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How To Set Up CPAGRIP Account (Tax Info And Payment Method) | CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

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How To Set Up CPAGRIP Account (Tax Info And Payment Method) | CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

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All right guys welcome back so after you have signed up already started on CPA grid you have to login and you gain access to this particular dashboard interface so right here you see several options and several menus that are displayed here so for example you see recently added

Offers the payout of this one is 0.14 then then this one has a 2.73 dollars this has a 8.2 and that’s massive then if you scroll down you see other one was 1.37 1.5 for 1.37 again 3.088.21 okay you only see top performing offers there’s offers that hasn’t and has a

Most engagement so you see uh this one is offering 23.10 uh dollars as payouts all right so variety I want to complete some tax for example uh due to the fact that this is a new account you can go ahead to uh you know update your account

Settings for your tax document so you can open this you probably have option for payment center so click on this so when you’ve clicked on that you see some of the information that you’ve entered via registry so right here uh if you also want to change your password

You can actually do it from here so this is what password and the new password so what we’re interested in you know right here on the tax document section so there are actually two options here for international Publishers and for uh USA publisher so now we are talking about International

You know so that’s the one we’re interested in at the moment so go ahead to select this option for international publisher so click on it 5w8 so it’s going to open up the file on this window so you see uh the function you entered earlier on then go ahead to

Click on Save that’s it make sure that all this information you enter there are correct I’ll make sure this is correct it’s correct and all that so you can equally uh you know if it’s not if there are some spaces that is not filled you can enter it for example this country of

Citizenship you see some other ones are filled with the default of parameters we entered earlier on so when you click on save you are going to see whether you have you know actually filled the form properly you can see we omitted the digital signature

And date of birth so we have to fill it so that we can continue on this to uh right here we have to enter you see a month of month day and year so we are going to do that right away okay so right here you have to enter

Your name as your signature by your name or the name you want to be on this platform as your signature okay so I’ll smash on this save all right guys so uh when you have done that and save the tax information that’s required of you which you have been able

To fill the form the next thing you do is you go back to the dashboard for this um CPA Group so right here on this and CPA Group dashboard you can always see that this particular payment center option has an error icon because we have not entered any valid payment method so

You can go ahead to you know enter it by clicking on this click on payment center either from here on this dashboard or from here on the sidebar so I’ll still walk you through various features or unfortunatics of this um sidebar but let’s proceed with this first so uh the

Next thing is to fix this and for us to be able to fix this we go over to payment center and click on this so when we click on that it’s going to display this uh interface for the payment center now if you look here you

See that um your payment schedule is net 30. so actually net 30 means you are due to be paid every 30 days that’s one month so it’s more or less like a one-minute cycle or duration okay so how does this um go with this uh when you come to the

Payment section there are several options here there is billionaire there is a easy transfer and there is Paypal now if you don’t have a Pioneer account you can go ahead to open up a uni account uh let me show you guys the platform billion yeah

So go ahead to open or sign up to payoneer I’m going to be leaving it at the link in the description of this video then um after you have signed up we’re eligible to get um MasterCard after you know you must have completed some transactions then you can

Also make it of your opinion bank card or bank accounts actually offers you operation to open our accounts in seven queries such as Euro pounds or dollars you know and the several other currencies so you can utilize that because the global payment Gateway now uh if you don’t want to make his opinion

Yeah you can make use of me if you have U.S bank account or PayPal so if you have PayPal you can go ahead to you know enter your PayPal ID here and uh same preferences so uh right away and you know PayPal email is a is the

Email that I used to you know receive payments in your PayPal and that’s where your payment will be sent to so click on Save preferences okay guys so you can see that that Arrow has cleared if you if you look at you know you no longer see it here so let’s

Go back to the dashboard all right so if you scroll down you are not going to see those notification errors here telling us to you know fix errors and fix those out consent so this is actually how you got about setting up your CPA clip account now right here you

See your account manager you see the name John Wilson then this is the email uh this email for message and then for Skype Skype or messages or email yeah CPA cryptojon then for charts John W all right so right here on this um CPA Group platform you can see there is a

Platform that offers you vast opportunities and options to make money online and how you can utilize it to your own advantage all right guys so uh if you are here to create your account on this platform I’ll leave the link to the video about the step-by-step process that you can

Take to sign up on this platform and equally get your account approved


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