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Description: Welcome to the demo video of the content genie in the next few minutes I’m going to show you all the awesome powers of content Genie and how you can use it to create high-quality content for your social media and blog posts content Genie was built using the same technology implemented by Siri Apple’s

AI assistant all you have to do is put a keyword or phrase and content Genie will generate 100 original content for you within a few seconds next you have to decide if you want to post this content on social media or WordPress let’s go with social media you can now customize

Content add campaign name and images foreign You can also generate related hashtags for more traffic after customizing you have to select Which social media platform you want to publish to content Genie automatically publishes to Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and Pinterest for Facebook you can publish directly to all the pages and groups you manage

Next, you have to select if you want to publish your content instantly schedule it for later or save it as a draft within a few seconds content Genie is going to publish your post to all your social media platforms instantly now let’s head to Twitter it’s a published

Post awesome let’s head to LinkedIn too awesome let’s head over to Facebook really awesome tool right let me also show you how easy it is to post to blogs and media after creating your content you just have to select the create medium slash WordPress content button you can now customize your content add

Campaign name and images Foreign Next you have to select the WordPress and medium accounts you want to publish to you can select multiple categories that you created inside your WordPress account and add your featured image Select if you want to publish your content now schedule it for later or save it as a draft and within a few seconds your content is going to be published to your WordPress blog and your medium now let’s head to WordPress to see the published post foreign let’s head to medium two unbelievable

Hold on I’m not even done yet apart from the content AI tool which allows you to create original content just like Siri Apple’s AI assistant content Genie also comes with other tools that let you create traffic-pulling engaging content first we have the video discovery tool

It allows you to find the most trending videos on YouTube transcribe them and use this transcribe for your social media post or blog posts you can either search for trending videos using keywords or by entering your YouTube video link foreign Next we have the speech AI tool the tool allows you to convert live speech into text for your social media or blog post all you have to do is click on the start button and start talking this AI is going to transcribe your speech immediately to text how awesome is this

Once you’re done you just click on the end button and then click on user content to select if you want to use the content for social media or WordPress blog next we have the article Discovery tool this tool allows you to find the most viral articles using any keyword and entering

Your article link you can now use these articles for your social media post or your blog post next we have the ebook Discovery this tool allows you to convert the content of any Eep to social media posts or blog posts next we have the quote Discovery this

The tool allows you to find the most viral quote using a keyboard believe me no other content creation and social media management platform comes with all the tools we built inside content Genie and I’m still not done can check out the full analytics of all your published posts this analytics

Shows you all the likes shares comments and impressions of all your social media and blog posts foreign Genie also comes with a job finder tool that finds you the most recent and highest paying jobs each search comes with hundreds of job listings that you can easily pick and

Make money from need further assistance content Genie has a very responsive live chat our support team is always on standby and willing to assist you in any way we also have a well-detailed help section that comes with all the tutorial articles and videos you need to use all

The tools inside content Genie as you know social media is fire and content is the fuel it’s time for you to start creating and traffic pulling content for all your social media and blog I welcome you to content genie in advance and hope to see you soon in the members area cheers

In this video we’re going to see how easy it is to use Mass fluids now that creates Next Generation sites that do the hard lead generation product selling and community building for you automatically in a click you can Auto build new types of all-in-one sites that include viral communities that grow via

Gamification for Passive leads creates private or public groups that build a tribe of engaged brand Advocates with Rich engagement tools like video chat emojis direct messaging and more you can incentivize members to participate and refer us for points that go toward coupons products or VIP content to build

A list of buyers automatically not only that but you can share important business information including special events members can participate in offline or online as well as blog posts content and viral videos Plus Auto Sell Your businesses courses and products to your community members host and sell HD video courses or integrate payment

Processors to sell any digital or physical product fast and easily match balloons replace several sets of apps in one and allow anyone regardless of experience to significantly increase leads and sales by quickly setting up one of these next-generation sites super fast now to get started logging into

Cloud-based app and click Community to build a new site for your own business or a small business you’re working with a click create community and choose from one of the mass fluent gorgeous done-free templates for your site or start from scratch with a blank template you can also view sites you’re currently

Building and editing them fast and easily by pressing the edit button for this quick example let’s continue working on a site I’ve already started building for a local gym we can create a gym site with bodybuilding and fitness Federal communities to help them get more leads and give their current customers an

