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How To Make Money on CPAGrip | Best Method For Beginners!

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How To Make Money on CPAGrip | Best Method For Beginners!

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In this video I’m going to give you a complete guide to making money with CPA grip with completely free traffic I’m going to explain everything and give you a full method which you can take action with and start earning money so what we’re first going to do is go to here you’re going to sign up for an account if you haven’t already just go ahead and click on register and fill out this form now I’m not going to cover the sign up process because I’ve got many videos on that already so just

Go ahead and sign up and then log in in your own time and then you should be taken to the CPA grip dashboard so as you can see I’m about to log in right now okay so here we are on the dashboard here you can see everyone’s earnings and

People talking here you can see your stats but anyway what you want to do you want to go to author tools and go to my offers and what we’re going to do is choose an offer which is proven to convert and promote it with a free

Traffic method right so what you want to do if you’re in a different country just go ahead and type in here United States click enter and you’re going gonna then get offers for the US now we’re going to promote a US offer because they convert the best on most of our traffic using

This free traffic source is going to be coming from America so scroll down here and you’re looking for an offer you can promote now these may be different for you depending on what time of year you watch this for me though I’m going to use this offer here install planes live

And start your trial now if you go ahead and click on this you can see that this is a flight tracking app and we can get people who are interested in Planes um like Aviation airports we can get those people to download our flight tracking app and every time we do so

We’re gonna earn two dollars and five cent right so what we need is a community or a traffic Source full of people who enjoy Aviation they enjoy flying they enjoy airplanes those are a target audience for this specific offer now you can promote any of these you can

Do this with vpns although the payout is a little bit less you can do this with Tick Tock getting people to download tick tocks quite easy right but if you go and find an offer which is quite Niche it is usually going to be easy easier for you to promote so that’s why

I’m choosing this one as an example so install planes live and start your trial so when people click on our affiliate link it will redirect them to the App Store and if they download this flight tracking app we will earn two dollars and five cents so now what we want to do

Is we want to go ahead and promote this offer to a free traffic source and what exactly do I recommend for this and how do I recommend that we promote this offer and get people to download our app now first what I would do is this file

Here is quite long then it’s quite it’s a bit ugly it’s not exactly pleasing to look at or click on so what I will do is I will copy it and I will go ahead and shorten it with a URL shortening service now you can go to your favorite URL

Shorteners I like to use tiny URL though so I’m going to go ahead and paste in my long CPA grip here and then we can customize this link so we’ve got forward slash so we might want the end of this link to be forward slash flight tracker

Let’s see if that’s available flight tracker shortened URL it’s not available so I’ll put flight tracker DL for download okay so this is available so now we’ve got our link forward slash flytracker DL which is going to redirect our traffic to our CPA grip link and if

Our traffic then downloads our offer we’re going to earn two dollars and five cent so let’s go ahead and get now some free traffic to this link now what I’m going to recommend here is going to be the best method for a complete beginner because it’s going to actually give you

The chance to get real traffic it’s free and you can do this whether you’ve got a smartphone or a computer or both and it’s going to be attainable for you right now I’ve got three examples of traffic sources which are similar so let me just go over these and I’ll show you

How you can do the same so the traffic source that we’re going to be sending free traffic to our offer is going to be an Instagram page so this Instagram page here has 456 000 followers and what they do is they repost very simple like picture memes like these are stronger than most

Relationships these days showing a meme of one of them like wristbands you get as a kid and these are very like normal normally meme they’re not meme specific but what we can do because we’ve got a specific app that we want to download with a target audience we can make one

Of these meme pages in the airline like Air Force AV Aviation Niche right and I’m going to show you how you can find your content in a second here’s another example of one of these meme pages with 146 000 followers and they just upload these very simple memes this one uploads

Videos right and it’s clearly reposted from someone else it’s got credit right they’ve credited the owner this one again bring back 10 Chinese food 16 apartments and twenty dollar full tanks and that’s got 409 000 likes and what these are the very simple relatable memes now when you’ve

Got this amount of people looking at your page in fact they’ve got 4.1 million followers you can put any Link in the bio right and it will get clicks so why not put a link which can actually make you money so what we’re going to do

Is we’re going to build up an Instagram page we’re going to try and get it to maybe like 10K followers like this one here 146k followers good example this one here 400 000 followers kind of a little bit unattainable but we’re just going to try and build a 10K and we’re

Going to send those 10 000 people to a link in our bio which again is going to be our CPA grip link so now we need to find relatable content which is in the airline airplane Air Force Niche so how do we do that so one

Way is to go over to Reddit now if you go to Reddit and you type in here memes and you click search you’re going to see all of these different subreddits that you can go to right so type in memes and then go to communities and here you’ve

Got all of these communities full of memes now what you need to do is go ahead and go into these communities so go into R memes and then search for I don’t know search for keywords related in your Niche so maybe you search for airport okay so here you go you’ve

Searched for airport and now we’ve got all of these airport memes so why why TF they’re a bird at the airport and you can then download this image right this is a kind of like a meme format and upload it to your Instagram page that you’ve created around Aviation

Right I’ll show you another meme because a lot of these memes don’t require you to do any work so airport workers are a different breed what you can do on your computer or your phone you want to go through the image right click save image as and then save

It as a JPEG image right now you don’t need to go ahead and start over complicating this literally save good memes in your Niche and repurpose them and repost them on your Instagram page you can just go ahead and create an Instagram page if you haven’t already

Got one or if you’ve got a kind of like a page that you’ve been kind of playing around with not really uploading any content I would just change it to a meme page and upload your first meme today so go ahead and go to create go and select from computer

And then upload Your Meme now I’m not obviously not going to upload it onto my personal account well this is what you would do you will click next and you would then give it a caption now you want to look at how these Instagram theme pages are capturing in their posts

So if you look here just something short simple and unique so maybe I just write in this airport workers are a different breed then what I can do is I can start to build up a following of people who like my memes right and then with that following I can go ahead

And Link in the biome my CPA grip affiliate link so that the link that we shortened remember I can link this and then if people go ahead and download the app which tracks planes I’m gonna earn two dollars and five cents for everyone that does and if I can get 10 people to

Do that to do that a day then I’ve made twenty dollars per day and we’re getting close to making 1K a month off our first internet Venture right this is completely free traffic it’s going to be all started with right now so go ahead

And try it it will take time but it does work right now if you want something a bit quicker I’m going to recommend you something right and you don’t have to buy it and I’m not going to give you the hard sale but I’ll leave it in the

Description to commission Beast AI it’s essentially a free click done for you AI system um it sends Mass traffic to CPA offers affiliate offers ClickBank Warrior plus and you can go ahead and read the sales page yourself and what you can see 100 free traffic once you get it set up in

Five minutes sends over traffic to your offers right now it is only 17 and you get all of these bonuses but go and check it out I’ll leave it in the description but apart from that that’s all from me thank you for watching


  • IT Solutions 23rd October 2023 , 7:15 pm

    Your video does not show any result from your end, this is just another video to get views, fauls information. If you're really looking to make money on CPA GRIP, whatch this:

  • technana3.141 23rd October 2023 , 7:15 pm

    Can you please tell me if this bypasses any landing page I might normally need? Also can you tell me what to enter in the application where it says " publisher?"how do you connect this to a landing page if you need one

  • beezy mark 23rd October 2023 , 7:15 pm

    The fact is.. with are unable to withdrawn the money below the minimum payout USD 25!

  • Lucky Srikanth 23rd October 2023 , 7:15 pm

    Waste of time

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    How you make 10k lol

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    I want to take action with this


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