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I Tried It Get Paid $28.18 EVERY 10 Minutes FROM Google Translate $845.40/Day Make Money Online 2022

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I Tried It Get Paid $28.18 EVERY 10 Minutes FROM Google Translate $845.40/Day Make Money Online 2022

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In this episode of I tried it I test the side hustle that says you can make 28 dollars and 18 cents every 10 minutes from Google translate 845 dollars per day so what we’re going to do in this video is I’m going to walk you through the process very quickly I’m

Going to reveal my results and potentially a better opportunity so make sure you watch this entire video if you want to learn if this side hustle works or if you’re going to waste your time hello my name is Austin godwell with Alston I create content to

Actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pockets and if you want to be added to this globe simply reply or comment down below with your city state Province country and I’ll get your PIN all right so as I mentioned in this video we’re

Going to look at the side hustle and we’re going to see if it works again I tried this yesterday and I’m going to reveal how many clicks I got how many commissions and all of that stuff so with this process basically what they say to do is to go over to a website

Called CPA grip as you can see on my screen here we’ve got CPA grip and then what they recommend that you do is you find top performing offers the highest paying offers from different countries so what we would do here is we would actually go over to offer tools like

This and then we would actually pick an offer outside of the United States now the reason why they recommend picking an offer outside the United States is because they pay more now just because they pay more doesn’t always mean that they’re the best opportunity anyway what

You’re going to do is you are going to basically find an offer while this is loading then you’re going to go over and you’re going to shorten the URL with bitly might be a red flag if we’re using bitly and then the next step is we are

Going to create a an account over on a website called all right so that is the process and its entirety I just saved you about 15 minutes so let’s go ahead and take a look at this uh what the original video has you do is

Actually sort by if we look at payout here we’re going to sort by payout and hopefully you watched the video that I uploaded the other day that talked about EPC because that’s important once again so we’re going to sort by payout as you can see here the highest paying and I

Think I actually promoted this one pays 25.67 sense if someone were to click on this and submit their credit card however the net EPC the net earnings per click is 36 Cents so if you did the math on that if you wanted to earn just one dollar so

We’ll take one dollar and we’ll divide it by .36 like that you would need about three clicks and so if we the original video so that we could earn 28 dollars and 18 cents all right so if we’re going to do that we’re going to type in 28 dollars

And 18 cents and we’re going to hit enter so we need about 78 Clicks in order to make the 25 now is that possible yes it is possible to earn 78 clicks now um let’s talk a little bit about the Google translate portion of this so what

You would do is you go over to CPA grip you are going to click on one of these offers you are simply going to copy this like this and then you’re going to go over to Google Translate and you’re going to translate it from whatever language it’s in to the

Language that you actually speak so as you can see here it goes from French to English um very limited amount of actual Google Translate is being used but so what you’re going to do is you are going to copy this as I mentioned then you are

Going to put it into a URL shortener and then you get over to traffic bar now traffic bar is a whole another bowl of wax and so if we go over to traffic bar it’s a website that I’d actually never heard of before and it’s actually a

Little strange let’s take a look at some statistics so that we can look at this it gets about 489 000 visits per month compare that to YouTube and even Tick Tock YouTube and Tick Tock get billions of searches there are some small blogs that have more searches than

This website and if we look and we scroll down more importantly we can see where the traffic comes from now this is going to be important because the original content creator told you to find high paying offers outside of the United States and if we

Look you can see that these numbers drop off dramatically when it’s outside of the United States so that’s going to be yet another red flag okay and so what you’re going to do in in traffic bar has a whole bunch of red flags so let’s take

A look at traffic bar the way that this works is you are supposed to just put ads up on traffic bar people are going to click on your ads and you make money but it’s not not that simple and it really is not that simple there’s levels

To this literally if you ever heard that if you heard that saying there’s levels to this there’s levels to that so the first thing that you want to do is once you sign up for add bar you want to click to learn more now it says you have

Two key ways to advertise your website your number one goal is to earn points to move up the level ladder the level ladder is your key to automated advertising so traffic add bar is sold as a solution that will promote a thousand promote your links to a thousand visitors every couple days okay

