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How To Get Instantly Approved On CPAGrip

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How To Get Instantly Approved On CPAGrip

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Yo what is up guys welcome back to the channel and in this video I’m going to be showing you how you can get instantly approved for CPA Group so you just need to go to You’ll land on this page and then you’ll see the register button right here at the top

You just need to click on this register button it will take you to this page where you can sign up now so you can see the this red star indicates the required Fields so to be instantly approved you have to put in your real information right here don’t put any fake

Information because that is the this is the information you’re giving CPA grip in order for them to open your account and pay you out and all that stuff so put your first name your last name your street address your country your city your region zip code phone number and

Then your Gap username in there and then select a password and choose your time zone in there where it says where did you hear about us you can just put YouTube and then be sufficient and then you want to take take all these boxes right here but one thing that’s very

Important is you need to select the correct publisher tab so right here where it says publisher tab you want to click the drop down and then what you want to select is either website or slash incent or GPT GPT stands for get paid 2 if you select any one of these

Website incent website or incent or GPT they’ll pretty much approve any account instantly so the moment that you submit this when you click on register now you’ll instantly get an email saying that you are approved just go into that email click the verification link and

Then you’ll be able to log in and then you can log in here and you’ll be instantly approved and that’s basically all there is to it so if this video helped you out don’t forget to drop a like onto this video And subscribe for more and I’ll see you in the next video

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