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I just made $2500 using CPAgrip + this site – 100% working strategy (CPA Marketing Tutorial)

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I just made $2500 using CPAgrip + this site – 100% working strategy (CPA Marketing Tutorial)

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Guys this simple strategy made me over two thousand five hundred dollars under a month on CPA grip you can easily replicate my strategy and get similar results only if you watch and Implement all the steps in this video as you can see from my payment history

In April I made over 2500 after applying this simple strategy next month I’ll be cashing out about three thousand dollars and for my daily earnings as you can see I’ve already made over 176 dollars so for the benefit of newbies here’s a simple definition of CPA marketing CPA

Marketing is a business model that pays you whenever people take some specific actions through your special link these actions may include submission of an email address a phone number or home address in a simple survey or an online phone other actions include downloading a free app or testing out a software so

Without further Ado let’s jump right to step one step one has to do with you creating your own CPA Group account to do this is very simple all you have to do is visit forward slash CPA Group after that put in your first name your last name your street

Address your country your city your state your ZIP code your phone number your telegram or Skype handle your email address your password your time zone and of course how you got to know about CPA grip here you can simply say you got to know about them through YouTube or

Google next you need to agree to their terms and click register now immediately after that you will receive a confirmation email that looks like is all you have to do is click the link contained in the email they sent you after activating your CPA Group account we move on to step two

Step two has to do with you creating a file locker on CPA grip to do that click on monetization tool click on URL file locker click create new URL Locker agree to terms of service and click continue click on the templates tab scroll down and pick any template of your choice I

Like the second one so I’ll go with that click on the general tab under the button text change from choose a survey to pick an offer under the header text change from complete a survey below to complete an offer below under the locked URL put your link to your reward if you

Don’t have the reward simply add the link to any relevant offer that may give them an actual reward under show offers change from 3 to 5. click refresh preview to preview your updated offer if you are happy with the preview click on save to save now that you have your url Locker the

Next thing you need to do is to get a free or cheap Hosting account to get the free Hosting account all you have to do is visit forward slash free hosting and create an account with them this account comes with a free second level domain and you

Can also attach your own SSL certificate to it on the other hand you can get the cheap Hosting account by simply visiting for slash web hosting pad and creating an account with them this account comes with a free domain name that is also SSL enabled after successfully setting up your

Hosting and domain we move right to step four step four has to do with you getting the special CPA scripts for free to do this simply visit forward slash CPA scripts and I will send you the download link completely for free once you click the link you get a zip

Folder containing a bunch of high quality CPA scripts after the download we move on to step 5. step 5 has to do with you extracting the zip folder you just downloaded I’m picking a suitable script for your campaign to do this you will need WinRAR or seven zip I’ll be

Using WinRAR for this illustration to extract your file simply right click on zipped file and click on open with WinRAR after that click on extract to then click OK next go to the folder containing the zipped file and you will see a new folder with the same name as

The extracted zipped file open it to access your CPA Scripts after getting your CPA scripts we move on to step 6 which has to do with uploading your scripts to your host to do this simply log into the cpanel of your host click on the file manager

Locate the roots of your site and double click to open it usually it is named htdocs or www or just the same name as your domain name next click on the plus folder button to create a new folder name it my scripts and click on create a

New folder after that double click on the myscript folder you just created to open it and then click upload at the top bar of the file manager to open up the upload window next on your PC open up the file containing the folder containing your downloaded script drag and drop the

Script into the file manager window to upload it after that right click on your uploaded zipped file and click extract then click extract files and then click close after closing you will see different folders containing different scripts that serve different purposes simply double click on one of the

Folders to open it at the secondary top bar of the file manager click select all then right click then click on copy after that navigate to the root of your site and click paste you can do this by deleting the subfolder directory leaving only your root folder directory after

That click on copy files then click on the up one level button in the secondary top bar of your file manager then check your site to see if it has loaded properly by visiting your site on a web browser if you are satisfied with the current current loaded script then you

Can go ahead to delete the myscript folder that you created earlier or just restrict access to that folder using the CH mode feature now that you have your scripts correctly uploaded to your host we move on to step 7 which is all about modifying your scripts using your url local link to do

That first of all read the instruction in the how to edit your locker.txt file then go back to CPA Group copy your url local link by clicking on the get links button then copy the link next go back to your file manager and right click on the button.html file

Click on edit click on edit again then simply replace the your link Locker here text with your actual URL link local link after I must have done that located at the top right corner is a save changes button click on it and click on close now that your landing page is fully

Operational you need to drive quality traffic to your landing page there are many ways to go about this but today I’ll be sharing my free Facebook method subsequently I’ll be sharing other traffic methods that are currently working for me this leads us to step 8 which is all about driving traffic to

Your landing page to drive traffic to your landing page using those free Facebook method all you have to do is log into your Facebook account join groups that are related to your offer for example if it is a gift card offer then look for groups that are related to

Gift card giveaways after you must have joined those groups you can join as many as possible build a reputation for yourself in those groups don’t just jump to sending out messages build a reputation for yourself by identifying and solving problems in these groups once you’re able to identify and solve

Problems in this group you become an authority in these groups then from time to time you can post something like this here I mentioned all the members of the group so that they all get notified that they were mentioned then I also added a screenshot of the landing page and

Referred them to my bio for the link to the offer finally at the end I asked them to leave a comment this will make the post very very interactive and hence allow the post to get more views from the group members apart from this method there is another autopilot method that

I’ll be sharing in another video so hit the Subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on that video if you can’t wait for that video you can simply click on the second link in the video to actually chat me up on WhatsApp have a nice day and I love you guys bye

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