Seriously, AMAZON Released Their Own Power Tools? vs Same $ Walmart & HF

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Seriously, AMAZON Released Their Own Power Tools? vs Same $ Walmart & HF

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Description: Foreign Welcome back to the Torq test Channel we’ve started testing drills versus each other and versus their performance claims since those numbers seem to have skyrocketed in recent years and in some cases could only apply to hard joint torque like running down a nut at full speed until the drill stalls which is

Good for marketing but inflates this particular Milwaukee 2704’s numbers with a 5 amp hour battery by more than 60 percent by our numbers and still doesn’t reach advertised figures and also wouldn’t help you to understand why a tool might keep stalling while you’re drilling so we built a Dyno brick to try

And help shine some light on that as well as electric motors with Watts out to help compare two Brands like DeWalt who use that metric because we find it helps paint a more complete picture as well not to find a specific end-all be-all true number but to compare

Between tools which are sort of what we do here today, we have Amazon’s own new power brand Denali the affordable more DIY end of the spectrum and a few other equal size weight and similarly priced options to compare to in performance because maybe not every tool we test in the

Future will beat this particular DeWalt or Milwaukee and it would be good to have some sort of context of where it would fall in between and mostly because we’re curious what Amazon one of the biggest companies in the world green-lighted as their first cordless power

Tools ever which are as they make no problem pointing out brought to you by skill the more affordable power tool arm of chevron who make ego flex and Cobalt Power Tools in fact it even takes skill power core batteries like this 5 amp hour we already owned in case you don’t

Want to Pony up the extra 50 to 70 bucks for this Denali Brand 4 amp hour we also bought because we want to see that difference if there is one Speaking of batteries in price this kit that includes a brushed drill and impact driver comes with two 2 Amp Hour

Batteries and we’ll be testing that impact driver versus our long list of contenders coming up as well the drill itself with charger and base battery here normally goes for around 75 on the site it is seven and a half inches long and advertises 350-inch pounds of torque

Or 29.2 foot-pounds but who knows what kind of torque that figure is now another brush drill that goes for 70 as a kit is 7 5 8 inches long just an eighth inch longer and can be found at Harbor Freight is the Bauer 1791c-b1 drill kit not that Bauer

Doesn’t have a brushless option now but not as a kit comparable in price to these others today this is a very similar drill by the numbers but comes with a metal Chuck and while a no-name metal Chuck it does feel decent I think the plastic one on the Denali leaves a

A lot to be desired besides the one-and-a-half amp-hour battery it comes with we also picked up a new 5 amp-hour battery as well to compare to the Denali options this red tool advertises a higher 450-inch pounds or 37-and-a-half-foot pounds

What could upset these two brush tools is a brushless competitor from Walmart this is the heart HP dd25b kit which includes a brushless drill driver 2 Amp Hour battery and charger for 79 so a nine-dollar spread between all these tools so far and we have a bigger

The battery in the 4 amp hour for this one as well the heart does not advertise a torque figure but is lately one of the cheapest ways to buy brushless tools made by TTI who also make separate to this model Milwaukee tools and while chunkier it’s also seven and a half inches long like

The Denali and has a plastic Chuck probably the lightest most insignificant feeling one of the bunch so far but that doesn’t help it to be the lightest tool which goes to the narrow Denali followed by this heart then the bower due to being a smidge longer and using that metal Chuck

So this is how the scoring starts out due to those weights these of course are drill drivers not hammer drills like these ones up here so when their final scores are tallied they will go on a separate list but this will give you a good comparison of the range of drills

That we’ve tested so far for future episodes let’s start off with Peak torque in low the Denali is a consistent tool here whether that be a 2 amp hour or 4 amp hour or 5 amp hour it’s all 10.95 to 11.2 foot-pounds the most it could Messer of its stated 29.2

The bower with its stock battery gets a higher 15 foot-pounds but that 1.5 amp hour battery holds it back a bit it’s able to muster as a medium of five tests 19.7 foot-pounds but it never finished more or less than a single foot pound from that

The heart was a bit of a surprise and not necessarily a good one with a small battery registered 13.95 foot-pounds and with a 4 amp hour battery that is increased to 18.1 even on its highest run about the same here 18.3 so in all cases less than that Bower

In our first episode Proof of concept many of you did well to point out that particularly in our high speed runs of this Dyno all that fast rotating masks comes to a complete stop which by the way is sort of the drill just cutting out not the application of the brake

They do not enjoy being driven at lower and lower speeds while in a high mode that sudden stop likely polluting our data with that inertia the resolution of that data between tools was already super small anyways in this test so we’re dropping it for now even with more Hall

Effects windows installed on this thing for RPM we’ve not gotten the data rate of these two sensors to play nice enough together to chart this as a live curve for Watts or other live data like you might be wanting with higher RPM or higher power engines

Suit these numbers in the books off to Watts a power at RPM metric that DeWalt prefers torque while at such low RPM that its stalling might not be super useful for your drilling projects we basically ask these drills to drive various Motors suited to their RPM modes

Until they can achieve the most Watts they are able to sustain without diving an RPM expressed as volts here that RPM or until they just sort of give up basically which in the Denali with a 2 Amp hours case is 110 Watts here and no

