How To Make Money Online In Kenya With CPAGrip, PLR Ebooks, Google Sites & Quora Questions

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How To Make Money Online In Kenya With CPAGrip, PLR Ebooks, Google Sites & Quora Questions

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Hi guys so today we’re going to talk about how to make money online in kenya with cpa grip using a method known as content locking so after you create your cpa group account login and this is how you should it should look like so i want you to come here to this place

Offer tools and then i wanted to click on my offers and then i want you to sort based on the united states that so we want to see offers for united states and then on the payout here we want to sort based on the highest pay so for instance this offer for every

Lead we’re making three dollars let me open my calculator here so if you are making 3.64 So if you’re able to drive 10 leads i’m just working with the lowest number so let’s say you’re able to drive 10 leads daily if we convert this to kenya shillings times 116 that should give us 4 000 kenya shillings so i’m going to show you a strategy you

Can use that will enable you to make four thousand kenya shillings daily using cpa grip before we talk about that allow me to welcome everybody that is new to this channel remember to subscribe if you’re not and turn on that notification so that you don’t miss make

Money online videos in 2022 that i post in the future so step number one i want you to go to this website known as free plr downloads free plr downloads once you’re on that website what you will get are free ebooks or free these are the categories of things you

Can get here you can get you can get free ebooks free articles free newsletters free software free videos but in today’s video we are going to use free ebooks so after you on this site i want you to categorize your search based on ebooks in internet marketing category

So after you filter based on internet marketing category i want you to go ahead and download at least remember mark the word at least download at least nine books so we are going to download at least nine books and downloading here is very easy just click on the url of the book

Open it on a new link and then once the page of the book opens you’re going to scroll down and then you’re going to click download this button here this download like that so the next step we need to extract them so we need to

Extract this from a zip to a real folder we’re just going to go to desktop right click and then we want to create new folder and we want to call this folder a books e-books like that open the e-cover and then we uh copy it go back to desktop ebooks paste it there

And we also going to change the name to affiliate and then we go back go back we’re going to extract the ebook then come back to the folder of ebooks paste it there so after you have the 10 cover images and the 10 pdf document the other

Thing now you need to do is we want to transform that pdf into a link we want to transform that pdf into a link and we’re going to do that with google drive so open up your google drive that should be as long as you have a gmail account

You should have a google drive account so once you open your google drive you’re going to add new so file upload and desktop then ebooks remember we were saving so we are going to upload the first pdf like that you’re going to upload one pdf each pdf at a time

So we go to the next file upload we have uploaded the first one we upload the next one like that if you right click on this you will see this option to get a link then the next thing now what we want to do

Is lock this url so i want you to go back to your cpa group account and after you are back in your account i want you to click here on monetization tools monetization tools and then you want to select here url stroke file logos and i want you to create a new locker

Then you’re going to say i agree and then you’re going to say continue so you will be taken to this page and you’re gonna start by choosing a template so click on the template section here templates scroll down scroll down till you find the template you like in this example we’re going to

Use that template so simply click on it after you get the template what you’re going to do is you’re going to edit this information so go back to the general tab and we’re going to start by button text we are not doing a survey it’s a book so

We are going to just replace it with this text here and the text will say download ebook free download ebook free you see the way the text is changing and then also this this is a text here choose our survey to complete a we’re not so we are going to

Copy that and then paste it here and it’s going to say complete one offer below to download the book complete one over below download the book like that and the other thing we are going to change here is human verification and then we are going to change it to capture

Required so this is an heading one so we are going back to go to html tab and then this is it human verification we’re going to replace it like that and then the other thing you can change definitely you can change the background and background is inside background and

Then you upload the image on a platform that can give you the url like imago and then paste the url here so i not done that so not do it so after you have done that you can refresh here to see your preview you see it’s changed so the

Other thing now what you’re going to do is fill this locked url now this is where remember the pdf you uploaded to your google drive this is where you’re going to right click on the pdf and you’re going to say get link get link and then

I want you to change here restricted to then you sort by anyone with the link and access it so after you do that click on copy the link so after you copy this link you can go shorten it immediately because normally it’s usually a very

Long link that is up to you but this is not the link that you’re going to paste here this is a log url which you’re going to paste there and then you can choose how many of us three is okay you can increase the number if you wish and

Then you’re going now to say save this so now you have your url local we can change the name edit we can change the name name will be this pdf book this pdf book is kila traffic generation loca traffic generation and then we’re going to say

So the next one we are going just to say clone we are going to say clone this loca clone this logo and it should be the the second one or the the first one so we are going to edit it and then go back to google drive

So we are going to choose the next remember the next pdf that we uploaded this one it is affiliate marketing guide getting kinds of traffic we are going to change the name here it is affiliate marketing of traffic like that so that’s the we are just going to change here the name

And then the other thing we are going to change is the link right click get the link and then restrict that to anyone with the link then copy the link and then we’re going back here scroll down and replace the link there and then simply you are going to say save like

