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MAKE $5,432 in FEW DAYS, How I PERFORM 300 TASKs ON CPAGRIP SELF CLICK (Make Money Online 2023)

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MAKE $5,432 in FEW DAYS, How I PERFORM 300 TASKs ON CPAGRIP SELF CLICK (Make Money Online 2023)

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In this video guys I’m going to be teaching you guys step by step how you can actually make this kind of money that you are seeing on the screen now as you can see right now I have generated 352 dollars right over here on this particular dashboard now I’m going to

Walk you through step by step what I did okay how I perform the task everything you are going to say it and also how I set up my system in order for me to make this kind of money so if this is what you are really looking for stay with me

To the end of this video and do not go anywhere foreign there are many options if you want to make money with CPA there are several options that you need to adopt the first option is for you to jump in and you’re going to see recently added

Offers right over here and you can see all the offers that are added to this particular CPA grip uh platform okay not specifically to your account but to the general platform okay now you can see this offer will go for 11 12 this one 7.70 and if you come down you’re going

To see more offers that are paying higher then if you look at the below this page I’m going to see top performing offers now on the top performing offers we have offers that will go for five dollars six dollar you can see this one 27.38 okay this one is 6.42 this one is

1.71 8.21 8 and so on okay now now it is very important for you to have a choice of the offer that you want to perform and because this is self-clicking you are going to ensure that you maintain one particular offer that you have discovered that is converting for you

Every single seconds because if you try this particular offer the first time and you did not come back for you you are going to assume that self-clicking is not working that’s exactly what I do in fact almost all the offers that I complete for self clicking is targeted

At one particular offer or two now for example if you come here this particular offer will pay you 27 okay and if you come here you’re going to go ahead and click on this one you’re going to see the uh offers information remember you have to understand the kind of offer you

Want to perform if it is amazing for me that you know how to perform very well in my own case I prefer performing offers for images for me most often times okay because this is where I can easily provide email address and before you know it the money is already Britain

Had on my dashboard okay but if you go for offers that you don’t have the information to provide or a valid information to provide there you are going to be looking for how to get those information instead of the money Britain had on your dashboard you are going to

Be the one Britain so much hard and Britain so much I had just like that and the money will still not drop on your dashboard so it is very important for you to acknowledge this so if for example this is the kind of offer you want to perform they are going to Simply

Go ahead and copy the the link okay but I’m not performing this task okay because this offer will require me to provide Apple iOS okay you can see that I don’t have this kind of device okay so let me go ahead and close it up and I’m going to quickly come right over

Here and look for the one that will give me images so I made for example if this one will give me okay this one is credit card also although it is good because the desktop the offer I can actually go ahead and provide credit card information if you come here you’re

Going to go ahead and look for more offers for example let’s try this one you can now say this one is also credit card and it requires desktop device which is also good then you come here you can see this one will pay you eight

Dollars click on it and this one is pin submit Android device okay of course there are so many tricks that can actually adopt in order for you to bypass all these structures then we’re not going to be stressing ourselves doing all of that let’s just quickly

Focus on the one that we can actually perform this one is amazing for me and it’s a desktop device offer and this offer requires United Kingdom okay so if you want to perform this we are going to go ahead and quickly grab the link okay

Just go ahead and grab the link of this particular offer and then you’re going to go ahead and start self-clicking this offer guys and make money now the question now is how can you save click guys how can you subclick how can you set up your system in order for you to

Make the money take note setting up your system means that you need to appear anonymously okay such that CPA network will not discover that you are actually doing the entire thing the way that they don’t want okay this means that you are using a a dubious character that is not

Acceptable by recipient Network so but you really need to make sure you give information that will convince them that you are actually doing the writing and you have the audience okay but take note that paying for audience letting them to be aware that you are buying the traffic

Is not acceptable self-clicking is also not acceptable okay doing the task yourself is not acceptable okay so that is why you need to be very careful in performing this task by yourself okay because your system really need to show data that proves that this particular person is coming from United States

Which is your location and also your time zone is also very very important take note that you need to ensure that all this information are in place before I can start go ahead and start clicking on this task okay to get conversion even if you try yourself with your own local

IPA you definitely will get conversion but the question is that if you repeat the same offer again will the conversion drop no the conversion will not drop unless that you are appearing as a different user your computer needs to change your information needs to change

Your data need to change and so on and so forth okay now guys how can you now complete the task all you need to do is to follow along with me okay now that you have found the offer that you want to save click what you’re going to do

After copying the offer URL you’re going to come to this website called and when you when you join the first thing you’re going to do is to look for a space that you can join right over you can say this space is called make money

Online and you can see that can a lot of people are following this background page we have 123 800 followers on this particular space on quora if you find a space like this join that space and then you’re going to go ahead and start sharing your

Link it is very important for you to do this because CPA Network want to track your traffic source and they want to know where your traffic is coming from even though you want to accept it this particular offer so if you want to know step by step how I perform tasks with

CPA Network okay I want you to check out the video in the playlist exactly what I did in that paragraph video how I completed the task and how the money drop into my dashboard exactly but you really need to put your link on a traffic so a legitimate traffic source

For example of course if you have a platform like Facebook or even Pinterest it’s also also awesome okay all you need to do is to go ahead and start sharing your information for example you want to post on this there are post option here you can also see

You have questions option here now in the questions options you are going to go ahead and answer people’s questions by solving their problem and that will actually give maximum guarantee that those people that ask questions or who have similar questions in mind they want answer to that particular question they

Are definitely going to click on your link and then enable you to generate traffic Source Okay then if you want to subclick you are also going to come here and become a user and also do the same thing other users are doing this is one of the secrets that you guys expected me

To share with you oftentimes have to save click and make money legitimately okay this is what you need to do and if you do this you’re going to see how much that’s going to be dropping on your dashboard if you come below here you’re going to

See there are similar spaces I can also join this one is 169 900 followers this one is 148 700 followers if you come down here you can see 41 000 followers all these space are massive space that can actually push millions of traffic to your landing page

Or your CPA offer okay and thereby giving 100 guarantee for those of you are complaining that your CPA uh account got terminated your account got this and it’s not converting whatever information or challenges you are facing this is the solution to that particular problem okay so go ahead and start answering people’s

Questions you can say you can answer this one answer this one because these ones have only one answer click on answer you’re going to go ahead and put your link provide answer to that how can you answer all these questions if you don’t know what to do this is what I’m

Going to show you you can simply come here okay and just said uh but the Okay better will give you ability to answer all the questions that is given to you by this uh for example let me copy this particular question okay how do I

Buy cheap domain web traffic okay okay so in Google bad all you need to do is to paste your question like this and they’re going to click on submit just wait a few seconds they are going to see how Google batch is going to go ahead and generate all the answer that you

Need copy everything like this just like this okay and then go back to go ahead and click on answer they are going to go ahead and paste your answer like this okay this is what you need to do guys want to paste your answer you’re

Going to come back here and copy your upper link and put it below this particular content you have just published this is exactly what you need to do in order for you to do this app clicking and be saved from getting terminated if you have any challenge

Then go ahead and leave a comment okay if you are new here this is macro hustle TV in this channel we’ll talk about how to make money online affiliate marketing CPA marketing tips and tricks that can help you to scale up and grow your business online if you have not

Subscribed smart subscribe button like this turn on the Bell icon this way you get notification anytime I publish awesome video like this one if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course or CPA marketing go ahead and send me WhatsApp message or send me email directly I’m going to be

Connecting with you in less than a few seconds I will see you guys in my next video peace


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