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How To Use CPAGRIP Tutorial For Beginners 2023 (Full Guide)

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How To Use CPAGRIP Tutorial For Beginners 2023 (Full Guide)

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How to use CPA grip tutorial for beginners 2023 full guide in this tutorial we’re going to be discussing how you can use CBA grip to basically do everything money related with your Social Media stuff so we’re going to be talking about everything in great detail so please do make sure to watch this

Video till the end so without further Ado let’s get straight into it so obviously to get straight into it we’re going to go ahead and write CPA grip now here we are content locking and incentive affiliate Network CPA grip is a leading CPA or cost per action

Marketing platform as we can tell click to register as a publisher and learn more about our monetization tools and we can obviously look over here how does CPA Group pay you CPA Group pay out payoneer pay as you go MasterCard payoneer International financial institution switch PayPal and AC at

Switch are the three ways by which CPA Group pays its members for USA Banks solely and you know obviously all these other things like can you really make money with CPA grip and stuff like that like you can do your research on this but what we’re going to do is we’re

Gonna head straight into this place so content locking and incentive affiliate Network now once you head over here we can see experience Performance Marketing with industry leading monetization tools so before we get into this basically what’s going to happen here if you become a publisher and what’s going to happen is that

You’re going to act as an affiliate you’re going to take ads from other people and then you’re going to publish it and you’re going to basically Market them you’re going to tell people okay this thing works amazingly this thing works great please do check it out do uh

Mess around with it do you work with it stuff like that like you’re gonna do proper marketing around it so that’s what we’re going to be doing here today for CPA grip now if you come here we can see if we have a Content Locker you have

Your URL and file locker you have the video Locker you have the offer walls and you have the virtual currency now you can either become a publisher as I said or you can become an Advertiser now if you become a publisher again you’re going to take ads from other people and

Then you’re gonna publish them and basically tell other people to Okay click on this link and you’re obviously going to get like paid for those clicks but if you become an Advertiser basically you’re going to create ads now the profit rate on an Advertiser is like

A bit difficult but if you get high clicks you’re going to make much more than a publisher so why CPA rep CPA grip is an industry leader in the affiliate marketing space maintaining an impressive track record of success and publisher satisfaction since 2013. they’re sophisticated tools like their

URL Locker their content Locker their off for wall and more and their inventory of over 2 000 incentive offers in addition to their dedicated support team and experience development technicians has made CPA grip one of the best reviewed performance engines for Publishers and advertisers alike you have the full support staff you have

Dedicated payments team you can go Global directly you have fast payments and you have the best tools technology then obviously you can also see all this stuff like you have the publisher dashboard where you can get CPA grips accessible and detailed control panel for publisher uh lets you navigate the

Whole platform with just a few clicks from this easy to use dashboard you can check out their sophisticated monetization tools like the content Locker URL locker and their API implementation features such as Json and RSS offer feeds browse through their complete inventory of campaigns from all over the world set up detailed analytics

About their traffic and campaigns using their post-back tracking features if you ever have any questions you can always reach out to their support team they always will be happy to help and as you can see this is their interface like and we’re going to get into this in a few

Seconds they also have an advanced analytics engine their live statistics tracker gives you detailed feedback on all aspects of your campaigns so you can optimize your traffic and maximize your Revenue publish your testimonials people have given all these testimonials that you can like obviously check out later

If you want to now again uh we were discussing about the tools now the tools you have content Locker you have the URL locker and stuff like that so basically CPA grips monetization tools are the best in the business showing your user the best offers available in the region

Through precise Geo targeting take a look at the different kinds to see what will fit best for you and your website and promotional strategy no matter what you choose the tool will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your web content that will help you monetize it seamlessly you also

Have the content Locker where you have an incredible monetization tool which can be seamlessly integrated onto your web content using JavaScript using sophisticated geotargeting it will help display a list of the best offers no matter where your users are clicking from URL Locker basically creates a

Separate HTML page in a wide variety of attractive templates for your monetization needs and it’s also available globally and obviously you have your video Locker where you can overlay your video with a geo-targeted offer list to expertly monetize your web content you have the offer walls where a

Globally available offer feed users can engage with an exchange for virtual currency and then obviously you have your last lastly you have your virtual currency where their top of the line tracking and postback possibilities will allow you to set up virtual currency exactly how you want now that we’ve

Discussed about all of you know the monetization tools you can also like go to their about and search that stuff if you want to but we’re gonna like uh put all the whatnots aside and get straight into it so are you a new member yes we are so

What we’re going to do is obviously we’re going to go ahead and sign up it’s a pretty uh decent signup process so please do make sure to add in all the information they want okay now to publisher type you can choose what type you want to be if you want to be a

