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Mylead Cpa marketing Fast working Free traffic source for beginners-cpagrip-cpabuild

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Mylead Cpa marketing Fast working Free traffic source for beginners-cpagrip-cpabuild

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All right guys so in this video I will show you how to make $3.66 per conversion with free traffic here on my lead so I’m going to be using my lead for this promotion and even if you have your CPA grp or anyone else

Then you can use it but on this case I have my lead for my offer promotion if you look down here this is how much that is on this page over 15 USD if I go over to the second page now this is how much

I made on the second page here and if I go over even to the fourth fifth 10th and even the 30th page this is $11 on the page and I’ve made this money using content lockers and then different offers if you look here now this is how much I’ve ear offer conversion per

Conversion from different countries right here so if you want to make something like this then listen attentively And subscribe to this channel because on this channel I make video on how you can level up your CPA marketing journey and make money on life

Now I have to go over to my CPA U my lead Global I have to go back to the offers here let me go to the offers and different campaigns on my lead we call offers campaign so go over to list of campaign and they have to choose the

List of campaign where um um the category of campaign that you want to promote I suggest you start from make money online campaign so that you can be able to get conversion easily then have to build a landing page like this one and I’m going to show you how look at

How everything looks beautiful and attractive right here now have to come over they have to choose anyone offer here if you don’t know the offer to choose all you have to do is to search by country because the offer we’re trying to use now is from United States

Most of um the traffic we are trying to use are from United States so we’re going to be using United States here and even if they are not from United States and click on this links then we going to we going to get conversion because my

Lead has um smart links so it will direct them to another page now we have to use any of this right here let’s use this sh $750 gift card here I click on promote I was just approved on this offer here before you promote any offer click on this details

And read out the commission okay so SOI which is sign up here so as you can see once you sign up you don’t have to verify an email and we make earning okay so click on this play that says promote and this is where the point Starts Now

If you’re new all you have to do is to click here on this check here and they have to apply for this offer before you get approved but as someone that have been approved already all I have to do to use any of the link below and then I

Will start this promotion now okay so I have to let me just go back here that is network error now so I have to get this URL click on this URL or you can just copy this from here now everything is looking good and I have to copy it here

Now after copying you have to build your own landing page you can come over to brizy Cloud here you can make something just like mine now this is how I made this landing page I click on this new and I make let me just use any here this

Is the landing page right let me just click in it and I will show you the template that I use you cannot just use only Grizzy you can use and make professional landing page for yourself this particular tutorial is not a landing page and if you want me to make

Special tutorial on that comment below and I will get you started okay now I am editing this now have to click here on this continue button now let me show you the link that is on this continue button this the and need to submit form now

This is how I got this I have to tell people to help us take business decision with your opinion to win this now this is the opinion here now once they fill this form now let me fill it okay so I’ll just F this form now I

Have just write any name at all I have to click here that says continue now it direct me to a page where I will able to it says the is okay at okay so as can see the form is complete click on the continue and it

Will load as can see says successful you are qualified these are the things you have to set up on your own click here click on the link in this is where you add your own successful you are qualified and this is where you add your own link right here now this is the

Outcome and this is where they will learn to they have to fill out everything here fill out everything here and write their own opinion here so after they have finished writing their opinion click on this agree and they will click on submit now it says submit your opinion okay so successful you

Deserve a $100 now they click on the get offer and they will be directed to this particular offer everything looks simple all you have to do after doing everything is to click on the publish and then you can view your mobile version I’ll making a special video if

You want on how you can do this on your phone now I can view the view on my phone this is how everything looks on the phone professional and need this the next point is the promotion since we are dealing with um giveaway offers the name

Of the traffic Source going to be using here is flicker now flicker is a video um sorry a picture sharing website where different artists and people around come over to share pictures even bloggers share pictures right here just like on Pinterest look at how people are sharing

Everything here and you can follow each other depending if you love what are sharing so have to sign up after signing up have to click on this that look like upload then this sign here so you can be able to upload your pictures I have to

Go ahead now and download this I want to download this um let me just sh it I want to download this particular image here on this Bri landing page so I can be able to use it for this okay so now I’ll be downloading this now click

On Save I’ll click on save as now I will save this image to my system and you can make more of this on your cver if you don’t know how to get your ca Pro have to message me and I will tell you how you can get access to your cover Pro at

Shiper it now uh this is showing me web file so I have to just go ahead and cancel it and I have to click and copy the link now copy the link address then I’ll will go back to this page that says um extract extract. piece is a website that extract

Pictures picture links okay as picture so now have to go over to this platform and have to add the link image here and this is where I add link image link here now let me paste my own here paste and then click on extract I’m

Going to be able to get the extract and then our image will be ready soon as you can see he extracting this and is completely free just finish extracting it right here this is the image and have to download it everything is okay and we are ready now to start the promotion now

Come over to your Flicker and then this is where you upload your picture going to be using this one picture right here to make this tutorial and then I’ll have to drag and drop because I’m using a system if you’re your own case you’re using a mobile you have to

Click on the shoes photos to upload your own right here now I have to drag this and I have to drop it here now everything is here and I have to come over to this and say win free gift card for your opinion now I have to add a link here

Click here as I click here to get a free $750 gift card now for your opinion now I have to write everything now and I have to get this a link that we use I have to copy this a link I have to get my landing page now let me get my

Landing page because every link is here have to come down now and I have to come here click here the click here button I have to zoom in I have to past the link right there now this link is clickable and I can come here now and then start

Searching for free gift card I add some tax to gift card here free PayPal money so that people that search this on Google can be able to see it right here now you can add some related TX for yourself and after adding everything have to click on this upload you can

Either write something here on the description write more things so can look legit now click on this upload and then click on this continue upload upload here and after uploading this thing will be live here and you can start driving traffic to this with ease now your traffic start coming in in 24

Hours and you can upload more of this to make more traffic and get more conversion for yourself okay guys so if you love this video make sure subscribe to this channel like this video share it to your friends and I need it and I will see you in the next video goodbye

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