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How to Make Money On Cpagrip In 2024 CPA Marketing Traffic Method (Check Link In Bio)

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How to Make Money On Cpagrip In 2024 CPA Marketing Traffic Method (Check Link In Bio)

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I’m just about to reveal how people are making money on as we speak with zero upfront Investments so let’s get started now to put it very simply as the name of the website might suggest is a CPA marketing website but you’re to make sure that the business

Model is Crystal Clear let’s start from some common ground you see I’m pretty sure that most of you are familiar with the model of affiliate marketing it’s one of the most beginner friendly ones out there and it’s really easy to implement what most people do as affiliate marketers is they connect to

One of these marketplaces such as digit stur for warrior plus jvu ClickBank and the list goes on and they start looking for digital products to promote and you can do the same thing but when it comes to CPA marketing it’s literally pretty much identical to affiliate marketing

But it’s easier so let me explain how that works you see when it comes to working as an affiliate for a certain product either digital or physical what you’re trying to do here is first copy your affiliate link and then send traffic to that website whenever that

Happens whenever you send this link to someone and they click on it or any anything similar to that happens and they place an order you will receive a commission and sometimes that can be as high as 85% but when it comes to CP marketing here’s the reason why I’m

Saying it’s easier than that you will also have to grab your own link and send it to people they still have to click on it and connect to the website but instead of placing an order instead of spending money themselves what they have to do is just enter in their email

Address or enter their zip code their name some very basic information in other words CPA in CPA marketing stands for cost per action you are getting paid for each and every single action that you determine someone else to accomplish I hope that makes sense because it’s really easy to take advantage of and

It’s even more beginner friendly than affiliate marketing because you don’t necessarily need to persuade anyone to spend any money and that’s why I love it so let’s see how is going to help us the first thing you want to do is click on the register button and then

Go through the sign up process but that’s really easy it’s really self-explanatory and I don’t want to bore you with that I want this video to be an act actual practical guide that you get some value from so let me just skip over this I will log into my

Account and I’ll be back in a second and this is what the platform looks like on the other side but what’s really impressive what stands out right away is that people are making decent amounts of money to say the least we’re talking about $58,000 here $29,000 in lifetime

Earnings and here’s another one1 19,000 for this user right here all they had to do in order to receive that amount of money was generate leads and this is what CP marketing is all about so what we want to do right now is head over to

The left hand side and click on offer tools then select my offers because this is where you can actually implement the process when it comes to the targeted country you want to type in United States and pick the US and then when it comes to the category I would highly

Recommend that you pick email slzip submit but you’ve got some other options here as well you can literally get paid just for sending people to a website where they can install a mobile app and that’s it you’re going to receive a certain payout for it and you can repeat

That process over and over it’s going to pay you as high as $1 and people don’t have to pay anything for it they can download the app for free they can give it a try or not that’s entirely up to them but you will still receive your payout however guys there’s also a

Special kind of offers here that I would highly advise you to focus on and these are the so-called giveaways and so in order to find them I’m going to add another filter here and only select email/ zip submit and take a look at this grab a $750 PayPal gift card and here’s how

This works in not show you see if you copy this link right here and you start sharing it with other people they will eventually click on it and they will connect to this website once they have landed on the page successfully all they have to do is enter their email address

And answer a series of very simple questions and then you will receive that payout of 22.05 but what happens here is that the people that entered their email actually get a chance to earn a $750 PayPal gift card because this is a giveaway and by them entering their email they’re taking

Part in the contest I hope that makes sense now I cannot know for sure whether or not this giveaway is actually legit whether or not the prizes are ever going to be given but what is for sure is that you will receive your payout but now

Some of you might be wondering at this point why would anyone pay us for determining people to enter their email address and their name that doesn’t really make any sense we are not really selling products we are not promoting anything so why would we get paid for

Driving people to a random page where they can enter some basic information well the answer is a little bit more complex than that you see the whole process goes a little bit deeper once people have entered in their email address advertisers will get their hands

On that email and what they can do next is Target that person through email marketing so you may not be selling anything up front in the first stages of this process you don’t have to promote anything as you would with affiliate marketing however once you provide that

Lead that email address to an Advertiser they can start promoting their products services and whatever they have to sell but we don’t care about It All We Care is driving traffic to this page and if we’re able to do that successfully also if we are able to automate that process