But when you click on it it’s not that clear because it says each of your websites is listed separately on the level ladder the higher each of your websites are on the level ladder the more hits you will receive but here’s the thing if you have a website on level

10 and above you will send out 1022 links every three days level 9 5 110 links and so on now everybody starts off as level one as you can imagine and if we are at level one we get zero link think so we’re not advertising to

Anybody and so that’s going to be a huge red flag if we are being sold the ability to to make 28 dollars every 10 minutes because we aren’t gonna actually be able to advertise at all so let’s continue down this ladder click here to

See if you can find out now this is how you get points your second goal is to earn hits well we built up an ad Network outside of traffic bar that you can use to get your ads now in order to do that you’ve got to download this Chrome

Extension now I wasn’t comfortable doing that on my computer because I didn’t know what it was but if you look at this it says 500 bonus points for every day you view websites 100 extra bonus points so every time you view 25 websites so again the original content creator said

That you could earn ten dollars earn get paid 28 and 18 cents every 10 minutes from Google Translate right but if we look at the traffic method you’re going to spend quite a bit of time much more than 10 minutes trying to build up these points now if we keep

Going here you’re going to see we’ve made getting started really easy you’re going to we’re going to ask you two questions to customize your advertising and then we’ll let you in do you have your own website that you have access to and design yourself if you answer yes

Here they want to put ads on your website and they’ll make money from it if you click no you can see do you use other traffic exchanges for advertising if you click yes here they want you to basically add Arbitrage okay and so if you look at

This this is not as straightforward and simple as it seems you will it will take you a good amount of time to even get 1 000 clicks okay and then when you think about this you’re gonna get it 1022 clicks every three days is what it said and you are marketing to different

Countries in this instance if we look at CPA grip this is being marketed to France okay if it’s being marketed to France and we look at traffic ad bar it’s very possible that your advertising is going to be extremely extremely limited okay so there are a lot of challenges when it

Comes to this method most notably are the Hoops that you have to jump through to earn points on the level ladder all right everybody starts off at zero you will start off at zero and you are basically going to help build up their Network before you have the ability to

Do this so if we did this earnings per click as we did the math over here um you would need 78 clicks okay and let’s assume what let’s assume that you get a thousand you you let’s assume you make it to the 10 level and

You get 1 000 I lost Ed you get 1022 clicks okay let’s assume one zero two two and we multiply that when we look at one percent that’s ten clicks okay and if we look at our offers over here which is again is very important we will struggle to earn okay

So this is something that you need to be aware of and we can even sort by net APC net earnings per click and we could try and find ones that are the highest click but again you have to understand the numbers behind it all you can see the

Best EPC is 0.57 and the payout is three dollars and 42 cents so you have to understand what people are telling you what people are saying in the actual truth okay the EPC is really going to determine if the traffic source source is worth it that’s going to determine

Really if this offer is is worth it and if this is even doable and in most instances this isn’t really doable or scalable or even logical okay so the first hurdle you’re gonna have to run into is you’re gonna have to get your your level up you’re gonna have to level up

Like the song level up you’re gonna have to go from here all the way up to here to get your 1000 clicks but just because 1000 links are going to be sent out does not mean that 1 000 people are going to click and and buy or click in and follow

The CPA offer in fact we saw one percent May and that’s being generous one percent May click the link and fill out the form but you have to remember you’re probably looking at significantly less than that because there are fewer people in these different countries that are able

Willing and ready to to to spend money into entering their information okay and so what you need to do or what you’re supposed to do with this this website is you’re supposed to go out and create a few different ads you’re going to use Google Translate to translate the the

The message that you want to send back and forth and then just like that money is going to fall out of the sky I’ll let you guys guess how successful I was with this method if we look at my statistics here I have one link click and that was

Me testing out my bitly link that was me from yesterday a far cry from making money every 10 minutes okay and so what I urge you to do instead of instead of just blindly following some of these suggestions and ideas actually look at the research of it look

