Is Chivalry 2 worth buying in 2022? (Beginners Game Review)

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Is Chivalry 2 worth buying in 2022? (Beginners Game Review)

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Description: So you may have found yourself in need of a brand new game maybe a medieval combat experience and if that is something that you’re looking for then Chivalry 2 might just be the game that you’re looking for chivalry 2 works with the combat mechanics of a medieval

Style game with a variety of different medieval-style weapons to use upon completing your given objective the given objective can differ from game to game however the general concept is you battle people with a variety of different weapons to cause and inflict as many damage as humanly possible and

Believe me when you’re talking about damaging your opponent it is no exaggeration in any way shape or forms you find yourself hacking and slashing at all your different enemies with so much blood and gore and seven but honestly, this game is definitely an indicator as to what it would have been

Like in medieval combat so what is it like actually playing this game what does it look like when you first start and how easy is it to get into it the game itself does quite an in-depth tutorial in terms of how to attack and how to block different ways of attacking

Different ways of blocking and different ways of dodging it basically goes through absolutely everything in as much detail as you probably need to begin the game I learned everything that I was able to do within the game whilst just looking at this tutorial so it’s quite simple quite self-explanatory the only

The bad thing is the guy’s voice whilst doing it talks like that through the whole tutorial I think it’s just a way of getting you amped up to be able to go into combat because you’re that pissed at this guy’s voice shouting at you for the last 10 minutes and yes that

The gameplay there was absolutely awful as I was getting trained up that was partly because I was on a call at the same time and natural skill when it comes to gaming with me does not really go hand in hand however we’ll move past that after your basic tutorial you then

Go into like a training game and this is what is on at the moment it’s just to get used to the controls and putting those combat skills which you’ve just learned into actual practice before you go into a game I think this is a very nice addition because it just gets used to

The game and the use of the kind of actually playing it in a game-based scenario you then have a few choices to make in terms of what type of character you’d like to play arch obviously self-explanatory footman night Vanguard Each of them have their own unique weapons at the initial

Start of the game the classes you can then level up and unlock new weapons for whilst playing the game then I found it incredibly fun whilst playing I played with a friend and we were both having a laugh just whilst playing these sorts of games feel that’s the best way to play

Definitely, a game like chivalry or a game that requires some form of teamwork is just to have either a friend or a couple of friends to be able to play with and make your way through the game to be honest with you I thought the combat was very satisfying I thought

That definitely some of the brutality of the game definitely added to it I mean it’s a medieval game so you expect that sort of brutality of like chopped-off limbs exploding things chucking fire at people all that lovely stuff when it comes to gaming that’s definitely what you could expect whilst playing chivalry

Too as for all the games that somewhat offer this why did I decide on Chivalry too the main reason honestly is that it currently is available on Xbox game pass and if you already pay for that anyway it is a free download on there so I downloaded it on the Xbox app

For the PC so not only can you play it on Xbox but you can also play it on the PC as well for free or should I say for the monthly payment of Game Pass I definitely say Game Pass is worth it but that is in a totally other video I think

I’ve done a whole video about Game Pass however on this note that is the reason why I have Chivalry 2 is that it was on Game Pass are those other games that offer something somewhat similar this may be controversial to say this but I’m not well within the medieval combat

Community to say the game is a bit similar to Mod how which I do already own however I had a good amount of fun playing Chivalry too and I would recommend it definitely if you have an Xbox game pass the game itself currently retails on Steam at uh 21 pounds and 59

Pence would I say it’s worth it for the game I would say yeah it is very fun and for most games nowadays that’s kind of like a standard price for a multiplayer Fighter game I mean the new Call of Duties is way more expensive than that and arguably this game offers the same

If not more anyways guys that’s my opinion on chivalry too let me know what you think about the game down in the comments how are you gonna buy it are you going to download it free with Game Pass have you already tried it what is your overall opinion on the game if you

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Is Chivalry 2 worth buying in 2022? (Beginners Game Review)

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