Online home to improve their customer retention and gym membership rate press edit and fill out the basic site info including Community name description their brand name many site images all Sites will be hosted on mass fluent servers so you don’t need to worry about hosting at all however you

Can use a custom domain or Thai Mass fluence communities to a previous website if you need okay great now it’s time to create some discussion groups on our new site click the group button to do that click the create group button to add a new discussion group or press edit to edit a

Previous group, you’ve made where your members can chat share content and ask questions fill out the group name or description and choose whether the group is public or private-public means anyone to create an account and start commenting in your group private means you or an admin need to approve each

Member before they get to see the content in that group so for example we can create an absolute freak of Fitness General chat that anyone could join and start asking questions about bodybuilding or working out and we create say a private Community for those who’ve joined the gym with

Membership or buying an online course or product that includes VIP content creates different groups like one for weightlifting one for nutrition Etc that function just like Facebook groups only this time you get to control all the assets leads and emails and there’s no risk of your group being banned or

Members getting flagged on social media is becoming more polarizing and toxic than ever and millions of social media users are flocking to prep groups mass fluence has the most engaging technology to allow for amazing conversations to happen naturally okay awesome we have some discussion groups created now to help them grow

Without any work by adding some gamification to it click settings gamification to add virality to the crew first create different badges or gamification levels users can reach for instance we can create a badge called Hulk that when achieved gives users a 50 off coupon plus access to the VIP

Content section maybe we can have another called Mr. Olympia that gives you a free yearly membership to the gym and access to all paid courses just enter a create a badge name and upload an image then set your gamification points and dish out points for certain numbers of comments likes or posts in your

The community than when users reach a certain level of points receive a certain gamification badge that shows they are Elite status and gives them access to free goodies as well this is going to help your site explode in popularity as everyone is psychologically drawn to statuses and

Badges and mass fluids are the only gamified Community Builder out there anytime you can approve or disapprove members assign roles to members add specific retargeting scripts and adjust settings for your groups with ease and each group comes with the latest bot and spam protection when a new visitor joins

Your group can register for free providing their email and phone number which you or your small business client can capture via autoresponder and remarket to over and over helping you ditch boring low converting opt-in forms and funnels now believe it or not we’re just getting started with what Mass fluence can do

Now it’s time to update our site with our business information in important events to add an event go to the events Tab and choose the site you want to add an event to click create a new event to make one from scratch or edit a previous one like this

Create an event like Romania that lets you meet and ask questions with a bodybuilding champion in the local businesses gym or perhaps have this event virtual through Zoom just add the necessary information like the date what type of event it is including if it’s Google meet Zoom event an in-person

Event or go to a webinar this is great for selling courses and any signup URLs or locations and then hit save I can see our event in the community at any time up until the date it happens now let’s add some resources to our group like how to videos ticket or

Support information we do this by going to groups and clicking channels and adding a custom resource Channel now channels are a revolutionary new feature that shares content Foster discussion sells products and more you can create different types of channels including resource channels so click add Channel

Give it a name and a description choose what type it is a Blog share is important articles and content resources assets or products for sale or courses for sale you can choose to make any Channel free to access or require paid access all of our public and paid channels will

Be available right on our site for visitors to access fast and easily now the channel requires the user to pay to access it like a course for example members will have to enter their checkout information and pay to get access to that Channel Once payment is complete they can access the channel

At any time you can go to Integrations and connect a popular payment Gateway like PayPal strike manual payment and more to sell access to courses products or paid channels now to add resources to our resource Channel we’re making just go to the site you made and hit actions

Then resource Library click create to add a new resource such as a file for users to download a link to customer support training videos more resource channels are great but as you saw we can make even more exciting channels for our new site like the

Ability to sell full hdbo courses in a few clicks again go to create a new channel and choose a course to create a new course Channel or edit a previous course we’ve already begun working on by hitting edit the title description and choose what course modules you want to include

In this particular training note that you can make free courses that act as viable lead magnets for small businesses that require the user to sign up for it via their email which you can then remarket to or premium paid courses that generate revenue for the business you can sell anywhere

To add course modules just go to your site actions and hit lesson Library you can build new modules that can be a part of multiple courses free or paid hit to add a lesson to create a Content lesson a video Lesson an audio lesson or click edit to choose a previous lesson

