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What’s up guys i’m super super excited in this wonderful video i’m going to show you guys how to register on cpa grip now in case you have been using affiliate marketing i know a lot of competition on affiliate marketing maybe haven’t been working out for you here’s

An alternative if you don’t know what cpa grip means is click per action right that’s the full meaning of cpa that’s you end by someone completing a click just like that just complete something on the internet they don’t have to buy something on like affiliate marketing where someone have to buy something for

You to make profit just by clicking maybe submitting an email you make profit so if affiliate marketing is not working for you this is an alternative cpa group so without further ado guys let’s dive right into it All right so welcome to the channel where future billionaires tune in to learn daily tips on how to make money online how to invest in their money and make them only work for them in the long term so considering there is subscribe button and don’t forget onto the

Notification also be notified each time i drop grease and awesome videos like this that’s giving information on how to make money online so without further ado well i will see most times this is cpa grip i’ll leave a link below in the description box so you can easily access

This wonderful website so you can simply log in if you have an account which i already do but real quick i’m going to show you guys step by step how to register so come here and click on register on the button so i’ll show you guys from beginning to end so after

Watching this video there’s no excuse for you to watch any other video on how this works so i’m going to be showing you guys the free method i’m going to be showing you guys the paid method i’m showing you guys three method different methods that i can use this and the best

Part i’m going to leave it at the ending of this video so make sure you stick to the very end of this video so you get the juice out of this so once you click on resize you can see sign up now you put your first name so let me show you guys

Let me just use this for the tutorial because it’s about use your lego name masterpiece on your government you should id card because they might require to upload some documents and all that so uh okay let me put origin now right so this is for today i propose

This company name i can use this for company name right this is just for tutorial purposes then website if you have a website you can add it here if you don’t just leave it all the ones that smart are still is red are the ones that are required so

Here on address i can just put a random address here or put your legal address i don’t have to tell you that right and i just say leki right here address line two on your country simply leave it at nigeria here city i can just put legos here

Here on stage i can still put logos here on the zip code i’ll put lego zip code which is this then phone number you can add your phone number right so you guys should add your phone number here on skype id now you need a skype id if you don’t have a

Skype account you can simply create an account just come here on google and click on skype it’s just likely to step verification of registering on skype just click on site skype on google to load up here is the first interface it’s just like a video interface interaction uh website or whatever it

Has an application you can download and message people online so here you can download skype as an app you can open skype in your browser and you can make calls so you can restart your google you see simple stuff and once you register you get an id right so

If you don’t want to go through the process which i encourage you to do you can just come here and type random skype id you can use another id just to verify but it’s highly important to register here on skype and put your id im name that’s what i call it here so

I’ve already done that like i told you guys i have an account which i’ve registered i’m just showing you guys how the interface looks like so here is in the interesting part so which type of account you want to create do you want the publisher type is a website email order

Is it website is it email is it the way you want to do it but i highly encourage you to leave that publisher here is where you put your email address by default it’s already there this is my official email in case you want to contact me for business proposition original 247 can hit me up for business probably so you can transact after that i put your password i had to encourage you to use a strong password encourage uh uppercase lowercase number and special characters to repeat the password here so this has to do with

Your money so make sure you use a strong password you put your time zone here depending on where you are registering from they have different time zones here i can search for west africa for those of you guys uh living in nigeria or west africa region you can

Just put it here you can search your time zone add it here so you can tell them how you heard about them you might say friend or you might say most of you guys watching this video heard it from me so you might just see cheeto original here so put my name here

Right so after that agree with the attempts and condition it’s not like you have any other options anyways i agree with all this but i highly encourage you to read your attendant condition so you understand what they accept and what they don’t accept so after that simply

Click on register so your account will be registerable real quick that’s how to register and they’ll send you verification you may verify your email and you’re good to go you’re logging with your email and your password but real quick i’ll log in because i told you guys i already have an account with

This so i’ll click on here on the top right corner login so here is my field i’ll click on login so it’s logging me in if you have any questions so far leave it on the comment section below like you know me with a response to my comments because i value

You guys listen to the sound of my voice right so that being said it’s logging me in right now so as you can see this is the interface once you register right so this is an alternative to affiliate marketing like i said in the beginning of this video if affiliate

Marketing has a lot of competition you haven’t been making money for yourself you can jump into cpa agree which is just maybe someone submits their email on the internet and you make money so i’ll show you guys the hack how to maximize your profits now i’ll be getting comments from you guys today

Shout out to today they have been messaging me begging me i need a free traffic method on this cpa group so this is the video for you today so pay close attention today you can see some stats here uh how much people have end this just starts off people that are making money

