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How To Setup Payment Method On CPAGrip

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How To Setup Payment Method On CPAGrip

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Yo what is up guys welcome back to the channel and in this quick and short video I’m going to be showing you how to set up your payment method on CPA Group so if you’re going to be promoting on CPA grip and you want to get paid out

There’s a couple of things you need to do you have to fill in your tax documents and you need to send that in there and you can do that in your account settings and you also need to select your payment method which I’ll show you how to do so

Account settings for your tax information will be under here in account settings and you can fill in your tax information there but to select your payment method in order to get paid out come here to where it says payment center right over here and this is the

Payment center so you can see I have no payment method currently selected on this brand new account so all you need to do is click this drop down and you’ll see you can cash out in payoneer either prepaid Mastercard or global bank transfer or AC H transfer USA Banks only

I recommend just going for PayPal because that’s the easiest you would put in your PayPal email right here so if this is my PayPal email right here you’ll just type that in there and then click on Save payment preferences you can see it’s been successfully updated and that’s all you need to do

But you also need to keep in mind that they have a minimum payment of 50 that you need to meet before you can cash out so I hope this helped if it did don’t forget to drop a like onto this video And subscribe for more and I’ll see you

In the next video take care


  • emad heidari 24th October 2023 , 1:26 am

    Do they pay in personal paypal Accounts or only in business Accounts؟

  • JAM T.O A M 24th October 2023 , 1:26 am

    u have to do tax documents to get paid out right

  • mrr Brown 24th October 2023 , 1:26 am

    Can I use cash app???
    If you use your PayPal card in the fine print says that you have to pay a monthly fee,

  • osifeso ayomid991 24th October 2023 , 1:26 am

    I got clicks on my cpa buh I was not paid what could cause it


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