To edit fill out the course modules lesson title description of what they will learn any video or video URL in a longer description with any important training resources they may need plus you can sell any other digital or physical product with mass fluids too by adding an asset channel so just like

Blogs courses resources just go to create a new channel and choose assets this time to sell our products then go to the action of our site and hit ads to add any products to sell on our site just hit create a new asset or edit an existing asset and give it a name

Description any image of what we’re going to be selling assign a value an actual amount they will pay plus integrate any webhook URL information if needed that will give them automatic access as soon as the payment is complete at any time we can go to sales

And check out any asset sales or Channel sales and see order deals fast and easily plus managers are site members at any time including denying access you can import members you can export members’ emails or phone numbers by each group to our autoresponder to start remarketing too

You can see which members are purchasing by clicking view sales and see how valuable they are to our community if that wasn’t enough masculine comes with commercial rights and agency rights so you can create these next Generation sites for clients and charge a fee go to

Manage clients to create an account for them and let the client manage their communities their channels payment processors and products however they want while you charge a fee for access now there’s much more to do and uncover with mass balloons but hopefully this quick little demo showed you how

Powerful and important these next-gen viral Community sites are going to be for your online marketing going forward finally you can build a tribe of passionate brand Advocates and buyers without spending thousands on ads and funnels and wasting time with multiple costly apps these all-in-one sites work for any

Business offline or online will help save thousands of dollars per month by replacing many tools and also help generate significant Roi with valuable viral communities that you fully control now and into the future hey this is Lou Hornberger and in this video, I’m going to show you how

E-commerce Works commerce allows you to leverage peer-to-peer technology and sell any kind of products in any Niche with p-commerce so let me show you what it does here your home your product list your blog is a built-in blog platform either your contact information you can give them

The phone number if you want to be contacted that way you can add a banner here with any specials you’ll run your cart is here now we have our featured items here this is a really interesting feature this allows you to set up affiliate links to cryptocurrency sites

So you’re allowed to connect with them so if people need crypto they can click on these go purchase it from the big names out there and you get an affiliate Commission on those feature collections your categories and your sales it’s your additional feature that have each have their own categories and

As you see here the pricing can be done in dollars or it can be done in crypto focusing on different brands that you’re selling as well of course your contact information in the footer and all that is managed in the back end I will take you to the back end now here

We are inside the dashboard of commerce as you can see here you get a great overview of everything with very detailed training on how to create your eCommerce store there’s about a 16-minute long video but I want to take you through what we can do here so we’re

Going to create that store so go into stores and we’re going to create a store from here we’re going to create our store and we’re going to call it Beauty and then we can upload a logo for that store we can choose our basic our Blaze our classic I’m going to go with the

Blaze and activate that I’m going to save then, of course, we can create our categories we can create our products now we do have lots of Products that come with it simply select a product and you’ll see there is a huge product bank already there are physical digital and

You can search for all of them we’re going to go physical products as we’re looking for beauty stuff so we’re gonna go here another is enlargement slimming body cream uh anti-cellulite and it’s that simple to set this up and then once you’re done then you save it and now just like that

They’re now added to my store that’s how easy it is to add products from the product Bank into your store you can assign them to different categories you can create your promo banners that have your affiliate links you can then also manage your SEO when you go into the SEO

You can upload a custom image you can put in your meta description and your meta keyword you’ll get your Social description all of those are set up so that you are ready to get the free traffic that Google offers managing orders is very simple you come in here

To manage them you see ones that are being processed ones that are completed one’s a rejected payment Gateway you can choose to set up coin payments and stripe and PayPal be able to use Bitcoin and Ethereum so you’re not limited in the payments that you receive under the

Manage of the sections you’ll see there’s an extensive list of places that you can manage your blog section your brands section your contact us in the footer section the header section your offer management your company policies your service section your social icons your subscription section and your testimonial section you’ll be able to

Track any payments that have been sent any pending payments approved payments successful payments rejectable payments and then look at all of the payments as well to give you total control over your p-commerce store to allow you to sell anything you want anywhere you want online using cryptocurrency payments

Using stripe using PayPal whatever you like you can set up in p-commerce commerce also includes all the hosting need all the traffic you need it includes built-in SSL encryption so that your transactions are securely processed and there’s nothing to worry about includes our step-by-step training with our top-notch support commercial