Publisher you can also go straight to Advertiser basically so choose the publisher type if you want like you could have a website where you can publish it you can send out emails you can also be a GPT publisher if you don’t know what a GPT publisher is let me show

You basically a GPD publisher is a Google publisher tax publisher basically you send out Google Tags and use those to publish whatever product you want in my opinion the best thing that works is a website so I’m just going to go with a website now for the email I’m going to

Be using a temp mail for now but I want you to use your proper mail okay I’m I’m just using a temp map for the video purposes but don’t actually use this because it’s pretty it’s not trustworthy like you could lose it anytime and I just don’t trust it that well so neither

Should you so please use a proper email now I’m just gonna enter a good strong password and once you do that you’re going to choose a time zone now this is obviously pretty important because like if you don’t add this in like in the correct way then obviously like uh the

You could say the offers you’re gonna get are obviously according to your time or your place if you don’t add the correct time zone so let’s say mine is in the ages right so I’m gonna go with an Asian time zone so mine should be

Yeah there we go now once we add that you’re going to tell them where do you hear about us this isn’t necessary you can leave this blank then you’re gonna add your city okay and once you do that you’re gonna add your state and region okay okay once you do that you’re going

To add your Skype name and uh like if there is any so I’m just randomly add something to be very odd as it doesn’t even matter and once you do that you’re gonna say yes I agree I agree I agree once you do that make sure all the

Information is correctly filled in and then click on register now and uh like wait it says we have an issue in the password field okay there we go so that should do it click on register now and here we are now it’s gonna obviously take us and that’s it that is how easy

And simple it is to sign up like you don’t have to do any strange verification and tell them you’re you know the bank account payment details stuff like that you don’t need to do that not right now at least right now what we’re gonna do is obviously we’re

Gonna learn how this thing works so basically first of all let’s start with the dashboard now in the dashboard obviously we can see like a world of things okay now first of all what are these things okay this is basically you could say the public chat and in the

Public chat if you were to look closely you can see people talking to each other and these people are talking they’re like okay you can basically talk to other Publishers or advertisers to get better tips if you’re new and it’s like as you can see you can see if who’s the

Account manager who’s the affiliate who’s the advertiser and you can like as you can see this person I think you are you guys doing paid marketing or free marketing is paid marketing worth it and you can see this person has earned 146 dollars with 71 leads this person

Earned a thousand dollars in the last seven days how crazy like imagine learning a thousand dollars in just the span of seven days obviously this person made 594 leads which is amazing amazing he or she got 19 528 views which is amazing but obviously

They did a lot of hard work for that so that is what we’re going to be doing today okay now first of all it says new accounts must earn at minimum 24 before participating in the public chat so you can talk in the public chat without uh

Like earning at least 25 so that’s like pretty easy stuff if you want to get straight into it you can like pay yourself 25 to another account or you can ask like a family member to do so a friend to do so pretty basic stuff then you have your account notices so

Basically your email address has not yet been verified your tax documents are not currently on file and basically you have to verify the email so you’re gonna go on account settings to update everything okay so basically we’re here and you’re gonna basically validate your email

You’re gonna go to 10 mil as we can see you’re going to go to email box your submission box and once you’re over here what you’re going to do is you’re going to verify your email so we’re just gonna wait for this to load up and here we are

Your account has been approved please use the link to validate to your email they’re just going to click on it and there you go your email has been validated now all you’re going to do is you’re going to reload this page okay and there you go your email has

Been successfully validated now it says tax documents not on file so basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to give them your tax documents whether you’re like country of citizenship and everything uh just so they know like where you are just so you can they can like verify you

And stuff and this is pretty important stuff so please do make sure to verify your tax documents now once you’ve done all of that uh you’re gonna go to your payments notice because obviously before starting your work you’re going to need to set up a payment so you can get paid

Easily so you’re going to go to the payment center for that now once you are in the payment center here you can see your payment schedule your payment schedule is net 30. net 30 means that you are to be paid every 30 days so basically it’s a monthly pay okay you

Can get paid like money will be keep getting you could say add it to your account but you’re gonna get paid properly uh in like 30 days like you’re gonna get the money is going to come to you in 30 days but it’s going to keep adding into your account so

Obviously you can see you can see your all-time earnings over here you can see the total amount that you have been paid to this date okay you have the pending balance and you have the minimum like you need at least this much payment to withdraw it and the

Payment method could be either payoneer okay it could be ACH which is only for the USA Banks so if you’re like outside of the USA either use payoneer or PayPal I’d say payoneer because it just works much better okay so let’s say You’re Gonna Go with payoneer and your SS