Further, it did not like 120. with a 4 amp hour battery on that Denali that’s increased but it’s not a mountain of difference about 140 Watts here it hated 150. with a 5 amp hour skill power core on this tool, it makes its best numbers again but not a huge difference it will

Do as much as 150 but nothing further still kind of cool if you already have skill batteries I suppose the bower is not a lot more impressive here making it to 150 watts but sacrificing a steady amount of RPM in the process and does not enjoy 160 Watts though that’s only

Its one and a half amp hour battery with the 5-amp hour things change quite a bit 140 Watts 150 watts no problem 160 Watts 170 180 190 200 210 220 230. volts are still healthy and not really going anywhere 250 Watts makes this tool go into some

Type of protection even when allowed to cool off it won’t sit at 250 Watts for any real length of time because it seems like it has more power than this from here the brushless heart can do 170 Watts which is the best so far with an included battery

With the larger battery the heart could drive into the 200s mid 200s seeing 240 250 Watts 260 watts would make it dive steep in RPM but 250 Watts seemed like a solid place for it our main Takeaway on low-speed, in general, is that the bower and the heart

Are sort of equally matched more torque here for the Harbor Freight by a smidge and the heart made more power at RPM by a smidge here and that Denali stinks not really like it smells a lot after a test like this like a thin empty skillet that’s been left on a burning stove too

Long one last stop making more Watson high for all these drills before we total things up the Denali seems pretty comfortable in the mid 100 Watts 150 watts is fine but the tool repeatedly cuts out above that a larger fully charged Denali Forum power improves this

Up to 170 Watts but not any further the 5 amp hour skill battery again proves to make more on that dentalium moves above the 170-watt range without much fuss 180 Watts 190 Watts 200 210 causes the tool to drop RPM a bit too quickly and 220 is enough to stall

It so 150 from the small battery and 200 Watts from the larger battery to beat the power doesn’t have a problem in the lower 200s 230 looks quite easy for it to hold actually 240 is similar to 250 Watts 260 watts in the tool cut-out just from not having enough juice

With a larger battery, this thing can comparatively shoot for the sky I could dial in as much as 310 320 Watts before the tool would not like that same would happen when keeping it at 310 Watts so 300 watts is where it’s most repeatable and comfortable making and not much

Further the brushless heart is an interesting one well not super interesting with a 2 Amp Hour battery 230 Watts not bad but not amazing with a 4 amp hour battery the heart at a higher RPM is able to make Watts past into the 300s like the others couldn’t it can

Even Peak to 340 but it can’t sustain that so 330 is what it is very good considering the price range we’re looking at here so what does that look like in the grand scheme of things well the 110 and 150 watt for the Denali and low and high

With a standard battery becoming 11 and 15 and 15 and 20 for a larger battery each time the skill battery is a bit better than 15 24 25 and 30 for the bower and the overall slightly higher 17 25 23 and 33 for the heart for an average of Watts made versus its

The length that’s 20.3 points for the Amazon brand 30.7 for the Bauer and 32.7 for the heart then as a function of the most torque these made versus their length that’s 29.6 45.5 and 42.7 all these are similar prices as the kit but made very different numbers in some cases when

Totaling all these scores as a function of price that’s 67.3 121.6 and 108.5 points which total 168.2 291.8 and 279.9 points putting on our non-hammer drill driver chart the bower in the first brushless heart in second and the Denali yeah it’s in the last but are they really half as good half as

Powerful as these ones looking at their points yeah well no it’s even more than that when you total these stats alone basically just their performance of these they’re about a third of the performance of these ones which the price this might indicate to you as well being around three times as much

But what about the impact driver well we nearly forgot about that one it’s rated at 1100 inch pounds or 92 foot-pounds here’s the Denali impact driver versus an M18 Milwaukee and the weakest impact driver we’ve tested the old brush generation of the Bosch freak that’s right just 33 foot-pounds it gets

A little better from there particularly in Reverse where the impact driver reaches as much as a whole 50 foot pounds the performance numbers of this thing especially with its six-and-a-quarter-inch length make our scoring system which is usually on point look kind of broken just a bunch of single digits

Here even its bear pricing fewer batteries we came up with and couldn’t save 96 points total dead last ouch hope this isn’t too much of a dig at skill power tools they make some good ones we find especially their 12-volt offerings in my opinion maybe skill is

Just giving Amazon a trillion-dollar company that could offer anything at least as good as Walmart and Harbor Freight have exactly what they’re asking for an as low price as it gets DIY power tools but these have got to be the worst cordless tools to have come out in the

Last year and some of the worst Power Tools I’ve had the displeasure of using personally there’s an argument to be made for bottom dollar DIY tools but the impact driver won’t sync a deck screw into what 2×4 the appeal for a tool like this I think disappears when there’s a

Walmart or Harbor Freight around the corner with much better for the same price or less in some cases like this Bauer which has similar performance to the brushless heart a much better Chuck and was the cheapest option of anything we’ve tested today so I agree with the

Scoring here buy a bower that’s crazy suggest more drills you want to see tested below click subscribe to see those and thanks for watching thank you

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Seriously, AMAZON Released Their Own Power Tools? vs Same $ Walmart & HF

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