On the cpa group you can see from the beginning 810 has ended up to 120 usd yesterday this is 810 878 last week last seven days so he has he’s just a proof that people are making a lot of fun so this is mysteries has end up to 9 000

Usd so there’s a lot of fonts here so they are making people are cashing out on this wonderful platform so as you can see new account must any minimum of 25 before participating in public chat so before you can able to chat with people here on cpa group you

Have to make a minimum of 25 usd so this is the first uh interface you are going to see so real quick scroll down here so you can see the offers you can promote recent added offers top performing offers so here are the top performing offers that people have been

Customized with so you can use this and you can see the flag here it’s a uk flag hundred percent so if you promote this offer and people you know i’ll open this over if we can show you guys what it’s all about and people sign

Up or whatever they tell you to do you make up to 2.22 usd per sign up here is another one you make up to two points that eight per offer this is from germany one the list goes on this is up to 17. usd so what you want to do is to

Find the best paying offers here i find the best one that has the highest money i don’t encourage anybody to go and be any sense so in case you bring like let me see hundred percent you just earn four dollar here hundred percent which is not encouraging whereas if you bring hundred

Percent here and a thousand and seven hundred usd so this is an offer i will encourage anybody to promote so i’ll come i can come here and open on a new tab i can also come here on the top one that is number one on the list and open

On a new tab continue i would just like to show you guys the quick up of the interface here you can see your start overview you can see today’s ending your yesterday you know your monthly earnings and all that your statistics you can see your hourly starts here you can see your account

Manager in case you have any question or anything my own is john wilson i hope i pronounce that right so here is free free to contact me and all that you can contact your manager you can see their email their skype and their chat you can chat them and all

That here is the latest news and all that so these are the top offers again so for example this is uk i can click on it here so this is the link i have to copy this is my own unique link for this account specifically for me i can copy

This now i’ll share it online anybody that completes this tags which is to download and get started like it’s an app right it’s an app that you just download once you download it right using this link me myself i’ll make this amount of money

Which is uh 2.2 usd so this is what i’m making right so that’s the quick way just to filter you know i can copy this as well let me click on this right so this is the unique link i gotta copy this and share it this is a

Different language but i can transcribe so you know nothing good comes easy right so i can come here and you know type google translate so this is translate so i can come here and paste that so i’ll know what they actually require me to you know complete right

So it’s detecting is doing stuff i hope i copied it right so let me copy it again come here okay sit enter your information i want to get started right so that’s the transcription so you know you have to do the real work if you actually want this to happen so

This is just basically what they’re saying and here you can see the image it’s like your phone number just once you add your phone number you can be able to make this but this is the country that this works in most of the time this is the country

That is taxes targeted rather this is lyric zumba how i pronounce this country right padaw mir if i didn’t so you can copy these and target people living in this country like some bug or whatever target those people once they put their phone number this is what is required

Once they complete this enter the information which is their phone number and click on get started and register on that platform so real quick let me open it and show you guys what the links look like so i copied that unique link and i paste it

On a new url so you understand once anybody clicks on that link what are going to see so once you click on it it’s loading guys it’s loading up so for that offer you end up to 17 point something usd so this is 17.11 usd for just completing that simple offer

So here is how it looks like so you can see get mark or whatever so anybody that clicks on that interface is going to see this right this is what i’m going to see so this is just to sign up and the person has to be in that

Particular country this is just to sign off on you know my clean pc it’s a website that you know cleans junk files and all that i believe so so it’s okay it’s an online cleaning services you know pop-ups and remove improve your security and all that so you can see

A scam for free now that’s download they can download it or scam for free and it’s used by major companies like cnn fox news and all that so you can come here wait for download install it and all that you can download again and all that so once someone completes that offer

They can be able to you can make up to 17 this uh point something usd so this is you can see hundred percent and this is among the top performing offers so i encourage you guys to go hard on this one so imagine you bring up to 100 or

Even 10 percent you are making a lot of money for you whereas this one is just any cent so some people are wasting their time promoting this which i don’t encourage anybody to do now let me show you guys how to filter this by offer come here on the left hand corner you

Can see offer tools click on photos you can see my offers click on my offers now it’s loading guys once you click on my offers now you can filter it by country maybe you want to target only u.s countries you know come here on the country

Section you can select usa they have a lot of countries here spain france sweden portugal romania brazil mexico a lot of them well let me keep some things simple i’ll leave it on us here on categories you can select mobile you can select pin submit you can select

Email you can select credit card i’ll simply leave it at email which is simple anybody can also media email they won’t think twice about it that’s why i encourage email so here on the start you may say 10 mi 30 minutes that’s the minimum you know

