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Description: Hey guys so Junior welcome to my channel and today I’m going to do a review on instant vids by Eric now instantbiz is releasing on 1st of December at 11 am EST so we’re straight inside the members area of instant widths so what I’m going

To be doing in this video is I’m going to be sharing with you the software demo of instant bits what are the features inside of runtime as well as what are the upgrades or upsells or otus or instant bits what are the pricing point of each of those upsells and how you can

Get maximum benefit during this launch period because I’ve got a five dollar off discount coupon code on the front-end commercial rights plan of instant Miss so please check the description for five dollar off discount coupon code of instant bits I’m going to be listing it within the description

Also I am going to be sharing with you some of the bonuses which I’m going to be giving you all the bonuses uh real-time value of over a thousand dollars my friend and I have listed all the bonuses in the description okay so first let me share with you what exactly

Is instant bits now as the name says it’s going to allow you to create videos instantly all right so let me share with you uh the software demo of instant bits I’m going to show you just how easy it is to create videos with instant bids we

Have two main methods of creating videos in instant bids you can either use templates or stock videos I’m going to show you both so we’ll start with templates and from templates you can choose any number of categories or you can use more of a generic one and sort

Of just create your own template but let’s go with food for this example and let’s just say that you’re creating a video for a local pizza restaurant you know there are millions of small businesses out there that need these kinds of videos and go ahead and click

Choose templates so you know say you’re I like that stock music but not that not for this particular ad so we will change that music as a part of this demonstration so here where it says super delicious video super delicious pizza let’s change that to

You know you want pizza I just kind of like the Ring of that better you know you want pizza so you can see it’s just you know click click and you can change text and so whatever company you know if you have a client they probably sent you

A logo they probably emailed it to you so I’m gonna go ahead and delete this and then you can just click here uh where it says add upload image and you can drag and drop or just click and I’m going to grab just a generic Pizza logo here um

You know imagine a company may be paid you 200 for this maybe they gave you a thousand dollars to create um maybe like five ads that would be pretty realistic I mean think about small businesses they spend so much money on Advertising I’m gonna make a

A little bit of room here just to show you some more functionality of what we can do with this um I could click on search for an image and let’s just say um Man pizza and I’m gonna search on pixabay to kind of show you what we can do and

There’s a man holding a pizza and I’m just gonna put this into our video so it’s like you’ve got the logo up there maybe you’ve got a little picture of maybe they emailed you a picture that they want you to use in the video okay

Um you know we can also add the text we can add stickers we can add emojis um oh that’s right the one thing that I did want to do was change the music and so here where it says add music I’m going to select a different music track

I kind of went through these and have listened to most of them we’ve got a whole bunch of different stock music I like this music number 12 sounds kind of more like a pizza to me so we’ll go with that one up and then the other thing of course

You’d want to customize you know this phone number with the actual phone number of you know your pizza place and the website with your um company’s website and that’s it um after you do that uh click the check mark button here to generate the video it says please wait we are creating the

Video you can see it generated the video with our changes go ahead and pause that and then we would just click save to my videos and it saved it to our videos from here we can view it we can of course download it to our computer uh we can download it

As an mp4 file and so maybe we would deliver it to the pizza shop as an mp4 file and maybe we would also uh upload it directly to their YouTube channel their Facebook page their Tick Tock Channel anything else we can also click editor we can do some further editing if

We wanted to and again just to kind of show you what we created here in less than two minutes I’ll click play So again I’m just going to pause that but again this is you know a customized video that you created for a company it could be your own company as well but um something that they would definitely be willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars for with their own logo

Their own phone number their own website and then maybe you even do the marketing service of uploading it for them or you can just deliver that MP4 uh file to them let me show you the other method of creating videos with this we have actually a collection of stock videos

Included and you can quickly turn those into customized videos as well of course you can even use them as many of these thousands of stock videos are just great that you can upload and maybe just include a link above or below it may be in your profile or in the description of

The video but if I go to my videos and click upload video you’ll see that we can also do some customization I found a video that I liked amongst those stock views this video is number 1826 so you can find it if you like it

And this is I thought it would be kind of good for an adventure company so I’ll call it Adventure one okay save the file and you can see here it appears now under my videos I can then click to edit this video and customize it for a company so maybe an adventure company

Hired me to do this video there are all kinds of things we can change we can reverse it we can change the time and the speed we can trim it we can add images and so, in this case, let’s add a little image ad and we can also add the text we want to just

Add some basic text but in this case, I just got a little bit of an image ad here I’m going to drag this up toward the top of the video so we have sort of a drag-and-drop functionality and I can resize it now it looks stretched out but when the video

