Keter Denali 150 Garden Box Assembly and Review

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Keter Denali 150 Garden Box Assembly and Review

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Description: This video is sponsored by the makers of sun slip the undergarment for men that solves sensitivity problems hi everybody welcomes back to the big review I’m jim this is anya hello and today what we’re going to do is show you the keta denali 150 garden box or patio box we’ve already assembled the smaller brother

To this one which is the Denali 100 this one is the Denali 150 box it’s 150 us gallon box or um 570 liters compared to the smaller brother which is just a 100 liter box now [Applause] these are very high quality boxes they’re not the cheapest boxes from keta

But they’re very very sturdy and they’re designed to last a long time the assembly time is around about 15 minutes and what we’re going to do is show you the clock right now and hopefully, in 15 minutes time we should have this thing fully assembled there’s about 45

Screws to screw in so the only thing that you’re going to need is one of these things and also a pair of scissors to open the box so anya what we’re going to do we’re going to cut the box open take all the contents out and see what’s

In there the first thing we want to do is put in the side posts these things here one for you and yeah these just that’s all right there’s no problem at all right each corner it all fits together very well and that is the top frame

And then we’ve got the sides to go in now these sides that are external and apparently you can actually paint this it’s got a very har rough textured surface and we want to have them in so that this pointy bit at the top is at the top so you slide these in

Very easy to do and there are a few tips if this is the first time that you’ve put one of these things together I’m going to show you a few tips on how to make your life a bit easier just in a moment this is the back panel

It’s the same as the front panel sorry baby you’re having a bit of a problem with that one I’ve got I got it there we are hang on oh yeah push it down now what we must do is make sure these are pushed right down as far as they go now if you

Help me with this one push it all the way down you’ll notice that we’ve got the raised lip at the top all the way around so that goes around that way [Applause] let’s just move this box back a bit okay and make sure everything is pushed into place

That’s probably the most difficult part we’re going to use the big screws to start off with and I think we need about 24 of these things now if you come inside the box all the holes are pre-drilled sorry they’re not pre-drilled they’re pre-recessed so you can set all these screws in quite easily

And off we go let’s put them all in Right that didn’t take too long keep going the next thing we do is we get the top [Applause] and we put that on and make sure this is the bit that’s the most important I think is to make sure you’ve got it seated completely and utterly properly on the top and once again

[Applause] go around and make sure the whole thing is completely down that’s important okay [Applause] now we’ve got to do the same thing all over again which is to go around and put the top screws in and make sure you’ve got this push all the way down okay so that’s the box made

Very rigid it’s not going to fall apart the next thing we’ve got to do for some reason we’ve got to screw this bar down here this is a [Applause] a bar that keeps it rigid we’ve got to screw this one down I don’t know why keta

Don’t do that in the factory but they don’t the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put the hinges on and with these, you have to uncollapse them pull them out to that position and they fit in there they have to be screwed down almost

Finished and it’s taken a lot less than 15 minutes as well what do you think of it so far Anya good you do very well i’m glad you said that okay Okay so we’re on Right and if you look at the recess part here these very easily just slot in there both sides and then what i’m going to do is wiggle them into position like that too Um and we get very very close to finishing this so that’s the lid um with the hinges and the gas struts fitted very very secure now there’s one little piece here which you want to put on and that’s this bit and all this does is keep the back rigid it pops in here

Like so and then two screws smaller screws go in there and that just keeps the back rigid okay that’s it okay let’s have a look at the clock did that take long no 15 minutes there we are now this is the Denali 150 and behind it we’ve got the denali 100

It’s smaller brother both of them from amazon and what I’d like to say is that we’ve got a few of these keto boxes which we’ve put together I like them we’ve got three very large patios here and we’ve got them on all of our patios now if you’ve enjoyed watching this

Video which I hope you have I haven’t particularly enjoyed making it because it’s too hot but there we go anya is behind the camera sweating away what i’d like to say is please press the like button and if you want to see any more videos please press the subscribe button and

It’s goodbye for me and from Anya bye bye thanks a lot thank you for watching this video was sponsored by the makers of sun slip the undergarment for men that solves sensitivity problems

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Keter Denali 150 Garden Box Assembly and Review

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