Or whatever but just leave this or you can just put that 30 minutes but just leave this so here you can see the offers by your filters all these offers are from united states i can see the flag united states here and the only email submission so what you want to do

Once you do this few times to select the highest pane you want here as you can see there’s only one two three four five only five here at this step and the highest paying ones are these two which is two point zero five years this is two point five

Zero usd and this works in mobile or only mobile this works in desktop so depending on your target you should select the one that you want to use for me i’m going to use mobile because more people are using mobiles than desktop or whatever so this is the

One i want to you know promote i’ll come here and click on this so this is the link so once they enter their mobile now the study is charged to win this so this is just email submission and once they complete this offer you know you can be able to make up to

This for yourself on cpa group your phones will appear among allah on the balance rather to sit on the balance page so you can be able to withdraw so in case you’re wondering where it is as a new account this is where you see your balance this is zero usd total revenue here

So you can monitor that so once again let me click on this right so once you click on this this is your unique id you can copy this and anybody that clicks here you can track the number of clicks the leads the revenue the e pc and other so i can copy this

Unique link right so what i want to do now i’m going to show you guys three different methods on how to promote this so pay close attention now so you understand how to promote this i’ll show you guys the paid method like two pay methods one free method and

Also a hack the best method so make sure again to stick to the very end of this video so you know this through secret on how to run a quick check so you understand some of the interface here before i show you guys how to promote

The software so here on the top one you can see clean your computer this is the first offer right so this 1.20 1.28 usd right so it’s updated on the august 30th 2022 so the current one i want to promote is updated on january 17 2022 so you can check all these dates

You know the one that is current the one that is latest and all that and this claim my mark as the country filtered this one is paying 1.28 usd but on the other end where i showed you guys is the same platform the same clean my pc and

All that is showing 17 points 11 usd so countries differ us is paying less maybe because they have a lot of people promoting it while the other country which is legs on board or whatever it’s paying off 17.11 usd so countries also matter here on the price

And so real quick let me show you guys how to promote the first i’m going to be showing you guys is the traffic method using youtube so we are going to be using google ads so come to google and search for google ads So once that’s for google you can see it here this is the first thing it’s a website from google that i can use to run advanced in order to promote products and other so once you click on it it’s loading up guys so just advertise what you’re about to

Promote so let me see so you can see let me sign in real quick it’s prompting me to sign in right it’s loading up so you just have this the paid version i’m showing you guys how to you know go to the paid version so you can

New google ads account you can switch accounts let me click on new google’s account for those of you guys i don’t know how to create a google ads account you can create a google ass account here so once you create an account you can log into your account after logging into your account

Then you can set up a campaign so this is an account i have already so you can choose your business name so let me use studio original for this business name so this is to do original for this business name click on next All right it’s loading up guys you can put a website if you have a website you can add your website here so where people should go and click for your ad so here on this interface you just have to copy this this url that’s your website and paste it here

And click on next darling about your business and whatever so whatever item you are promoting you just have to you know put the url here so thanks people come here to click on your ad this is how we loose on the mobile device and mind you here

Cpa grip you can see some mobile device so this is mobile so let me close this you can see here this is mobile and this is desktop i’m promoting the mobile version so this is how they will see the adverts here on the mobile version do you have a priority so no and

All that so you create an ad anybody that sees this ad and they have people that come they can click yes they don’t have they can click no and once they try to acquire this gift card this 750 paypal gift card or whatever they put their email address when they

Input their email address you will n two dollars and five cents so that’s what they’re going to enter in this so let me click on next so you can see get more calls get more website sales and leads this is the one you want to select you want to get more

Website sales that we need so people can you know move visit your website that you just want to promote or get more visit to your physical location which is not what you want or get more views for youtube so this is the one you are gaining for

You can promote this on google and also on youtube right just an ad you can edit photoshop you know design a better logo or better banner rather there’s any better rather a panel rather or a better you know promotion that will look engaging so people you know engage with you

And you know click on your ad and put the email address when they put the email address you’re able to make two points right two point zero five cents right dollar so you can make that in cpa grid so here excluding now it’s time to write your ad

Installed you know so you can put your headline here you know so click on this banner let me highlight everything click on this on this banner to end you know let me say 750 dollars right so you can put this for instance okay i’ve excited this click on this

Okay let me know banner to n so this is one headline so here you can click on you know let me say paypal 750 gift card right this something that you can add here so here you can add another headings as well just find something that’s related to the

Niche that you want to promote so this is what you want to pronounce so you can say this particular headline that they give you grab 70 now so you can copy this just something that is engaging you know people can delete sweet okay this grab a gift now i can remove this card

