InterServer Coupon Code – How to Get 90% OFF on All Plans March 2023

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InterServer Coupon Code – How to Get 90% OFF on All Plans March 2023

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Description: Hi and welcome back to another quick video and this time I’m going to show you how to get a 90 discount on all inter-server plans and to do that we are going to use an online website called dealmago so dealmago is an online website that provides deals and discounts for dozens

Of products and services and I have chosen to use dealmaker instead of any other website or application that does the same thing because dealmago literally offers the best and the most recent deals that you can find in the entire web and also their website is simple and easy to navigate

Other than that please make sure to subscribe to the channel and ring the notification Bell and also like the video for more quick tutorials in the future alright let’s get into it so the first thing you need to do is to open your favorite web browser from any device

That you normally use whether it’s a computer laptop smartphone or a tablet in my case here I will be using Google Chrome from my computer after that go to your browser’s address bar and type in and press enter now you will be taken to the dealmaker website

The next step is to go to the search bar and type into server 90. make sure that you type the correct search term into server 90 there’s a space between the word inter server and 90 also just to let you know that the search is case insensitive so you can type the word

Into server with small or capital letters now click the small search icon that is positioned in the right side of the search bar you’ll get this search results page and as you can see this is the deal that we are looking for into server 90 of all plans

Click on get deal a new browser tab will open up and it will take us to the main inter server website with the 90 off deal already activated as you can see so the price is normally at two dollars and fifty cents per month and now it is at

1.87 cents per month but keep watching and I will show you how to get the price lower and save more money and before we carry on I just want to let you know that this deal works for all inter server plans including web hosting reseller hosting VPS hosting and even

Dedicated servers but in this tutorial I’ll just show you how to apply it for the standard web hosting with that aside let’s continue click on buy now you will be taken to this page where you have to enter your domain name information so if you have an existing

Domain name that you want to transfer to interserver click on I already have a domain and type it and if you want to register a new domain just click on register a new domain and type the desired address in my case here I’ll just use an example domain name for the tutorial foreign

Click continue so in this next step you’ll have to create a new into server account if you don’t already have an account if you have created an account before just sign into your account and as you can see in my case here I’m already logged in so I’ll just click on continue

After that we are taken to the checkout page and this page right here contains all the details about our order so if we go to the billing interval right here you’ll see that all plans have been discounted to 90 instead of 65 the month plan is now at 1.87 instead of two

Dollars and fifty cents and the six months plan is at 11.25 instead of 15 the one year plan is at 22.50 instead of thirty dollars and the same for the two years plan and there’s one more discount as well so there’s a pre-applied coupon that lowers the price for the first

Month to one cent so if I go ahead and change the billing interval from one month to six months you’ll see that the price for the web hosting with all discounts is now at 9.39 and if I change to the one-year plan the price of the hosting with all discounts

Is at 20.64 cents and you’ll pay a total of 28.63 for a one year of web hosting plus a domain which I think is pretty good now you can just go ahead and choose whether you want to add who is privacy for an additional five dollars per year and choose your payment method

And agree to the terms and place your order then follow the steps to complete the payment and that’s pretty much how you can order a new inter-server hosting plan with a 90 discount so yeah guys I guess that’s it for this video I hope it was useful and I hope by

The time you watch the video the deal still works and once again please subscribe ring the notification Bell like the video and if you have any questions or comments make sure to leave them down below see you in the next video take care

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InterServer Coupon Code – How to Get 90% OFF on All Plans March 2023

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