focused but perhaps shorter-form looks at tools from time to time like this one hope you’ll join us for those as well thanks for watching You

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The Curious Case of Amazon’s Own New Tool Brand: Denali

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