Just to make sure that is between 30 characters so description is where you can describe in detail what this is all about you have to description so they shuffle it to know the one that attracts most customers here on google so that i can click on it

So here on the top here you can see the address look at this place click on n750 gift card you can see how it looks like on google ads so anybody that says something related to people will see this ad on google right so if i come to let me open a new

Tab and type people here so let me see people ads right on google let me just type that you can see ads so anywhere that search paper gives card will see one of your adverts here anytime you see a d it means adverts so anytime you see a dismissal anywhere that says paper

People discard you see us here so once they click on ads they can be able to you know see your promotion and once they click and put their email address you can end up to 2.0 uh five year usd here you know to this so that’s how it works so you can do

This put a detailed description describing your promotion i don’t want to make this video very long so that’s why i don’t want to include all these things here description one description too so you can show call to action here us add you can add full phone number here

For usc things so that they can call you and all that you can change your number here but i encourage you to leave it on usa if you don’t know how to get a us number watch my video invite you can get a us number so you add your us number here so

Once you add it here you can click on next and continue to the next page where you promote your ad you just add your debit card or whatever so this is a prepaid version i’m showing you guys two paid version that you can use and i’ll show you one

Free version and i also show you the best method to go about cap cpa group rather so this is the paid version using youtube or google rather to use google to you know promote it to see it on google you can promise on google analytics so anybody that clicks on your

Ad you know and put their email address here you’ll be able to add up to this so it’s a simple thing to imagine hundred percent register on this ui and then up to 200 usd just like that so in case affiliate marketing again doesn’t work for you make sure you use this you

Know to promote your ad real quick so this is how it works so real quick let me show you guys the second method the second method is using fb that’s using facebook so this is so once you come to the website you can you know run ads just

Like google you can run us as well on facebook so once you wrote us you can promote your item using this unique link here let me click on it again copy it or you can save it on your notepad you can come here on your notified you can see it right here this

Is the unique link i can copy this real quick you know minimize these come back to facebook you know so here’s where you can create ad as you can see add center here on facebook ads manager here on your facebook profile most of you guys are using facebook to

You know view other people what social media socialize comment gst and others but you can use it to run us and help yourself make money for yourself so be among the one person that wants to make use of facebook to make money for themselves not just as well like

Socialize and also spend money extravagantly and all that so this is ads so launching ads manager is loading up so once it loads up similar to uh google you can also create a promotion here so it’s ruling up so i’ll create a campaign once you loose up you know similar

Saying target u.s audience because this promotion if you know we filter it by u.s so this is u.s country by u.s and this is u.s citizens so you promote it to u.s citizens and it’s wondering about register with your website you can for yourself so that’s cpa marketing for

You in case you are wondering again shout out to tunde tunde told me that he needs a working uh way to promote the epa group so this is a working method so you can come here campaigns with the campaign here you know target people on your city needs to promote this ad for

Themselves so you know promote the ad using your url target citizens that want to enrich on this website and once they click and put their email address that’s all they need to do once they add an email address you’re able to end that funds for you so that’s two

Paid methods using google number one and using facebook number two so the third interface i want to show you is using the free traffic method so you can use free traffic method even here on fb so let me open fb again so this is

So once it loads up you can come here and search so this is the search menu so what you are promoting is related to gift card so i can see free gift cards so search here on free gift cards you see various groups groups here three groups here you can join those

Groups you know message people and tell them that they should register using your link and they can be able to win free gift card up 750 usd so here i’ll filter this by groups it’s really not guys so you can see some groups here you can join this group let

Me click on it so free gift card free gift cards you can also add free paper gift cards just to specify on that so you can see free gifts card they have a lot of members up to 108k members here a lot of people here joining free gifts card

So you can easily join this group so let me click on join group right so once you join this group once you join this group you can be able to view some of their members you know for example someone that like some of these users are like these comments right see

Some of them this is jonathan islam andes aveborg john liam aliyah sterling whizzy boy any of these guys can simply click on them and message them right you can send them a message i have a free website i can give them on 750 usd just by putting their email address right once they

Include the email address you can you know end your potential cpa group money so this is just basically how it works so this is this guy did you see they have a lot of people here as they remember those message as many as mochikan message them once you message them you

Can’t be able to you know let me switch over to the other account you can be able to ask them to you know uh click on your link put your email address so that’s the usa you’re able to make fun so this is the free method i’m

Showing you guys another way you can go about this so you can see message here i can click on the message button so this guy so this guy can click on message right it’s loading up so this is the message section and here i can type hi