Actually renders it’ll look uh better so I’m going to go ahead and resize this double click it and then click this Watermark button and it’s going to render the video with this custom text on it and let’s say look at what that looks like here in just a minute

Okay so you say you can see that it says are you ready for an adventure go to my um the other thing I want to do is create a voiceover and some custom music for this video so if I go to Vox maker that stands for

Voice-over maker go ahead and select a voice and then I’m going to give it some text like are you ready for an adventure go to and see where we can take you I’m going to click what we’ll call this we’ll give it a name Adventure box

I spelled it wrong and it doesn’t matter generate box okay so that was made successfully by the way you can download this directly or you can just play ready for an adventure go to and see where we can take you okay and by the way we have

You know hundreds of voices in there or over 100 voices anyway we’ve got many English voices as well as other uh countries languages nationalities uh male and female so lots of voices to choose from and you can make them say anything you want them to say so that

Feature alone is worth you know the price of this tool then we can go back to my videos we’re going to add that voice over to this adventure video that we’re working on so we’ll click editor foreign and then I’m going to click to add audio

And so for the background we can add background music if we want to that’s optional but we will add some background music I think background music number six is kind of nice sort of uplifting sound to it and I’m going to make that 25-volume because I want the background

Music is quiet but I want the voiceover to sort of be full volume so go ahead and click update audio oh and then the last thing I was going to do is add a logo because again maybe you’re creating this for a company they probably send you a logo and you can

Really add value for them simply by inserting that logo into the video okay so that was generated and before we watch the finished result let me go ahead and add that uh logo for you so let me go ahead and click the image and we can grab an image I’ll grab this adventure logo

And we’ll drag and drop it here onto the video I’m going to resize it and put it sort of down here in the bottom right-hand corner I’m going to double-click it and click the button okay so the video was generated successfully let’s take a look at what this video looks like

Are you ready for an adventure go to and see where we can take you so as you can see a really nice professionally done video I mean it’s got a professional voice-over custom text the link it’s got your logo it’s got a really nice stock video as

The basis of it and we can you know continue to tweak and add more stuff to it but you know within a couple of minutes we created a video that’s easily worth a couple of hundred dollars to a company so this tool really does create Instant Videos all right so that was the

Short uh software demo for instance which I hope you like now coming to the pricing point of the front end uh they have two licenses over here one is the personal one which is for twenty-seven dollars and another one is a commercial license which is for 37 where

You can basically sell this as a service to your clients and with this uh commercial license I have got a discount coupon code for five dollars all right so you’re gonna get it for 32 bucks instead of 37 make sure to check the description for the discount coupon foreign

All right you have already seen the video but uh some more information over here you can feel free to pause this video and read out all the information uh I’m gonna be putting all this information right below this video all right you can store up to 1GB in a

Front-end 2GB in the upsell sub-pages per month right OT number one is going to be the instant Beats Pro which is going to be 37 for personal and 40 Cent dollars for the commercial one all right uh ready to use 100 horizontal videos marketing templates uh then uh you can

Have video editing tools store up to two GB of videos per month uh once the 2GB is consumed download video files to your PC and store up to 2GB again okay 10 000 downloadable vertical videos 10 000 downloadable horizontal videos and there are some of the features inside uh this

O2 number one all right upload vertical horizontal videos from local edit videos shared on social media like YouTube Facebook and Instagram maximum video size is 50 mb all right you can also add music to it feel free to pause this video and read out all the information all right

OT number two is going to be the instant width template Club monthly this is going to be the 37 for a personal license and food is in dollars for commercial one all right and you would have the option of uh 10 templates portrait templates for 27 and both portrait and landscape template

For 37 monthly 10 templates portrait and landscape are going to be added to your account all right and the last put you is good if the instant bits reseller which is going to be at 197 where you can get basically uh 100 commission across this entire sales

Funnel all right so these were the information about the upgrades of incident waves now I’ve got 42 high-quality software bonuses under real-time pricing if you combine them all and really see the value of all of these poems uh it’s not less than a thousand dollars my friend all right

And these are the bonuses that are going to be going to help you in every aspect of your online business all right so that was my review for instant vids the off is not yet live it’s going to be going live on the 1st of December at 11 AM

EST so when you click the link below this video uh whatever time you’re watching my video uh you would see the sales page if you’re saying prior to launch you will see this kind of page but once the launch goes live this is going to be replaced by the sales page

And on the sales page, you can get the instant bits uh front-end for a personal loan for 27 and Commercial one for 37 make sure to check the description for the discount coupon code my friend so that you can enjoy the discount all right so that was my review video for instance

Let me know how you like this video if you like it you’re gonna click the like button if you didn’t like it just click the dislike button let me know what you didn’t like so that I can improve myself in my next review video all right till

The next time has a great day bye

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