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How To Set Up CPAGrip Content Locker Fast | Full CPA Marketing Tutorial (For Beginners)

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How To Set Up CPAGrip Content Locker Fast | Full CPA Marketing Tutorial (For Beginners)

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What’s going on guys today we’re going to be going over a short video on exactly how to set up your content Locker for free on CPA grip with a free website all right so if you haven’t already definitely before we start the video be sure to like And subscribe

All right so let’s get started first if you haven’t go ahead and register with CPA grip they are a great platform for beginners and professionals so here we’re just going to fill out the simple information here with this indication here go ahead and fill out everything here and once you have completed everything

Go ahead and click register now CPA grip they are fast with getting you approved usually within a day so once you are approved go ahead and sign into your back office Now this is the back office of CPA grip what we’re going to do here is go ahead and click on monetization and tools from there we’re going to see the drop down and the first option is content lockers go ahead and click on that all right so here you’re going to see

Create new content Locker now go ahead and click on that read over to terms and conditions and go ahead and agree we’re going to hit continue and now we will be presented with the editing section for our content Locker all right so for this example what we’re

Going to do is set up a Content Locker on a video website so the content will be video and what we’re going to do is go into the gaming area so we’re going to say top 10 games coming oh but yet Thank you Here where we’re going to do is grab a video which we found on exactly the top 10. it could be any video okay just choose a video something that will that your audience is looking to find all right so here we’re going to see here top 10 most anticipated games of 2023

All right from here what we’re going to do here is click on share and what we’re going to look for is the embed code this will allow us to embed this All right so here we’re back on our free website Google site of course And what we’re going to do here we’re going to Simply click embed so we’re going to embed here now what we’re going to do now is go back to our CPA Group content blocker and we’re going to get the code for the locker that we just made

All right so here we go and I usually like to keep this access time depending on the content I like the axis time here to be forever foreign So now where we’re going to do is click on get cold and I like to click on both of these settings here for the code options on enabled no JavaScript protection and enable Adblock protection all right perfect there so we’re going to go ahead and copy the code in here

Back over to our Google free site all right so now that we’re back here let’s go ahead and right here in front of the YouTube codes video we’re just going to Simply paste in our content locker code and hit next want to go ahead and hit insert All right and what I usually do I reassess that just two foreign And there we go we now have our video which is protected with our content Locker but now any traffic that we drive for our audience is looking to look up the top gains of 2023 just imagine the traffic now they’re going to be able to be faced

With your content locker and they will have to go through your offers to view the top 10 games of 2023 that is could be applied to anything any niche just understand that this is in its basic form now if you want more videos like this definitely be sure to subscribe And as we look forward to seeing you in our next one foreign

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