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How To Create CPAGrip Account (Complete Tutorial) | Sign Up + Get Approved

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How To Create CPAGrip Account (Complete Tutorial) | Sign Up + Get Approved

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Welcome everybody into this new video in the tutorial let’s take a look how we can create our very first account of CBA grip um there’s going to be a really basic tutorial so you don’t have to be worrying about that wait get you covered so what exactly is the CBA grip this is

Going to be helping us to make some monetization tools I mean there are tools to monetize us and what we can do here is to receive money by some affiliate marketing stuff so I’m not sure if you’ve saw like uh some stuff like invited your friends to this

Channel into this website and you owned and you both earned five dollars ten dollars so that’s exactly what happens here into the affiliate section they help us to we help actually um different websites different platforms to drive more traffic and in exchange for that we received money so

That’s the reason why we can earn money here into CPA grip because we can find really huge deals in order to start so I’m Gonna Leave You guys a link Down Below in the description so you can get a free account and of course speaking about rewards you might be getting if

You rewards of course just buy signing in so once you hit enter what you want to do is to go into the sign up section uh actually it’s going to be looking like this I want to import my first last name the company the website and address

City this copy if you have a Skype name phone number a state region the time zone all of this actually really really really easy to do and after that I want to agree to the terms of service I agree will not complete this offer myself I

Will we will not use process VPN of rode software to complete leads I want to enable this option and after that hit into register now in my case I want to go into logged in and I want to choose my passcode in order to enter and of

Course this is really annoying but I am most uh check out the recaptcha bar in order to continue and get into verify all right so as you can see now I am into the CPA to dashboard and here I’m going to be showing you something really really easy here is the

Public chat so here into the public chat we can see how much money our users getting here as you can see this one valid has earned a 122 000 all time with 63 000 leads right so I mean this is really valuable here we have the state overview how much

Money how we earned like how many people have built our affiliate section how many clicked into our ads how many people it’s how much money we’ve earned here and of course the APC and the conversion rate you want to have the conversion rate really as high as

Possible in order to get a really really great ads the hourly status is how much time it has spended here into the graphic data your account manager picks in here so this person is going to be helping you to if you have any questions comment request uh everything is going

To be for only this guy speaking about the recently entered Alphas all the offers remained into the chat section but you do want to focus only into the Statics and charts the monetization tools the offer tools and of course the refurb program so what I want to do is to focus into

The monetization tools so if I go into new monetization tools I do have the content blockers and actually what I can do here is to get a code in order to preview how it’s going to be looking my content Locker my actually my account so I do have this in Spanish because I’m

Currently into Latin America so you don’t want to focus into the language of this one fight girl back into over two hours now I’m going to go ahead and go into my office so this is where the fun begins what you want to do is to focus

Into one affiliate section and you want to start making some ads in order to gain money let’s explain something uh really really easy for example with I’m gonna go into the country I want to filter here you can filter uh whatever kind of apps you

Want to see as you can see the pews in Mexico because once again I am in Mexico so I’m gonna get into this title what I want to do is to copy this link and paste that into a new website section and see what appears in here sometimes it appears in Spanish

Sometimes it appears into English see what happens in here as you can see it says order now let’s see if I can translate this page into English and this there you have it ask for your selection of samples to buy uh answering to us a few questions

So people can just receive uh free candies just by putting the name and email so you might be just thinking how you can promote that so what happens in here I’m going to go back into my CPA grip once people clicked into this section and put the name both name and

Email click into I agree to receive the test Now list later and went into the he participated and here is going to be appearing the one clicked one leads and the remaining of each clicked so each person who go into the heat participated with with each person with each user

You’re going to be gaining 17 cents so what I want to do is to make like a few conversions if you met here so if I have let’s say for example a hundred people to make this thing that I just told you and I earned 17 uh cents

For each person what I need to do is to go times a hundred so I might be earning 17 just by sharing the page but if I look for something can pay me a little bit more than that for example I have the second one here I’m going to click in here

And as you can see here’s a tracking domain enter your information now for a chance to win mobile drought email submit and here is going to be paying me two dollars per conversion so I want to do exactly the same math here if 100 people actually do they click the

Leads and all that I am going to be earning 206 dollars just by getting a hundred leads into this um into this lead into the CPA grip so that’s the reason why it’s really great to earn the money here into the CPA grip now last here the last thing that I want

To show you in order to start earning money before you go nuts and try and start to do all these uh things what I must tell you guys is that you want to go into the payment center which is actually in here Down Below on the referral program and here you want to

Add a payment settings and here into the payment settings you want to import whether that would be a PayPal account a transfer from the US a transfer for your bank only for the US pay on your account or a PayPal account in my case I do have only PayPal account

And lastly guys what I need to tell you before you go nuts and start here working into CPA grip do you need a minimum payment of 50 in order to redeem that money into your PayPal account wherever you are using here and lastly guys now that you know how to receive

Money how you get the payments you can go into the static and charts and if you go into the stats overview you might see how many people uh clicked into the link that you just created how much money you have earned and here’s gonna be appear

In the revenue the views the link and I want to go into the time frame for example and go into the latest six months and here is going to be appearing all the people who just clicked into my link that I created and here it is so there you have it guys

Um that’s how you can earn money how you can create your CPA grip and you can start to make some affiliation money through CPA grip so thank you so much for watching the video guys don’t forget to like And subscribe to the channel if this was very useful for you thank you

So much for watching the video guys and I will see you on the next one


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