Payoneer MasterCard powered by payoneer loading time within two hours fee is three dollars per payment it’s a one-time activation fee of ten dollars withdraw cash from ADM supporting MasterCard worldwide spend funds and stores or online and transfer funds from your card to your local bank account okay so pretty pretty nice and basic

Stuff okay now what we’re going to do is obviously now that we’ve talked about you know the background and like the backbone of the essentials let’s go and talk about the main things so over here now what you’re going to do is basically discuss about all the stats and everything okay now

Firstly here you can see the Recently Added offers that would just added into you know the workplace the CPA Group workplace then you have the top performing offers okay the offers that obviously get a lot of clicks and everything so you can see the top performers over here you can see the

Recently addeds over here over here you can see the stats of the overview okay this is where you can get the overview of the whole you know stats section where you can get the today’s views clicks these are analytics of your work these are your hourly stats where you

Can get a graph of your analytics and this is the latest industry news this is pretty like you don’t really need that to be honest okay then there is statistics in charge okay now in the statistics and charts first of all you’re going to get the stats overview

Okay now this is pretty basic and easy stuff getting the stats overview is um it’s as basic as it comes you’re going to get your analytics okay you’re gonna get the stats of your website and uh it’s pretty pretty nice pretty easy stuff and then you have the daily

Breakdown okay the daily breakdown is the analytics per day and let’s say today you want to see the analytics for just today so you’re just going to go and click on today and they’re gonna get the analytics uphold for today like how many views you got today how many clicks

You got today how many leads you have how many revenues you have and stuff like that then you have the offer breakdown okay now in the offer breakdown you will have again all these things like you have the clicks you have the leads revenues you have the UPC

Stuff like that so that’s what you get in the offer breakdown then you have the tool breakdown okay now in the tool breakdown you can get all the tools which are used to break down basically uh where you can get again the time frame for today yesterday

Three days and all the way that and you can also like create the graph by Revenue leads EPC views clicks whatever you like and then obviously there’s the country breakdown which gives you a breakdown through your whole country so it’s pretty basic stuff now the two main things that you’re going to

Be working with as monetization tools and offer tools okay now first of all let’s go and discuss the monetization tools and the monetization tools first you have a Content logger now in the content Locker you basically can create a new content logger for yourself you’re going to grow and create a new content

Locker before you create this Locker you must agree to the following TOS so you’re going to basically read these when an end user completes an offer on this content Locker they must receive what is being promised to them on the content Locker immediately after completion no blank or broken links bad

Or false promises fake or misleading rewards it is your duty to ensure the content promised is available to your end users always no real cash money or prizes no monetizing copyrighted content that you do not have the rights to distribute if the owner of the copyrighted material notifies us

That you are monetizing their content without their consent through a c synthesis then we will be forced to shut down your account and remove the Lander offers do not advertise this content Locker on website blogs social networks forums that do not allow your promotion method or content we have to strictly

Enforce these rules in order to protect our Publishers our advertisers and most importantly our Network brand and the overall industry if you enjoy having access to the best performing offers and the best payouts in the industry please understand these rules and do your part to practice good ethics when promoting

Your content if you have any questions concerning these rules please contact your affiliation manager before you proceed so once you’ve done all that you’re going to click on agree to the terms and service go on there and now you’re just going to create a survey so this is basically you know the survey

You’re going to create you’re going to go and show offer manager and there we are so name you’re going to name this something like uh let’s say let’s go with PSN codes okay just a random name so please complete a survey before unlocking this protected content so this

Is the content Locker you know you get those things like okay like complete this and get your code for whatever thing you’re accessing so you’re gonna mess around with as you’re going to write okay um please complete a survey before to get your PSN code okay now once you’ve

Done that show offers you’re going to choose the number of offers you’re going to show so you can increase that decrease that whatever depends on you I recommend like at least have five four to five offers then choose the access time okay allow close Okay and then you

Can close it or not totally depends on you then there’s the load method now the load method could be on page load or on click I recommend on click okay and once you’ve done that you’re gonna write after completion uh this content will be unlocked this is the anchor text that as

You can see is shown in the bottom over here so you can put that up if you want to so uh once that is done you can obviously keep a different one uh you can like let’s say for the desktop you can change the widget so as you can see

You can keep it simple you can keep it rounded I’m going to hide the borders okay there we go I’m going to keep it rounded rounded look much better there we go now you can keep a background image if you want to so let’s say I’m

Going to go with a static background or you can go with PSN image because we’re shoveling PSN codes okay so what we’re going to do is I’m going to go on unsplash okay on Splash is one of the best websites out there to do this I’m

Gonna go there and uh okay I’m going to choose this looks like a pretty good picture of a PS5 once you’ve done that you’re gonna uh basically we have the image you’re gonna come here now you can also just like drop the URL if you want to just like that and once

