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I Tried To Make Money On CPAGrip With A FREE Traffic Method (Honest Review)

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I Tried To Make Money On CPAGrip With A FREE Traffic Method (Honest Review)

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Well I did it CPA offers are good it all started with CPA grip I used other ones as well such as CPA build f plus and offer fault but CPA grip is just for me I don’t know you can just choose all these other ones and have a look and

Have a try but CPA grip did for me now if you don’t know what CPA is actually well it’s basically an acronym for cost per Action Now what does this mean well you got paid per action all right whenever someone does certain action you get paid for it and it’s not like

Certain action like they go somewhere and they Park their car and they do whatever now these will consist of email entrance CC entrance that’s like credit cards and mobile installs and all you have to do in order to get the money is to get the traffic to those links don’t

Worry we’re gonna go step by step and I’m going to show you how actually I did it and which platforms did I use so let’s just start easily you know how this goes now connect to CPA grip register for a brand new account I’m not gonna waste too much time on this one

You know how to create an account the important part is when you log in inside and this is how it looks like on the inside so first of all you can notice like this chat window here and you can just see what kind of money all these

People are making and you can just have a look but for now just ignore this all right first of all I gotta show you these offers so click on offer tools which is located here and then just click on my offers when you do that you

Will land on the offer section based on your own country I like you have a lot of countries if you click here so you can even do this in your own like the country where you’re born you know there’s a lot of countries within there’s like all the countries from all

Over the world you know it’s just gonna be the difference like in the number of these offers available to you so if you come from I don’t know England India whatever they’re going to be like offers but maybe less or more for now I’m just gonna stick to these and the next thing

That I wanted to show you is this difference so for example you can see mobile install written here and you can see email zip submit written here it’s simple alright for this one people need to enter their email address and that’s called a lead for you and in the other

One they have to install something on their mobile phones all right so it’s simple for me I like doing these email zip submits because they’re just easier for me you know it’s way easier to just get someone to enter their email address especially when they just can get

Something for free than it is to make someone install something on their mobile phones right and you get the same amount of money as you can see so for each one of these you get 1.37 for this one down there this is the best one for me it is 2.22 dollars and

This basically means that whenever someone enters their email address or installs the mobile app on their device you are gonna get this kind of money now you can do the math right if only like 10 of these people do that per day you are looking at I don’t know 13 each day

Without you doing nothing all right so it’s not like huge deals of money you won’t get like I don’t know five thousand dollars each month from this but it can be really good money so what do you want to do well click on the offer that you want to get for example

Install the robo killer app and start your trial this is the length that you are gonna get this is like the link that you need to share out there click on copy link then shorten that link via certain shortener you can use tiny URL

Or bitly and then all you gotta do is to find the traffic for that link but really you have to be careful about this one because each offer has certain people who are going to be attracted to it you know you can’t just go and share the same links the same people right

Hope that makes sense all of these offers in all of these countries are catered to people who aren’t in different niches you know and basically they’re just making money all right CPA grip is making money as well because what happens here is that they are gonna

Take those leads that you bring to them and they’re just gonna sell those leads you know there’s a lot of these like lead generation companies or whatnot and they’re gonna buy all of those leads so they can just send them out emails offers whatever you don’t care about

That but I just wanted to tell you why you got this money in the first place you know so CPA grip will get the money as well you are gonna get the money and those lead generation companies they get to sell products so this is the whole

Structure that it’s in place so now that you know what to do we just have to know how and where to place these links of yours so let’s go so let’s just switch the country for this example and I’m gonna take United Kingdom and here’s one offer for me which looks really really

Nice so enter for 5000 V bucks in fortnite and this one gives us 1.71 for each one of those emails because this is email zip submit as you can see now you know what is fortnite you know what these like V bucks are even if you don’t know it’s something for games it’s

Fortnite I mean everybody knows about that and it’s popular now all you gotta do is to find a lot of fortnite players and usually it’s gonna be kits there are adults as well but usually it’s kids so when they see the offer in which they

Can get 5 000 V bucks for free all right what do you think they’re gonna do they’re just gonna go and they’re gonna enter that email address for a chance to win this you know it’s a lottery someone will win it someone will not but they

Will do it all of them are gonna do that all right and if you find the good traffic source for it you can get one point 171 dollar recurrently okay so we’re currently you are gonna get that money all the time even while you sleep

Even while you are I don’t know at work whatever this is gonna be so good one-of-a-kind offer first of all I use I just type in fortnite I head over to these groups here and then I just go and see what kind of community I have also I’m using Instagram as well

Sometimes I’m using Tick Tock as well I use all of these because sometimes I get the offer that is better suited for one platform than it is on the other one you know but let me just show you in a nutshell what do you need to do so for

Example you head over to these groups or you just make some kind of content for fortnite maybe fortnite theme page or you just pay for a shout out whatever but you just have to find the people who are gathering there and on Facebook it’s free all of these groups have a lot of

People so for example 41k members in this one have a look at this one this is a gold mine so 100 and 24K members in this group alone so what do you have to do you get to go inside of this group and you got to join this group all right

And then all these people will see your post all right not all of them are gonna click on it of course but you can count on at least 20 all right so 20 of these people are gonna click on your link eventually you’re just gonna make them

Click on your link here’s how to do that make a really nice picture with canva is so cool that even if you type just fortnite you will get a lot of these things so create certain picture that’s gonna invite people I’m just gonna choose this thumbnail here

This one is free customize this one and then I’m just gonna change few things here and there so for example I’m just gonna change this and I’m going to type in 5 000 v books and then down there I’m gonna change this to giveaway all right

So this is how I’m gonna do that this I can move like here and then I I can move this like here or this here so it just looks nice all right now this one it’ll be like this so enter your email address to participate I can just move this like

Here and here down there you can just add a certain picture which is related to fortnite of course I’m going to delete this I don’t need this it’s actually ugly for me and now as I’ve told you just add one more picture which is related to fortnite use Google for it

So for example I don’t know maybe this one canva is always going to give you the option to upload your files and then all you gotta do is to make this scale this actually to the right size so for example I’m just going to put it here

And then right click on it layer to just send it backwards so it’s behind all of these so layer sent to back and then just make this somewhat visible you know so for example I’m just going to take this I’m just going to take this like transparency and like this so the

Joystick can be seen But I want this fortnite also to be scene and of course I want this 5 000 V bucks to be seen as well so just I just have now have to play with this one and when I finish with the design you know how to do that

Share this click on the download button here you can download it as PNG of course and then all you gotta do is to upload that picture on fortnite and of course make the description nice so enter like your email address basically what it says on the CPA offer you know

It’s not hard have a look here so enter for V bucks and fortnite enter your information now for a chance to win that’s all that you gotta do you know it’s not so hard but it does require research it does require you going and finding the right offer for you

Especially if you find something that is close to your niche in life so for example if you find a certain offer and something that you like it’s going to be easier for you to create the content and to create to find the traffic Source you gotta work for it you have to set

Everything up correctly you’re going to be regular and the money will flow all right it’s not going to be five thousand dollars but you can get at least one thousand per month at the beginning just work hard on it alright I’ll catch you


  • Ihsane Sahri 26th October 2023 , 4:34 pm

    This company is a scammer, to much views and to much click but no lead, My Advice to you test another campany.

  • Blackthorne 26th October 2023 , 4:34 pm

    Will a Fortnite FB group really accept it if you post an affiliate link?

    A lot of groups don't accept any promotions, whatsoever.

  • Galit Montoya 26th October 2023 , 4:34 pm

    I tried it and Facebook suspended my account. Now I have to wait 6 months to get taken off suspension.


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