At do a little bit of research ask yourself does this make sense logically does going to a website like CPA grip and just sorting by the maximum payment and then changing it to a country where you don’t understand the language does that make sense does it make sense to go

Over to a website that doesn’t get a ton of visitors and is going to ask you to do some things that you might not feel comfortable with relative to downloading software on your computer look at a website like traffic look at a website like similar web to see if people are

Going to this website you have to ask yourself do these things look do these things make sense like if we look at this 3.8 percent from a 3.8 percent of the traffic is from Ireland let’s assume that um let’s see if we can hover it won’t let us hover over uh the different

Countries but again ask yourself is this logical does this make sense and in most instances it’s not it doesn’t make any sense uh we get tantalized by the the promise of making quick money making decent money quickly 28 dollars you’re going to need a lot of Clicks in

Order to in order to get it you’re this is going to take significantly longer than 10 minutes I can I’ll bet my bottom dollar that um it takes significantly longer now do you want to use Google Translate to make money you can definitely do that this is what I would do

And this is what I’ve done uh you can go to YouTube go to like this and you can and and when you go to Google people are asking basic questions um and to see to show you the vast the high number of questions that people are asking I’ll actually look at this

Keyword research tool called ahrefs all right so ahrefs is a paid keyword research tool that I use to help me find keywords but what we can do is we can type in something like how to say and click search like this now this is only if you want to use Google Translate

Or if you want to make money translating now what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at matching terms and what you’re going to see here is there are 628 000 keywords and this is being searched 2.6 million times per month how to say hi in Spanish is being

Searched over a hundred thousand times per month now what we can do is we can include the word Spanish like this and now click show and as you can see here people are looking up how to say different words in Spanish and just to show you this is

What I did let me show you the the YouTube channel that I started about a year ago and start getting some decent traffic alright so here’s the channel here now I don’t know anything about Spanish I actually took Chinese in high school and that’s my that’s my knowledge

Here but if we look at this what I did was I used these keywords here and I found different words that questions that people are asking and if we look at my most viewed video I have 777 views from one year ago I have 144 subscribers

Now what I did was I actually went and hired someone over on Fiverr that knew how to speak Spanish and I gave him a list of words and I said save this word for example he said I love you too and then I just kind of did the setup for

The video you can see it’s a 50 second video I had him say the the Spanish word I you know I edit it to have him say it in there and then I posted this is a much better way to make money you can see there’s traffic here 777 views what

You can do is you can monetize this with a YouTube Partner program you’re going to need a lot of views for that if it’s only a a minute video you can monetize this with affiliate marketing so recommending other people’s products and services ClickBank has affiliate offers

If you went over to offer Vault you could probably find some different offers as well but this is a much better way and you can see I was getting views but my internet marketing 80d kicked in and I stopped it I still think I have a

Bunch of of Spanish words for him to say but you can see this if I play this video it’s a 50 second video and actually I’m going to let the let you hear the audio too because it’s me talking then I have the guy save

His thing and then it goes back to me talking but this is how you can make money with Google translate look at this be sure to like subscribe to the channel and ring the bell to be notified when we upload a brand new video also comment below let’s do translate

If you’d like to become fluent in Spanish click the first link in the description to learn more without further Ado here’s how you say it I love you too in Spanish foreign so as you can see here hopefully you heard that that’s this is a much better

Way this is a much better long-term way uh 777 views for a channel that has 144 subscribers is in my opinion really good you can put multiple affiliate links as you can see here I had an affiliate link to if we copy this and we paste it in here I believe this

Goes to an affiliate offer again this was a year ago so I don’t remember exactly I think the affiliate offer yep goes to a Spanish VIP fun online Spanish group classes actually should probably log in here to see if I’ve earned some affiliate commissions but you can see

That if we look at this I’ve got two other things going over to Amazon as well so now that you know that this method does not work click the first link in the description if you want free affiliate marketing planners those planners will help you plan and organize your affiliate marketing and internet

Marketing business go ahead and click the first link in the description or go to forward slash start to pick up your free planners today watch this video next because YouTube says it will help you grow your online business


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