You’ve done that you’re gonna wait for this to load and it’s going to load a whole image I’m just gonna wait for it to do that okay now you’re gonna change the font if you want to like let’s say you want to change from lato to converse

One in my opinion lots of works best looks more professional and like the whole world probably uses only this so just do this choose whatever settings to work best for you you can like mess around with the CSS and stuff like that you also have pre-made templates and

Okay I’m going to click on refresh preview for the desktop refresh preview and I’m going to click on you can also go and show off your manager so these are all the offers that you can put into the content manager and once I’ve done that I’m just going to click on Save

Okay now once I click on Save here you’re going to have your you know manager so I’m going to click on preview and let’s say a person is going to click on that and this is going to open for them so how cool and simple is that now

That is obviously how you’re going to mess around with the content manager then obviously you have the URL file lockers it’s the same thing okay you’re gonna just create the whole survey thing now if you’re done that you’re going to put in a URL that people could follow a

File locker and the same goes with the video lockers the same goes with the offer walls it all works the same basically now one of the most important things that we’re going to be discussing about today is the offers page okay now the offers page is obviously where you’re

Going to get all the offers that you can do marketing for okay now we’re gonna go to my offers okay now once we’re over here what’s going to happen as we’re gonna basically choose our country first of all now you can just choose any country like let’s say I’m

Going to choose the US okay fine now once we choose the US you’re going to choose the category you want to do it for so it could be a mobile install it could be an email it could be credit card the best app usually works is

Mobile install but I’m gonna go with all for now because clearly there’s not a lot of mobile installs there’s mostly email or zip submit then there comes the stats you can just keep that on hide and here we are okay now here are all the offers that are going on right now and

You can see like let’s say in Mobile install this is for apple and if we click on it the offer is you’re gonna make someone install the robo killer app through your link so Apple iOS mobile install payout is 0.38 so this offer is only on Apple iOS in the US and the

Tracking domain is this you can choose any other domain if you want to but this is the link okay so the graph activity you can choose whatever you want uh and once you copy the link you’re going to click on next okay and okay here we are so once you’ve copied

This link you’re going to go ahead and market it out okay so okay let’s say now obviously this link is too big like it’s too big of a link and uh once we give it to people not a lot of them are going to be you know happy about you know using

That now here as you can see people are saying subscribe with your phone number PS and you’re gonna get a free cash back so as you can see this is what the link does now to shorten your link you’re going to just write short URL and you’re

Going to go to the first website now you’re going to enter your big link over here and you’re gonna click unshorten URL okay now once you click on shorten URL what it’s going to do is basically it’s going to take like a second and it’s gonna and

Like shorten your URL and like a matter of what 30 seconds and there you go not even 30 seconds like a millisecond now you’re just gonna copy it and here you have it here’s your short URL you’re just going to tell people to click on it

And look at that they’re going to be redirected over here how cool is that and every time a person signs up with that you’re gonna get paid now obviously that was for the mobile one so here it says grab your ten thousand dollars now answer your mobile number now for a

Chance to win the payout is two dollars which is crazy now this is the link and as you can see this offer is only allowed on Android and the US so this is what we’re going to be talking about okay so again copy the link go and paste it

Into short URL and once you do that you’re going to have your short URL and then just send it to people or do marketing or you can like even paste it on your website send it to you know people in the email send it to messages

And like obviously if you send it to 100 people like at least five to ten people are likely to click on it and from those 10 people at least two or three of them are gonna put in their phone number so yeah it’s a decent payout obviously it

Takes a little time to get good at this but once you go on a flow of like you know making good money trust me no one can stop you from making good money on this great money making platform so that’s like where you’re gonna get off all the offers then obviously you have

The post back tools okay and the postback tools you can get all these things like global Post back settings and stuff like that this is a place where you’re not mostly going to be this is like not to used of a place to be honest because you don’t really get a

Lot of stuff this is the referral program where this is basically CPA grip’s very own uh you could say affiliation program where you’re going to refer people through the referral link so let’s say if um you send your friend a link to like this exact link and they’re going to

Sign up with this link to CPA grip then what’s going to happen is basically you’re going to get a five percent commission okay now once you get a five percent commission things are going to be much easier and much simpler for you okay and uh you’re just gonna get more

Commission you’re going to get more money than you’re usually going to and trust me this is just a great way to get more money so like before starting your payouts and everything please do like do perform this because this just makes your life much easier and your wallet

Much heavier so yeah that’s basically it that’s all there is to CPA grip now I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please drop down a like And subscribe to the channel because it truly helps me out a lot and if you want to see more videos like this in the foreseeable

Future please let me know down in the description below and I will make more videos for you but yeah basically until then I hope you all keep having a great and incredible day that was all from me and I’ll see you all next time goodbye


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