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So here’s exactly how you can create a CPA grip account and also get approved at the same time it’s actually quite easy to do but you want to make sure that you watch this entire video so you don’t miss out on any critical steps so

The very first thing we need to do is of course open up a Google page and then you just want to type in the CPA grip in the search bar and then you want to click on and then starting to be brought up to the CPA grip home

Page right over here and then if we go scroll down a little bit you can see there’s an option that says become a publisher so go ahead and click on that and then that’s going to lead you over to this page it says are you a new

Member sign up now and then so right over here you can be brought up to this field where you have to enter in all of your information so we’re gonna go ahead and enter our first and last name so you don’t actually need a company or a website for your accounts to get

Approved so we just skip those but you do need an address so go ahead and enter in your address so once you have filled out all of your address information you will need a Skype for your account to get approved so go ahead and type in your Skype account however if you don’t

Have this type of account then what you need to do of course go ahead and make a Skype account and then come back and then enter in your Skype username so that’s the only way for you to get accepted now it says publisher type and this essentially means how you’re going

To promote your CPA offers so go ahead and click on it you can see that there’s going to be a website email GPT or other so most of the time people is going to either gonna use website or other so use like say other and then just say a

Social media account as that’s what I did and you can also get approved like that and then you also need to enter in your email address as well as your password right over here so just enter that in now keep in mind that you don’t really want to enter any email address

That is really goofy weird and unprofessional like butthole that’s not gonna get approved you want to have a professional email so if you don’t have one you should probably make that so it normally should just be your first and last name or just like something like Joe Rogan business or like Bob Smith

Something like that and then here you want to choose your time zone this part it doesn’t really matter what you put just put in your real time zone for that and then for where did you hear about us I’ll just say like friends that’s what I done before and then also got accepted

And then you want to make sure this is a must do but you check on all three of these boxes right over here or else you’re not going to get accepted all right and then so once you have finally finished filling out everything then what you want to do is go ahead and

Click on register now and then now you can be instantly accepted and led into your CPA grip account and the way you need to do next is exit out of the app and then go into your email they’re also going to get an email saying that your

CPA grip account has been improved and all you have to do is simply click on the link that they have sent you to approve your email accounts there you go as you can see it says success your email address has been successfully verified so the once that has been done

You just want to go back into your CPA grip account and then you can start promoting CPA grip from here

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