So you have two of your lockers you have the first book the second book so you repeat the process for all the other books so i’m assuming you have like 10 books so you’re going to repeat that process for the other eight books so the next thing you can do

Is you can copy these links somewhere so that like for the link the content locker for this book here you can say get link like that then simply say copy the link then we can paste them somewhere we can also take the title of the book

So we know the link is for which book like that okay then we can also copy the link for the second one like that copy the link like that and then we’re going to copy the title like that so that we know this is a link for which book

So what we going to do i’m just simply going to remove the hyperlink for the title like that so we have i will assume by the time you’re done with this you have links for 10 books now you cannot share these links because number one uh that would looks funny if you’re

Sharing these too many links all over the internet so what we want to do is we want to create a landing page landing page with all these books you have 10 books we want to create a landing page like this one so look at this landing page here so we want to

Create a landing page like this one where we show all the 10 books and then when someone clicks on download what happens is that they have this captcha then they have to complete the offer and that is how we are going to make money so before they download the

Book they have to complete one of the offer and that is how we shall make money so the next step is create such a landing page in this landing page i created it with google sites so if you have an email google site is free so go just search google sites

Login and then you will come to a page like this and what i used is this template this template of portfolio i use this template of portfolio i ended up with this template so like i have the title download the three books and then i have this section

And so when i’m adding new books here what i simply do i will select that section like that then say duplicate the section and what i’ll simply do is replace this so we’re going to replace this like this one we’re going to replace with the other books now remember the books we saved

So we saved this one so i’m going to take that one here replace it and this is fast affiliate marketing and then we’re going to take this link this link remember the links you copied from cpa grid we are going to copy them there and then on this download button you see

This download button you can edit the button and then you are going to replace it with that url the next way you repeat for the other book so you upload this one affiliate marketing like that so take the link for the second book like that and then you’re going to

What you’re going to do is replace like that you replace then you say then you also uh replace the other image like this so upload the other image this one traffic this way and then the button also you replace with a link so after you are

Done what you’re going to do is click on publish after you are done editing your page you click on publish and after you publish what they’ll do is they will give you a link you see this if you click here copy the link and then if we preview

This link now what it is it is our landing page with all these books so this landing page with all this book such that if someone is interested in this item they click on download they are redirected to these where am i they have to complete an offer and once

They are done completing the offer that is how they can get the free ebook the same way if they are interested in this book they click on it and then after they are done completing the offer that is when the ebook can download so the next

Person now you have to figure out is how to promote these so now you have your landing page google site is a legit website you can share this anywhere you can share on medium location quora so the next thing is promoting this and i was just to show

You one strategy so you go to quran once you’re in quora search any keyword so we are going to search keyword like how to make money online how to make money online and then you’re going to filter based on answers i like filtering based on answers

And then i want to filter also those ones within the past one hour so you look for questions which seem to be about internet marketing remember these books are about internet marketing and so you’re going to look for uh i mean questions which look like internet marketing like this how do i

Make money online from home in 2022. so this one looks like a question you can answer you open it and from this book i can consider is a book for advertising i can see there is a book for affiliate marketing and i consider is a book for uh selling services this one

Speciality so i’m just going to answer this question like this i’m just going to click on answer and then i’m going to just write you can make make money online one affiliate marketing two advertising Three you can talk of selling services and then i’m just going to say read about these here so i’m just going to add my link here i’m just going to to add my link here of this google site like that and then we are just going to simply paste it like that

Like this read about this here and then we’re simply going to say test so if it downloads someone if someone clicks here on quora they’ll simply come to our landing page which has free books they click they’ll have to complete the offers for us and then every offer they complete

We will be making these money so offers so depending on the offer so what cpa grip cpa grip will show up offer depending on the location of a person if they are in kenya these are the kind of offers they are shown if they are in iraq those are the offers if

They are in palestine those are the offers but in real sense people in the first world countries like united states united kingdom that is where you get more conversion so that is why we want to promote on platforms like quora where we can get a traffic from top tier countries so

Simply that’s how you can make money with a combination of cpa grip free books and content locking so guys who’ve come to the end and before i leave i want to remind you to do several things i want to remind you to subscribe if you’ve not kindly

And also turn on that notification so that you get notified every time i put up a new video which i try to do every every two days or just daily so you see this video which you are watching so i’m assuming this is the video so you’re going to scroll down and

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And important to help someone else and then you’re going here in the description click here on show and in the description you’ll find the links in the description and the most important thing that you’ll find in the description is my free blogging guide guys remember

For me the main way that i make money online in kenya is by blogging so if you want to really understand how i do blogging how i’ve been a successful blogger how you can get started get this free blogging guide by clicking on this link and this link will take you to this

Whereby you can get your free copy of this book by entering your name and your email address and you should get your free blogging copy again on the description you will find other related videos that i’ve done in the past which can teach you more ways to make

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So guys that’s it until next time bye bye from me right now and i hope that this has been helpful bye bye for now hmm


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