ProfileMate 2023 Review – Profile Mate System By Luke Maguire

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ProfileMate 2023 Review – Profile Mate System By Luke Maguire

ProfileMate – Bundle

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Description: All right guys welcome to the live demo of the profile mate I’m going to jump straight into it and show you how to use it and the results it will get you because, at the end of the day, all you care about is is this going to get your

Results and how easy is it to do so first I want you to think of any page that would have a following on Instagram that you want to Target right for example I’m going to use Tony Robbins in this example in a minute and profile mate’s going to go through all of

His followers 5.4 million followers one by one and start to then pull the key information that we want to get from hundreds of emails a day mobile numbers websites you can see an example here of the type of thing you’ll get you can then take these emails take the numbers take

The websites take the usernames and then go ahead and Mass contact them so what I’m going to do is find users I’m going to go for the follower’s followings there are other options here as well uh we’re gonna view Tony Robbins followers it’s gone I’m gonna hit analyze and

That’s how simple it is you can see here we’ve already gone through 250 300 350 400 users and it’s going and building me this audience instantly now I want you to think for a second I’m just going to download that I want you to think for a

Second any page that would have an audience that you want to contact so if you’re in affiliate marketing for example here’s an affiliate marketing page 64 000 followers we scan this in profile mate boom we literally got hundreds of emails here that we can reach out to and contact phone numbers

Descriptions of what these people do their names so on and so forth if you’re in e-commerce you might want to do Nike or any sporting page right we took this image here and we went through and got the most engaged users and you can see all of the different followers and the

Engagement scores public emails and so on and so forth we did it for cooking this cooking page here you can see all of the different results that we got here in recently and we even did it for an Instagram account that is about Paris right over in France and again all of

These insane results here so simply let it run download the file and it’s going to give us the usernames boom I’m going to copy that get analyze users paste that in there type Tony Robbins it’s that and then you’ll be provided with all of the key areas and

Information we can build an audience on um from public emails phone numbers websites engagement scores um what jobs they do and so on and so forth we’re going to select the door we’re going to hit next and then profile mate is going to go out and start to get all this information

For and provide it to you in a really nice little document like this here and you can see instantly we’ve already gone through a bunch of users we’ve got two emails so far and it will continue on like this let me pause this for a second and I’ll come back in about

60 seconds all right we’re back and uh you can see here we’ve now got 85 emails and we’ve scanned through our 849 uh users so far so you can imagine how many emails we will get when we get up to the 5 million Mark there um and the beautiful thing about this is

Every email is given from the Instagram account with permission for you to contact them they want to be contacted uh and I just want to show you a quick example of one of our main affiliate Partners who uh tried this other day and just did exactly what I showed you

Implemented it here uh live uh in their actual campaign they did a test campaign for affiliate marketing sent an affiliate link to the leads they found and you can see here he’s made a thousand bucks and more just as impressive in my opinion uh 26 open rates 9.1 clicks through rate it’s absolutely

Uh insane and you can see here the one thousand dollars in sales made here as well so I think it’s an insane tool and I’m so excited for you to jump in and use this never have to pay for ads again get all the launch read bonuses and

Whatnot now I’m going to jump back into the studio and show you how I will double your money back if you use preformatted and you don’t get results on day one it’s literally going to be a risk for you not to pick up so I’ll see you back in the studio

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ProfileMate 2023 Review – Profile Mate System By Luke Maguire

ProfileMate – Bundle

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