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I Tried To Make Money With CPA Marketing On Cpagrip (Honest Review)

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I Tried To Make Money With CPA Marketing On Cpagrip (Honest Review)

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CPA offers are the best things for beginners if you don’t know what it means well it means just cost per action you got to paid whenever someone does certain action and it’s way way different than affiliate marketing for example because it’s just easier what people mostly do they just head over to

A website like digistore 24 they search through all these like offers on the affiliate Marketplace and what they do well they just lead the traffic to these links and when the sale happens these people get a commission right but you depend on something and you don’t only

Depend on the traffic what needs to happen here in order for you to get the money well the purchase must take place so that people that clicked on your link they have to purchase something in order for you to get that commission but with CPA It Isn’t So only the action and

These actions can vary for example it can be just entering the email address for example it can be like people just installing something on their mobile phones all in all it’s just way easier so let me just actually show you this on CPA grip CPA grip is one of the best

Ones if you want to go with this it is a popular website really good one and when you make yourself an account you will land on a dashboard like this one is so from here all we got to do is to find the offer for us but please do not think

That this is going to give you like $2,000 the next week cuz it won’t this requires some work from your side it requires some time and effort and if you think that this is like just some getrich quick scheme well you can just go off this video but if you want to do

It right if you want to get some money with this the first thing that you should do is to head over to here to offer tools and then click on my offers from here you can just choose your country from this list there’s a lot of

Countries and you can do it in your native country but of course the number of offers will depend on each one of these countries and for example the thing that I use is always these email zip submits so I always just go and click on these email zip submits so I

Can only get these offers which are related to that now email zip submit means that in order for you to get the money people just need to enter their email address in the specified box or a zip code so in this case that action cost per action is just entering the

Email address now you might be wondering why would people do that why would people just like give that email to us well the answer is simple they will get something for free and everybody likes to get certain things for free and CPA grip makes money out of this well they

Just sell those emails to some lead generation companies and they can sell a lot of things through emails so that’s how they get the money and they split the share with us as you can see for some of these offers you can just get for example 1.45 for each one of those emails

Collected so you can just do the math you can just make your own strategy choose the traffic Source I’m going to give you a few hints and then all you got to do is to get a lot of people there and you can just do the math one

More thing which is really important is that you don’t have to live in the United States if you want to grab these offers or I don’t know I’m just going to write like United Kingdom let’s say you don’t have to live in the United Kingdom in order to do these offers all right

You can choose whatever but you have to get the traffic from there you know you have to get the traffic from the United Kingdom so for example let’s just take one of these offers I like to take these which are in the gaming Niche because there’s a lot of traffic there you know

It’s mostly kids and they need these like things that are like some virtual currency in a certain game whether it’s like Roblox or in this case it is fortnite so I don’t know what is this but I know that it’s a currency in fortnite and I know that fortnite is

Really popular right and that means we have really really good traffic source and when these people see they can get 5,000 v-bucks fortnite for free by just entering the email address well a lot of people will do that and for each one of those emails you get

$1.71 for it so you might be wondering what to do now well firstly take this link this is your affiliate link you can just click on copy link here then I like to use something which is called link tree and I can get all of these links

Into this like specified tree so this is free to use the biggest reason why I use this is that you can just put a lot of links as you can see I’ve just shortened this link here it’s a giveaway some sort and this is how it’s going to look on

People’s phones so they can just click on this one enter the email address in the box and they will receive those like 5,000 v-bucks and I’m going to receive $1.71 but of course we have to make something which is going to attract their attention you know because it’s

All about that so usually I use and then I just invest some time you know in order to create something like this you’ve got a lot of templates on Cana but this is not like something that it’s hard to make anyone can do this for example you can just

Enter a bit of text this is your simple call to action what people need to do this is like the giveaway big letters they need to see that and they need to see what they will get for free and you can just put a picture up there you can

Use any picture Google for fortnite go over to images this is the one that I’ve chosen put it in canva like this just make a beautiful design and just download this to your computer and now just get the traffic for this you just have to know and search where do these

People hang out you know where do all of these fortnite players hang out it could be YouTube but you have to create videos it could be Tik Tok as well but you have to create like these short videos or it could be just in order to

Use just picture you just have to use Instagram or maybe Pinterest so here’s what I do for example I just type in fortnite in the Facebook search bar I head over to these groups and when I get over to these groups you can see there’s a lot of

People in these so for example have a look at this 124,000 members all right so all you got to do is to head over to this group you have to join the group and then you just have to put your design there and of course you have to paste your link but

In this case you will just put your link tree link because usually when people just see something like this in these groups they try to avoid clicking on these like suspicious links whatever so you have to make a link tree for yourself don’t worry it’s easy it’s easy

To just like make everything work and everything to look nice as well you can edit in whichever way you want you just need a place to put all of those links and because all of these people are just in this niche in the fortnite community

Niche you will get a lot of clicks and you will get a lot of conversions but now you might wonder what would happen if you chose another offer for example let’s just say that for example look this one is good it’s paying good $3 and this one will give you like 500b voucher

Of your choice well it’s the same thing you know you just have to find people who want to get things these vouchers giveaways sweep Stakes for free you know that is the main point or if the offer gives you certain recipe or a certain cookbook or Fitness lifestyle whatever

You just have to find the people who are interested in that and they usually hang out in the Facebook groups or you can just make yourself a theme page on Instagram with giveaways because there’s a lot of these giveaways and people have the chance to win a lottery where they

For example can win like 500b voucher of choice and of course everyone would do that and they don’t have to make a purchase they don’t have to like make credit card subscription they have a chance to get something for free by just entering the email address who wouldn’t

Do that so that is exactly what we are taking advantage of and that is basically the whole thing nothing nothing complicated you just have to design certain attention grabbing post and then just find the traffic for It Whatever the niche all right but as I’ve told you this requires some work you

Have to do the research you have to find where do these people hang out and you have to choose these offers it’s way way easier than affiliate marketing it won’t get you like $1,000 each week but it can turn out to be a great side hustle as it

Is for me right now so dedicate yourself go and just use the internet if you’re just consuming content and not producing well you’re losing money so I wish you good luck and I’ll catch you


  • Optimus Prime 26th October 2023 , 5:35 pm

    Your videos are based on theory and not actual steps you took to generate revenue. Show earning proof if you want people to believe you've done it yourself.

  • Spartan_Starz 26th October 2023 , 5:35 pm

    Thanks agin


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