How To Setup Payment Method On CPAGrip (2023)

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How To Setup Payment Method On CPAGrip (2023)

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Hello guys welcome back to nft inspo for today’s video we are going to show you how to set a payment method on CPA grip so if you’re interested let’s start our tutorial there are a few things that we have to do first before we could actually set up our payment method on

CPA grip so the first thing that you have to do here is to First have you have to verify your email address and you also have to put your tax documents on file so you could all do this on your account settings here in this section you will be able to add

Your tax documents and here you could send the value validation email here to verify your account once you’ve done all of those you can just go to your payment center and at the right corner of your screen at underneath payment settings you can just select the payment method that you

Could use so for example you want to use a people but there’s a few other options here you have Pioneer prepaid Mastercard you have Pioneer global bank transfer and you have the ACH transfer which is for U.S banks only so it’s best that you use PayPal here and just add your people

PayPal email address and just click on Save payment preferences so uh there’s actually a minimum payment here you should have fifty dollars on your account first uh for you to actually receive uh payment and yeah hopefully this video was able to help you like And subscribe to nft inspo thank you for watching

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