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Streaming Bundles to Save YOU Money | Free Streaming bundles with Verizon, Spotify, Hulu, AT&T

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Streaming Bundles to Save YOU Money | Free Streaming bundles with Verizon, Spotify, Hulu, AT&T

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Description: – The streaming fatigue is real. We’re collecting media platforms and watching that monthly bill creep higher and higher. It’s always worth taking a look around for deals and bundles. Doing a little hunting this year, here are some of the best services we found that also bundle your streaming sites.

Let’s try and save a little cash on what you watch. And while you’re streaming your favorite shows to every screen in your home, we hope you’ll free up one of those screens to catch up with all the work here on Hit those subscribe options down below. Follow us around the socials and check out our home site,

We have a whole fun team of people making cool stuff and hopefully saving you some cash. This is a topic we like to check in on from time to time. The media landscape shifts around a bit. And I think it’s also worth looking at how we use streaming services.

Increasingly, I think folks get a better bang for their buck when they think of renting a catalog for a month rather than just letting a service eat away at their bank account all the time. That is unless you’re doing the bundling. Now when it comes to the carrier deals, not much has changed there.

T-Mobile plans are still a good way to offset the somewhat ludicrously high prices at Netflix. A Magenta Plan includes the basic standard definition. I’m sorry, the basic standard def one screen Netflix plan, but when you sign up for a new family plan, you also get a year of Paramount+ And Apple TV+.

Verizon is bundling the Hulu, ESPN, and Disney+ combo with Apple Arcade or Google Play pass if you’re signed up on play more or get more tiers, I really don’t love the naming, but those are Verizon’s higher tiers. AT&T isn’t really advertising any kind of specific media bundle and sort of puts you

In a loop back to the same information when you ask for more information. On the MVNO side, US Mobile still offers a perk if you sign up for three lines and the streaming options include all the majors, Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO Max, or that Disney, Hulu, ESPN combo.

And I also got a message on Twitter after one of the last roundups that we left out Cricket, which bundles the ad-supported tier of HBO Max on their premium unlimited plan. All good if you’re shopping your plans and you track what services you use,

You can staple a few together and save a little cash. What we haven’t covered consistently are streaming-only bundles. The most obvious is the Disney+ combo with Hulu and ESPN. It’s included as a standalone option on many other bundles, but you can just subscribe to that on your own.

Hulu likes to get around though. And if you’d prefer HBO Max over Disney+, there is a Hulu and HBO combo you can sign up for. And if you’re a student, Hulu can also be had with Showtime and Spotify for one very low price.

But the one I keep forgetting as a bundle is AMC+. This one’s a solid combination, stapling Shutter, IFC, Sundance, and AMC Premiere into one more reasonable package, covering more ground for indies and film fans, each catalog on its own might be a bit too specific

As a monthly cost, but for seven bucks a month, it makes more sense when you combine them all. And lastly, two quick updates to recent videos that we published. There is actually a BritBox bundle. You can comb BritBox with PBS Jax. It’s a little pricey at $150 a year,

But it’s still cheaper than each individual. And for anime fans, shortly after we published our look at animation streaming, Crunchyroll basically took over all of the anime. Funimation and VRV are now completely folded up under the Crunchyroll umbrella. That’s not so much a bundle as it is a bundle going away, I guess.

It’s interesting to see media consolidation in the time of streaming, but we need to hear from you just right there. Two different streaming bundles I missed when making other videos. I’m sure I’ve missed some more. If you’re finding some good deals on streaming packages, drop us some comments down below,

Help out some of our other viewers. As always, thanks so much for watching, sharing these videos, and subscribing to the channel. For, I’m Juan Carlos Bagnell, AKA Some Gadget Guy, and I will catch you all in the next video.

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2022 Streaming Bundles to Save YOU Money | Free Streaming bundles with Verizon, Spotify, Hulu, AT&T

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