License, of course, we include that the other great thing is commerce is 100 mobile friendly so no matter where you are no matter what platform your users are using able to browse your store and make purchases over and over using any type of payment that they choose So welcome to this demo of zappable let’s dive straight into it so first step I’m going to log into the member’s area and inside the member’s area this is where you’re going to be able to access all the information such as all the training and how to build your very

First app exact steps from A to Z that you can follow along you’re going to have all the different ideas you can use for the features we’ve had and all the bonus bonuses and updates that we’re out in design but let’s just jump straight to the Builder

As I’m really excited to show you these templates so inside the Builder we have a number of templates that you can use for coffee shop online coaches personal trainer Realtors restaurants so let’s just have a look at the coffee shop up first well if you want to change your layout for your

Apps that are really easy to do you just need to click here where it says to change your layout and you can pick all these different menu designs you can see here we have a lot of different designs that you can just point and click your way to changing it really is that simple

You click on the one you like and it changes okay so these are all the ones we have available that will be in your account okay next if you want to change colors you just click on colors and to change it you just click and you make it whatever color you want

So you see here I’m going to make the menus blue and you can see here they go Blue if I want to change them back I can just simply drag and drop to the colors that I want to make them it really is a point and click easy that is why zappable was

Built next you might be wondering okay let’s have a look at these features but let me just do one little thing different that you’ve probably never seen happen before how would you like to have this up that you’re seeing right now on your phone right now okay let’s go do that

So I’m going to go I’m going to show you a QR code so all you need to do is bring out your smartphone mobile phone turn on the camera as if you’re going to go take a photo of the screen and just hold it up to the screen

And the camera will scan this code and you’ll be able to check out this app on your mobile phone or you can open up the browser on your phone wherever you use Chrome or Safari depending on whether you use an Apple or Android and just go and type in the coffee shop

Dot up and that will also load this up on the earphone so while you’re doing that let me just show you some of the features in this app we have track and trees this is all due to the covert restrictions that came in that restaurant and local businesses

Are required and you might be wondering how hard is it to create these forms not hard at all in fact all you need to do is Select what you want so for this example we have an image so you see here image and then over here you’re going to

See the image okay and then let’s just select this and boom to select the image you want I’m not sitting at it that’s how easy it is to do next we have menus so you can view the menus within the device we have locations where for this we have video images text

The address the phone number the contact details all of the locations of this business not only that let’s just go back again you see here we have Loyalty cards so you can put Loyalty cards in your app again you can change the font by pointing and clicking you can change all

The button colors everything can be done with a pointed click of your voice for example in the membership you see here spend 25 coins and get a free meal on us so you can add your loyalty cards your rewards how they are validated and the various options okay we’ve got image galleries

We have also a grip feature for users of the app can I order via the app so just to show you how that works let me give you a quick demonstration okay so I’m going to click on copy and I want the latte I’m going to add it to my card

I’m going to proceed my details should already be in and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put it as a takeaway and then I’m going to put my table number so let’s say I’m at a restaurant I can order my food from within this up

We’ll click on next I’m going to choose the payment method as cash you can integrate this with stripe and PayPal as well which is amazing and then I’m just going to go and proceed with the order thank you a confirmation email has been sent so if you go to my order history I

Can see the order history within the app but what’s really cool is this order will also be sent to the business it can be printed via the businesses printer the business can get a notification and then now simply I’ll just do this as a demonstration purpose are we able to go

In see the order and then they can just mark it as paid done ship delivered scheduled processing and discussion so I’ll just mark this as paid we’ll click ok and let me just update and preview this up because you’ll see how this is all done in real-time and voila paid

So this intricates with all the different sorts of services let me just show you something here his phone numbers Vats there are different stores so if our business has multiple different stores in different locations a shopping cart you can choose to hide the price if you want but taxes in the

Price so you can see here it’s a massive massive feature and it’s just one of many many features within zappable like booking forms privacy policy property listings and podcasts image galleries videos membership protection so I know we sort of don’t want to spend too much time so let me go and

Show you another app let me show you a real estate app okay for a good real estate template again as I was saying about the fonts if you want to change your font size you can do it all here you can pick the fonts you want or you can also change the location

So you can see here all these different options these apps work worldwide in any country within the world okay so now let’s have a look at this realistic app where we used our property listings so let’s look at properties available and you can see here we’ll click on it

