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Make Money on CPAGrip 2022 (NO Website) *Beginner Guide*

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Make Money on CPAGrip 2022 (NO Website) *Beginner Guide*

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Plenty of money around if you want to get it hit that subscribe and let’s go This will work everywhere Nigeria India Philippines Japan Italy all over the world the money is there we just have to grab it first website that we want to use today it is called this is the amount of money that I’ve got last week with CPA only and trust me

Guys it’s a nice nice thing now why CPA grip CPA stands for cost per action and that means whenever someone does certain action you get paid of course you won’t make million dollars it’s not like at which quick scheme now guys you have to put in a little bit of your time in

Order to set this up then you’re gonna scale it and then you are gonna get better at it that’s how life Works in general you will find a traffic for these links and I’m gonna show you the sources okay just follow me of course firstly just click on register here

Everything you need to do is to complete this simple information about yourself and this is very important guys you have to select this publisher tab which is GPT this stands for at P2 and those are the kind of offers which are going to get us picked so when you complete this

Let’s log in now when you get inside this is your dashboard okay and the first thing you can see in here is this chat window okay you can get a lot of information a lot of help from These Guys these are all the people who are

Doing this as well okay and you can involve yourself into this and of course you can just take these like system messages for proof that people are making money just take a look at this guy three thousand dollars but of course at the start you’re just gonna make

Little amounts of money just like this guy for example or her Vicky has earned 51 bucks all the time with 52 leads and then you’re gonna scale that the more time you invest in researching this the more time you give to the strategy the more money you can make okay you just

Have to take that action that initial first action so what you have to do go to offer tools on this side and click on my offers okay this is the first tap of this strategy now when you get inside you will see that you can have these offers differentiated by country okay so

You can find your own country and these boxes and you can choose to do something and that okay but I’m gonna stick to United States today because it is easier to show you everything okay I’m just gonna use this as an example of course you can use these wherever you come from

But of course you can just do this from your own country whatever you do you can make the money guys do not worry of course let me just repeat you will make one million dollars guys it’s not like you’ll get thousands of dollars right away just take a look at this just take

A look at what this is offering to us so for example guys enter for a chance at 50 000 bucks now this is not for you okay this is for people who just need to enter their email address in the box and for each one of those entered emails you

Get 1.1 okay that’s only one offer and you can see that this is email zip submit that means that people only need to enter their email address now the reason why this works is that people do not have to buy anything okay in order for you to get that commission they

Don’t have to enter their credit card details now it is easy because people only need to enter their email address and that they have a chance to win something okay they don’t lose nothing that’s why this is so easy and that’s why you will get a lot of those clicks

And a lot of these payouts it quickly can add up the money can add up if you are consistent with it so what you want to do you want to choose one of these offers maybe these mobile installs are not bad but I prefer these email zip submits well it is pretty much

Self-explanatory right in order to get the money from these kind of offers people need to install something on their mobile phones and that’s maybe a bit harder I don’t know I haven’t tried these but I have tried these email zip submits and you have a lot of them okay

So for example just take a look at this one get a PS5 now 1.8 dollars for each one of those now for each one of these offers there is certain traffic case certain kinds of people who want to click on that so maybe you suggest that

For a PS5 now a lot of kids are gonna do that okay so where do you want to find the traffic for this kind of offer okay well you can find it on some gaming forums okay on some gamer websites on maybe some steams or whatever the case

Is and now and a lot of those kids are gonna click on it it will enter that email and they have a chance to get a free PS5 so that’s why it is important to choose the traffic well you can’t go and sell I don’t know computer software

To a doctor okay he doesn’t need that you have to choose the traffic right okay so that’s why I said that a lot of kids are gonna click on this got a PS5 now and you have to search the traffic there on those kids forums gaining forms

You know something like that and for example I don’t know maybe this one this is a good one grab 750 PayPal gift card now you you will get two dollars for each one of those just imagine guys if 100 people click on it that’s 200 bucks

For you so now all that we have to do is we have to take this link okay you will just copy this link you have to verify your email address of course and then I suggest you to go to tinyurl now this is going to make that link shortened okay

It’s gonna get a little bit shorter and it’s gonna look nicer okay people don’t like to see those nasty big links okay so this is gonna make that link shorter and nicer and looks okay that’s it and of course once you get the chance hit that subscribe button of ours thanks so

Now that we have the offer we have that link shortened now we can go to find the traffic the easiest thing that you can do guys is head over to okay Facebook has a lot of traffic and you can go and you can just tap and give

Away on this box in here okay and then what you have to do is you have to go on groups over here okay and you can see that there brought a lot of these groups which are named giveaways and sweepstakes giveaways giveaways giveaways Facebook giveaways giveaways

You can even tap in gift cards or free stuff or something like that and the reason why I’m telling you this guys is that these people are gathering here for a reason okay they are gathering there to find some free stuff to get a chance to get something for free okay that is

Exactly what we need for this strategy to work okay and of course Facebook itself has a lot of traffic during one month on similar web you can see 18.2 billion total visits okay that’s a lot of traffic for us guys it’s a lot of people online and they can all

Get you that traffic for your needed links so what I suggest it is simple guys just head over to all of these groups okay and just engage with the people there you can contact them immediately you can send them a message and you can just respond to comments you

Can just go and you can make a post and all of these groups okay just join the group and just be honest with the guys okay just be friendly to them because you can see people are already doing that just take a look at this iPhone 14

Giveaway and they are doing this just like I have said guys this is the shortened link on some other shortener and this is it guys he’s gonna get one or two dollars whenever someone clicks on it and that is the whole strategy guys what I suggest of course is that

You combine few of these and sometimes one will work better than the other that’s just natural okay that’s normal but you have to stick to it you can of course find some new ways of traffic maybe Reddit Pinterest Instagram whatever the key point is that you stay

Active that you don’t give up and the money is Gonna Come trust me guys you can scale this real quick if you just applaud yourself now go out there take that action guys and I’ll catch you later Foreign


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    Good video, I have a question, which cpa network allows payment traffic, I would like to know

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