Ideally which is what we are aiming to do here that’s going to be a passive stream of income that you’ve got in place and I’m pretty sure that most of those people that you’ve just seen in the public chat here making tens of thousands of dollars have probably fully

Automated the process to the point where they don’t really need to be actively involved any more they are probably generating all of this traffic automatically and I’m going to show you how I would personally do the same thing and now check this out I want you to

Take a look at this offer right here in particular it’s got a payout of $2.14 per lead and this is what the landing page is going to look like what happens here is that once people connect to the page and enter their email address they get a chance to receive these Roblox

Coins and for someone who’s actively playing that video game that would be pretty significant right well what you would have to do at this point is just cop Cy this link and start sharing it with people that are interested in those coins and this is the trickiest part of

The process if we manage to find a method that actually works for us to Target the specific demographic we need then we are pretty much all set at the end of the day CPA marketing boils down to one thing and that is targeting the right kind of people that’s what we are

After and so we got to take a step back and ask ourselves the following question what type of people are going to be interested in receiving these Roblox coins and the is pretty obvious these are people who are actively playing video games in their SP time Roblox in

Particular where do we find those people well let me help you out with that you can either start spamming the internet with your links hoping that eventually you will get to those people but that doesn’t work it will get you banned on most forums and it’s a huge waste of

Your time we want to be a little bit more time efficient and for the reason I would connect to M the US what is this website well it’s just a forum for people who are Die Hard Gam gaming fans to put it simply a new article is going to be released whenever something

Happens whenever a new update is in place regarding a video game but what you want to do at this point is just search for Roblox because once you do that you will find relevant content you can go to the related post section and then start engaging with all of these

People right here remember chances are all of them are actively playing the game and so they might be interested in receiving some coins for absolutely free by just entering in their email and guys let me tell you something I’m a 100% confident that this method would work to

What extent it is going to work I cannot really tell you are you going to make hundreds of dollars are you just going to make a couple bucks I do not know but you will make money with this method just by reaching out to these people and telling them about the competition

However if you want to take it one step further and if you want to automate the process you cannot be sending messages all day and so if I were you this is what I would do in order to get that traffic automatically without my active involvement I would simply search for

Roblox news because every once in a while news will be released right doesn’t matter if we are talking about an update or an event whatever the case there will be news around the topic and you just want to take a look and read the most interesting titles once you see

What’s going on here you want to update other people about it because just as you were curious about the topic there are hundreds or thousands of other people out there who are just as curious but perhaps they don’t check out these websites the very next thing you want to

Do is head over to YouTube and type in Roblox up what is going to happen is that most of the results most of the top results at least are generating tens of thousands hundreds of thousands or millions of views and when it comes to the search volume by the way I’m using

An extension here called vid IQ that gives me a little bit of insight you’re going to notice that the search volume is pretty good the competition is not too bad either so this is a great topic to cover what am I trying to say here well guys the easiest way you can

Generate that traffic automatically is by putting out relevant content about Roblox news all you want to do is just read these articles get an idea of what the update is all about and then try to review it yourself you don’t necessarily have to show yourself in front of the

Camera you don’t need hly level quality all you need to do is just go through the article add a little bit of stock footage to make the video more engaging and put out a 2-minute or a 3 minute quick video that’s all it takes people will click on it because it’s hot news

It’s a relevant topic right now and what you can do in order to make some money off of it even if it doesn’t get monetized on YouTube is that you can link your CPA offer down there in the description box just after people watch your video they will most likely check

Out the description as well and you can even point it out during the video you can lead people to the link in the description if they click on it and they enter their email address you will receive a payout of $2 for every single new lead you generate which is quite

Generous to me you don’t need tens of thousands of views either just a few 100 views are enough because out of that 200 people let’s say they watch your content perhaps 10 will be interested and so that’s an extra 20 bucks that you’re making with very little effort with the

Help of CPA marketing and by the way this was just one example there are so many other offers here you can do something similar for the iPhone 13 giveaway for these products right here or for the $750 PayPal gift card at the end of the day you’ve got access to all

Of those offers so it’s entirely up to you and so I genuinely think you’ve got everything it takes to make this work and now it’s just a question of you going out there and implementing the method correctly that’s it for now and thanks for watching

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