Short Review of Weaver Denali

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Short Review of Weaver Denali

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Description: Today I’m going to give this guy a good honest try I wore it for a little bit just around here and that tree but I was so dissatisfied with it that I just never wore it I changed a couple of things on it I’ll go over them I don’t know if it’s recommended to

Do that or not but that’s what I did to make it a little more comfortable I’m going to wear it today we’re going to be taking down six trees at a property just down the road just leaving everything there just getting the trees to the ground for them

Well I haven’t even really recorded a cliff yet I feel like this saddle is restricting my mood hold it [Applause] um okay so Chris is gonna run let this piece run quite a bit as you can tell it leans out over this little tree and that shed so I put a notch in it trying to get it to go this way we’ll see it’ll probably get hung up in

Here but he’s going to let it run for a while it does want to come back it’s like perfectly balanced there it goes all right this is what’s going on topping out this aspen it’s a long way down there I put this line down there in case it breaks bust this top out

It moves like nobody’s business but hopefully, Chris can run it smoothly headsets died of course so we can’t even talk to each other here we go got my notch in it he’s got it right he’s standing up there please don’t break oh god any doubt it moved every bit of 10 15

Feet well that job went smoothly got everything done there those are nice at times when you just get to leave everything there so about the saddle um this is my opinion you know it’s I’m sure there are guys out there that really like this thing but for me

It’s just I feel like when I have this on it comes up so far that it really restricts my movement when I would lean to the side like this would pinch for these you know this gap right here this would pinch me and uh I just didn’t feel like I could

Go back and to the side and back and forth and do my thing like I said for some people it probably worked great uh if you’d have back issues where you really need a lot of support then I think it would be a better fit for you

This bridge here I put this on this because when we got this saddle the bridge that was on it almost think may have been installed incorrectly the bridge used to have two ropes or it was one single rope but it had two

Lines it came over here and made a knot and then I made another knot here and the knot was actually twisted inward so when you would wear it instead of the knot being on the outside it was in hitting right in here so I put that one on to try it out

Yeah I don’t know I wore it for that first tree and seemed to do all right but I just felt like it was restricting my movements it’ll work for certain guys probably guys that might be a little bit bigger and uh need more back support or something like that because when i

Put brought that thing around it’s really like stiff I mean you’re definitely gonna get support there

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Short Review of Weaver Denali

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