And people can have a look they can go through the image gallery as it moves if you want you can see the address you can see descriptions you can see all the amenities they can message the realtor they can Market as favorites not only that they

Can filter results so they can have a look for do they want the rent seals property types so it’s amazing and you might be saying okay so how hard is it to add this into the app I’m going to show you how hard it is

You simply just need to go and create a new listing put in the info put in the location the pricing the amenities I’m done that’s all you need to do when I said this was point and click easy I mounted it really at this point and click easy to do

So let me just show you one more app and this is a fitness app now there are hundreds of Couture here but then we’re going to be here probably till tomorrow so I just want to show you this last one thanks for your mind for watching

Till this point okay and you see here with this Fitness One this fitness instructor has put in a bit cap within the hazard so week one begin boot camp so it gives you the workouts on how to watch the video and this uh fitness instructor wanted to do two things they

Wanted to improve views um on their YouTube channel and they wanted to improve sort of their product sales so let’s just have a product range they can view all the different products and let’s say someone wants to join let me just show you an example of how this

Works when they click the join it will load this here seals pH within the app it really is quite incredible and is responsible for a huge amount of sales for this personal trainer you can view the other thing like merch they have integrated the march with a teaspoon so they’re selling their

Hoodies from Teespring within the app so let’s just show you this again so when they click on view again this will load within the application they’ve also added things such as healthy recipes so if you’re here you can view the different recipes that people want to make

Just the general things that people within the fitness Niche you’re interested in and then you have social which is YouTube the Facebook and Instagram The Tick Tock so our mobile app allows someone to take all their information all their assets all the stuff that makes them sales online and

Put it into one little device which will be then directly placed onto someone’s phone so you see all those little apps on your phone well one of them could be your brand it could be your client’s brand it could be your face it could be uranium it could be your business and it

Could be on that person’s phone right now and the best part is you can contact them with push notifications over here so there’s nothing that you can’t do and host within the mobile app okay so let’s just have one quick 60-second fire through all the features we have bookings privacy policies properties

Podcasts image videos memberships and build out your customs forms push notifications to subscribe to different topics and commerce coupon codes recipes uh digital platforms to sell your digital products Loyalty cards QR coupons custom Pages links Shopify integration Magento volusion woo commerce WordPress you can make appointments to invite a friend to have a social uh

Wall within the app so like for example the appointment you can like do classes you can have bookings for classes both Services you can take payments for those appointments there is just so much you can do it integrates with PayPal stripe cash it has a calendar you can display

It is on your website so like I said we could be here all day and this time we’re showing you this but I am really excited to see you if ends operable and I look forward to walking you through each and every feature hey there welcome to the vid raffle demo video

Bid raffle allows you to create loading Raffles in seconds works for any business and with just a few simple clicks you can create fun Raffles that capture people’s emails and build your list today so let’s dive in and check how easy it is to create lead generation Raffles there are three basic steps

Step one choose your raffle template step two customize it for your business step 3 embed it on your website to get leads now let’s see these steps one by one this is the first screen where you need to enter the campaign name and choose any of the themes from the three themes below

Let’s go ahead and select the first one once it’s done you’ll come to the customize page now when any visitor plays a raffle game he goes through three screens and you can customize them all here first screen is the game screen you can customize the headline button text you want to use

Plus you can add new balls or remove them you can set the game results here along with their probability of winning for each ticket in the style tab you can customize the look and feel of the start game Button as well as customize the frame border of the

The entire game window so you can match it with your website in backgrounds you can either select a raw color or choose a BG from different image sources shown here we have Unsplash pixels pixabay using and you can upload your own backgrounds too then finally you can use frame animation

And sounds to attract visitors to play your game once a visitor plays this game and wins something from the results we set he’ll be taken to the lead form screen where we’ll tell them what they’ve won in the headline add a video from different sources available from here

Then coming to the important part of lead generation you can select what kind of leads you want to collect there are five combinations here you can capture email mobile numbers email and mobile both add to a messenger or use social login further you can customize for gdpr terms and conditions

And in Integrations, you can select where to push these leads to your autoresponder webinar SMS platform if you’re collecting mobile NOS we have tons of Integrations already and if you need we can add any new autoresponder just for you you just need to get in touch with support and we’ll

Take care of it if you don’t have an autoresponder we’ve got you

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