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Description: Hey there listen up if you’re interested in cashing in on a very important long-term Trend I’ll show you exactly how to do it right in this short video hi I’m Eric Homeland and I’ve been doing business online since 1999 which is a very long time when you consider all the

Ways that the internet has changed since then I’ve been doing internet business full-time since 2003 and have made many millions of dollars since then making a full-time living online every year including this year again A lot has changed during that time which means I’ve had to adapt my

Business over the years one of the biggest revolutions that I’ve experienced on the internet was between 2007 and 2012 as video became the most popular form of media on the web I rode that wave pretty well integrating video into my own business and also launching various video related products

During that time period, I even created the world’s first internet marketing reality show way back in 2007. the years after that has been an evolution of video wherein we’ve seen video keeps getting bigger and higher quality for a while videos kept getting wider as our computers and TV screens kept getting

Wider by 2011 16 9 widescreens had become the new standard than just a few years ago many of the top YouTubers pushed that aspect ratio even wider to 18 9 which is a two to one Ultra wide aspect ratio and then Tick Tock happened starting in 2021 Tick Tock became the number one

Most high-traffic websites in the world and because Tick Tock is mostly viewed through the mobile app vertical videos to fit a phone screen have become the preferred video aspect ratio now I’m not saying I love that Trend I’m just reporting the facts here I mean personally I still prefer a widescreen

Video but what I prefer doesn’t really matter it’s about what my kids prefer and an entire generation of Internet users for Gen Z Tick Tock is even replacing Google for common searches for example forty percent of young people when they’re looking for a place for lunch

They don’t go over to Google Maps or to Google search they actually go to tick tock and that study was actually from Google by the way now over the past couple of years because Tick Tock was the number one choice of an entire generation and because it became the

The highest traffic site on the internet all the other major players in the industry have scrambled to compete which means that the vertical video format popularized by Tick Tock has now been embraced by YouTube Facebook Instagram and pretty much every other place where people post videos in other words this

The vertical video trend is here to stay because people are viewing all these videos on their mobile devices you know technology always keeps evolving but it’s safe to say that this is at least a long-term Trend mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones aren’t going to completely change their shape And format anytime soon

And that means vertical videos will continue to be the preferred video format for mobile users so think about the ramifications for a moment from a business standpoint you have literally millions of businesses around the world that have invested heavily into adopting video into their advertising marketing and education now

All of a sudden they need to start using vertical videos or they risk missing out on a huge portion of the global audience today we’re handing you this opportunity on a silver platter not only is it an opportunity to immediately integrate vertical videos into your own business it’s an opportunity to instantly create

Vertical videos for the millions of businesses that now need them and to get paid for it today we’re inviting you to join our new platform called instant bids which gives you the ability to do exactly what its name sounds like you can create videos instantly you don’t need any technical skills you don’t need

Video skills you don’t need Graphics skills we’ve created this platform in such a way that you can log into it and quickly create videos for any Niche businesses around the world that are regularly paying hundreds of dollars for these kinds of videos and with our instant vids platform you can create

These videos in mere minutes stay tuned and I’ll show you a full demonstration showing you how to create beautiful vertical videos with our new platform again this is not just about Tick Tock yes it is perfect for Tick Tock but it’s also for YouTube Facebook and everywhere else

That videos are seen online in other words if a company wants to use videos either to get free social traffic or if they’re doing any sort of paid video advertising they need vertical videos to reach the market today which means there is a huge need and a

Huge demand for this service right now and you can be the one to cash in on it when you join through the special offer on this page today we’ll include a commercial agency license so you can use our platform to instantly generate videos for an unlimited number of

Clients so as you just saw in that demonstration I’ve proven to you just how easy it is to create beautiful videos with instant bits and I’m sure you’re imagining some of the ways that you can use it in your business in ways that you can profit from it so go ahead

And click the order button now and we’ll see you in the members’ area instant bids is totally cloud-based so you can log in and use it from anywhere with an internet connection there are also no monthly fees when you join during this special offer you’ll have your full membership and you can cash in

Again and again this opportunity, this is really an opportunity to create multiple income streams because there are so many ways that you can use instant vids just some of the ways that you can make money with this tool are doing freelance work agency work for clients affiliate promotions explainer

Videos social media ads Mobile sales videos getting Tick Tock traffic creating YouTube shorts and so much more the components of this platform are valued at thousands of dollars we could be charging ninety-seven dollars per month or more for this service but we’re going to let you have access to all of

It’s for a tiny one-time fee today your investment as small as it is totally risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee so go ahead and click the order button below when you look at the value of everything that you’re getting in instant vids you can see that the value is massive we’re

Talking thousands of dollars but you can grab it today for an absolutely tiny price during this launch special we could be charging 997 or more for this membership because think about it you can set up a business where you’re charging hundreds of dollars for each and every video project that you create

For a client and you can do it over and over again so go ahead and click the order button now as you’ve already seen instant bids is the solution that’s going to save you a lot of time and money while allowing you to immediately tap into the vertical

For video niche you don’t have to be a webmaster you don’t have to be a video editor you don’t have to be a marketer you don’t have to be a voice-over artist you don’t need any of those skills to do this you can begin immediately and you

Get to keep all the money that you make instant-vids doesn’t charge any royalties or ongoing fees we probably should charge more because we could but right now we’re letting you join instant vids for a crazy low one-time price by grabbing it today during our launch special you’ll be getting in for the

Lowest price ever and you’ll have no monthly fees as if all of that wasn’t more than enough or even including a 30-day money-back guarantee on this so now you’ve got nothing to risk absolutely nothing with as many assets and benefits that you’re getting with instant bids we’re 100 confident that you’re going to

Consider it a brilliant investment in your business if you don’t think so if you don’t see the value in it then just ask for a refund within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase in full so go ahead and grab this offer to get access immediately you’ve got absolutely

Nothing to lose and unlimited profit potential to gain thanks for watching this video if you have any questions go ahead and read the information on this page and if you still have any questions after that you can contact us at the bottom of this page but if you’ve watched this far you

Know that this really works it’s an incredible deal and I encourage you to take action and join now we’ll see you on the inside thank you for watching this video for more product reviews Please Subscribe to this channel

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Click for More Info:

InstantVidz Pro – Personal Use

InstantVidz Pro – Commercial Rights

InstantVidz – Personal Use

InstantVidz – Reseller

InstantVidz Template Club – Personal Rights,

InstantVidz Template Club – Commercial Rights

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