With boy i want you to register for a free gift card so most of you guys are using facebook for social media and all that you’re not using to make money now after watching this video make sure you use social media to make money so this is whis boy once you click

On this boy you can now say hi whiz boy i want you to click on this link so i want you to click on this link on this link to make money or get let me say to get free gift card so you can also message him like this you know

So just copy the link again paste it here and i’ll send it to him just like that once he clicks on this link and in peace in email address time i say i just want you to submit your email your email Your email address once you click on it once you submit your email address you are able to get your phone so this is the free method you just have to do some work by you know messaging a lot of people you can join as many groups as you can so let me

Go back they have a lot of discuss groups you can also cite this by you know let me say paper gift card so let me search this paper gift card so once it loads up what you have to do is you filter by group so this is it you just filter by group

Once you filter by group you can see a lot of crucial join as many as you can and just message the members telling them that you have a website let me say hundred percent or ten percent or whatever i will respond to you once they respond to you you know click and put

Your email address you make your phone so the cpa click by action so the click but per action rather is once they input their email address and click submit you are good to go it’s not like affiliate marketing where you have to make a sale you have to sell

The product or whatever before you make it sale so this is an alternative and a better way in case affiliate marketing giving you stress you can make funds for yourself so let me open up a new tab another way you can go to free uh traffic method is going to kura let

Me go to kura so this is so once you click on kura you can you know find a lot of people they’re talking about gift cards you can message them as well so they have a lot of ways to go about this you can register on cooler and

Message them i have an account already so you can go about this on kura they have basically the bottom line is using social media to message people and tell them to hire a free search by gift card i have a free gift card you know just uh

Register using this link and get you here stand the chance now that you get to start the chance to win up 750 usd by registering with us unique links so this online making money this is uh other platforms you can use so this is scura so ankura here you can

Come here and search and type paper paper gift card so this is paper gift card click on search once it loads up you’re gonna miss a lot of people telling them what you want so this is it as well you know how to get hundred years to give charge

To nine percent following this how to get something you can see a lot of articles related to this so once you click on it you see people commenting just message them share your links they have a lot of ways to go about this stuff so the bottom line is even on instagram

You can also use insta so let me use instagram so let me use ig so this is instagram so click on it login still start go on the search bar and register most of you guys usually have to socialize watch content you don’t even use it to make one so this is ig

For example right once it loads up login use it search for paper gift card use it to message people online tell them that you want to you know promote your item so let me click on this so if you’re not following me go to ig and follow me what

You do underscore original so this is my id page message me if you have any transaction you want to make or whatever so i can comment and tell you so this is the free method now i’m moving to the best part i’ve told you guys the paid

Version after you guys a free version i’m showing you guys the best method to go about this promotion so the best method is using what they call give you away friends so this is give away you can see it here this is the first website you can see it was called

All right once it loads up you can come here and click also move away on the top right you guys click on it once you do so you can feel the information there so you can also need a lot of stuff they have this version they submit your either way to another

Platforms that digitally they have a lot of platforms here every time so this is the cheapest one so click on this one so i’m going to make it so it’s just freaking simple so this is the basically set on our for one week latest this is one

So then click on latest giveaway page right so this is the one i’m working with so come here and select the package this is the one i want to use there was a time this was free but now it’s three minutes you should look up for free subs mission options

So let us give a real keyboard key for live giveaway you can select this so yes please optimize my listing so giveaway boost is just one year for entire giveaways just copy this login guys it’s continue to login so i can quickly log in here let me

Click on login we’ll have this saved on the image file so come to this part click on copy come here on the solution page under the frenzy you can place that so i can just shorten this so this is the host website visual website the only area is Value here you know let me say usb 17 right description enter the description of the video with so you can actually take a description of what this is about you know what they have to complete you know just getting free give away this card from people 750 watts of discussion

From here to also copy this come back to so for this promotion i can show this guy this menu and usc so for me on the end i select an ending for the campaign i sell video recordings on sunday right click and save this image so save it on desktop

Come back here select image control desktop again so this is it you click on open so it upload your image your image just like that so it’s similar to that actually add your first name so put your icon in here and your later last name you understand this again

So add your email address this is my channel business or whatever this is what this is for this type of capture just to make sure that you know the robot so throughout just keep it here so we’ll send you always position already so once it’s done you’ll promote this

Offer to another website and themselves so they’re making it easier for you so this is the best method i said before last because of you guys to stick to the very end of this video this is the bonus you guys are taking for the last video So i’m giving you updates so if you’re interested in this after watching this show make sure you give me the first thing to go through some of these wonderful websites we can be able to make use of this interface and make use of implement everything actually if you have so you can leave

I’ll see you guys on my next


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