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How to Earn Money On Cpagrip In 2023 | CPA Marketing Traffic Method

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How to Earn Money On Cpagrip In 2023 | CPA Marketing Traffic Method

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Plenty of money around and you just have to grab it okay no hard work simple method I’m gonna show you step by step so follow me hit that subscribe button of course and let’s go this will of course work wherever you live in the world okay you can live in Nigeria you

Can live in India wherever you live guys this is the method which will get you a lot of money and I really mean it guys a lot of money is on this strategy so let’s go and see how it’s done first of all this website is called

And there is a lot of money on this website if you know how to do it okay it’s a simple strategy you get a few of these links few of these offers and you find the traffic for it okay I’m gonna show you which offers to take which are

The most profitable ones and which are the easiest ones and of course I’m gonna get you the traffic sources it’s gonna be really easy guys so first of all of course just make yourself an account click on register then you just have to complete the simple information about

Yourself first Lane last name company you don’t have company whatever you want but this is really important guys publisher top you have to click on GPT GPT stands for get paid two those are the kind of offers which will get you money okay and for a simple thing so

When you make yourself an account go to login and when you log in inside this is going to be your dashboard okay first thing that you can see is this chat window you can get a lot of valuable information on this chat window okay people help each other all around on

This website and of course you can see this system about telling how much money certain people have make okay course in the start you’re just gonna be like this Abbas guy who has earned 35 dollars with 51 leads okay that’s gonna be it but of course when you get experienced you will

Scale this business and you will get eight thousand dollars just like this required guy okay so the first thing that you have to do okay first go to offer tools over here and then click on my offers now in here you can see see that you can choose a country for

Yourself there are country specific offers so if you find certain offer which is from your country you can do that as well but these from us I’m gonna show you what these does so for example I don’t know maybe this one act now for a 750 PayPal gift card now this is

Probably the most easiest one because first of all you get two dollars per each one of those and all that people have to do is to enter their email address okay this is why these are called email zip submits you of course have this one like mobile install but

This will require people to install something on their mobile phone okay and that’s a bit harder to do maybe you can do this one when you are experienced but the most easiest one is of course when people don’t have to install anything and they don’t have to buy anything okay

This is the most easiest one because when people enter their email address you get two dollars for each one of those okay two dollars guys for each one of those emails entered you get two dollars now just imagine if you get 100 people if you get 200 people that is a

Lot of money guys just multiply that by two and you get your initial income okay but there is a thing in here you have to go and you have to find the traffic for this the first thing that comes to my mind is and it’s a good

Traffic Source second thing that you can do is because has a lot of traffic it’s a really popular website you know it if you go on similar web you can see that has 1.7 billion total visits per month and that’s a lot of traffic okay you can see

That it’s been declining recently but 1.7 is still enough and the majority of it are coming from the United States and that is exactly why we have chosen this one and we have combined that with because these are United States based offers of course is also good for United

States offers you can see it right in here has almost 1 billion total visits okay total visits are 1 million on this website just take a look at this one billion last month and now it’s 950 million guys and just take a look at this 41 are coming from the

United States and that’s what we need okay so you will make something like this guy is doing so just take a look at this he’s probably doing the same offer he has just made this picture here 750 PayPal gift card and this is the link that he have shortened okay so you can

Do the same thing just click on here on your profile of course you have to make yourself an account on Pinterest just click on this plus icon and click on pin and then you just have to complete this trust me guys there is a lot of money in

This strategy and you only have to invest a bit of your time it’s so so easy just hit that subscribe button to our Channel if you like it thank you so what you have to do is you have to add a picture just like that guy is doing okay

Then you have to add your title as far as the title goes you can just copy this one okay you can just copy this from the offer on CPA grip then you can just paste that in here and of course the most important thing is that you go and

Add that destination link okay you will grab the link okay grab the link for this offer so people can click on it and then whenever someone sees this pin they will click on that thing and they will just enter their email address okay that’s how easy this is guys this is

Really easy and you can get a lot of money guys well you get two dollars for each one of those and that’s a lot of money when you think about it and the best part is that people do not have to buy anything that’s why it is so easy

Okay and if you want to use what you can use is you can just search for gift cards okay or make money online you can just use these keywords okay so you can see people are already doing that okay gift cards it’s a really really popular thing to do now another

Traffic source that you can use is it has a lot of traffic you know it guys so you can just type in in the search bar make money online okay and then just go over to groups okay groups have a lot of traffic and all of

These people are gathering here for a reason okay they want to go and they want to make some money online well what you can do is you can just go and join into some of these groups I suggest the more the better okay and then what you

Have to do is you just have to paste that exact picture that that you have used on Pinterest and then just add your destination link okay that is really really easy people are gonna click on it and then they have a chance to get that 700 and PayPal gift card you can see

People are already doing that you can do it as well and a lot of people are gonna enter that email address because they don’t have to buy anything I repeat it’s so easy guys they just put in that email address and they forget about it okay but you are getting that money guys

You’re getting that money and of course you are not limited at how many of these offers you want to run you can do all of these if you want you just have to invest your time and the more time you invest the more money you will get and

Really it doesn’t matter which one of these traffic sources you use I suggest that you use all of them and that’s how you maximize your profits all of them can work and all of these offers can work you just have to invest your time

In it you have to set it up and the money is going to come so I suggest that you just take some action guys and I’ll catch you later


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