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How To Create CPAGrip Account and Start Making Money

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How To Create CPAGrip Account and Start Making Money

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In this video I’ll show you how you can create an account on CPA grip so you can start using the platform to earn some extra money so first before we sign up to CPA grip we’re going to need to go to the CPA grip website now you can go

Ahead and go to Google and just do a search for CPA grip and it should be the first one to come up or you can go to when you’re here you can then go ahead and register on the top right hand corner but before we do that

You can see CPA grip is Performance Marketing and you can create content lockers URL and file lockers video lockers offer Walls and More so if you go to register on the top right hand corner you can create your account on CPA grip so here we are on the CPA grip

Sign up page and now I’m going to create an account with you guys so I’ve just deleted these fields so we’re going to enter in my first and last name so for the video we’ll go with Bradley knowledge and you can see that these have a star next to them you can see

This is a required field now the next one down company you can see it has no star so this isn’t a required field neither is website you don’t have to give them a website to sign up although one thing I will add it is going to help

If you do have a website or social media if you’ve got like a YouTube channel or a Twitter profile or a Facebook page Facebook group just something that you’ve created online it doesn’t have to have many followers or many subscribers if you have something make sure you link

It there because it’s going to make it way easier to just get approved if you don’t have it though it is fine and then we need to enter in our address here and our phone number so let me just do that so now I’ve done that you’re now also

Going to need to add in a Skype username now this is a bit outdated they use Skype and but just enter in your Skype username if you don’t have a Skype username you can just go to Google and just type in Skype and you can download

Skype or you can probably even create a Skype account on the Skype website here so you can see open Skype in your browser you can go ahead and create a username here then enter in your email password confirm the password and choose a time zone once you’ve done that you

Can then go to the fields on the right right so if we go to the top here we’ve got publisher type so here you’ve got website slash incent email GPT which is get paid 2 or other now we’re going to click on other or I’m going to click on

Over because for me I will promote with my YouTube channel and but it doesn’t matter what you really click I wouldn’t click if you’re a beginner get paid to I would just choose over and just say social media that covers basically all of the free traffic methods so just put

Over and just say social media okay so then you’ve got your email address and password so I’ll enter in mine now so once you’ve done that you filled out your time zone you can then type some stuff in this box here where it says where did you hear about us in here I

Would put a YouTube training tutorial if you put this it shows that you’re trying to learn that you know what CPA grip is you know how to use it and you’re not you’re not just stumbling across CPA Group from like a friend recommending it to you so put something like YouTube training tutorial

Here then agree to these terms and then click here where it says register now so now I’ve done that I’m now taken to the dashboard of CPA grip I’ve just got an email about my account and we’ve got a message here from John so it says here

Hello welcome to CPA grip and the support staff and I are pleased to welcome you you can then go to the frequent questions if you want to and you can message message John if you’ve got any questions or problems so we’re going to close this now here we’ve got

The public chat so on the public chat you can see people are kind of like flexing their earnings so this person’s earned 144 dollars today 25.92 and you can see you’ve got different amounts this person’s own 18 000 all time so CPA grip does work people are making good money with it

112.55 you just have to figure out how to get people to click on your links and complete the actions and that is the game right and I’ll cover it in a second but all you have to do is get traffic to go to an offer and get them to complete

That offer so we’ve also got our live stats here on the right you’ve got your hourly stats and if you scroll down here we can see that my email has not yet been verified and I’ve not added a payment method so if I go to payment

Center I can then enter in my details I wouldn’t worry about this straight away because if you’ve not earned any money you can’t you’re not going to get paid anyway or just to make it clear the minimum payout is fifty dollars so once you’ve earned fifty dollars they will

Pay out and you can add payoneer prepaid MasterCards global bank transfer a USA bank transfer or PayPal I just choose PayPal because it’s easiest for me so then coming over here you’ve got your dashboard which is the page that we were just on you’ve got your stats which I’m

Not going to cover in this video because I’ve got no traffic or anything on this account you’ve then got monetization tools so here you’ve got content lockers URL slash file lockers video lockers and offer walls now most of you are going to be using the first two so I’ll cover

Them so if we go to content lockers it says here that I have to verify my email so let me just do that and then I’ll be back so now I’ve done that I can now create a new content Locker I’ll agree to the terms here and we’ll click

Continue now content lockers are used when you have a website you have a piece of content and you want to use this here that pops up to lock your content so let me just change to the United States because I’m in Thailand right now it’s show me Thai offers

But this is what it would look like if you want to lock a piece of content on your website so you can customize this for desktop traffic mobile traffic and so on and you can change the like the font face overlay the speed that the pop-up

Appears the office size and a lot of like stuff you can change here and you can also enter custom CSS tweaks if you want to but that’s obviously not for beginners and once you’re happy with your offer you can then click save and you’ve then got a Content Locker which

You can get the code for and then embed it onto your website now if you don’t have a website I recommend you use URL file lockers so if you click on that you can then create a new URL Locker agree to the terms like usual and click

Continue you can then lock a specific URL or file so let’s say I wanted to lock this 100 weight loss tips PDF which is on my Google Drive and I can just go ahead and copy the link for this then what I can do is go back to CPA grip and

Then paste in the link that we’ve just copied into the locked URL and then when somebody goes to this website they then click on this begin download button it will then give them surveys and when they complete these surveys on complete one of these offers we will then get

Paid now again it shows you offers in your country I’m in Thailand so it’s showing me Thai offers that’s probably why you can’t understand but here are the American offers for if you was to send American traffic you can also customize these they have templates one

That I like is this catchable one here so they can complete one of these and when they do they’ll be redirected to the file or the URL that you’ve put here and then when people complete these offers you will get paid now how much you get paid depends on the offer here

So if you go to offer tools and then you go to my offers what CPA Group will do is they will show your traffic the recommended offers for them so this is based on Country what device they’re on and so on so if I go to Country and I

Can change this country to the United States because that’s where a lot of traffic is going to come from you will then be able to see offers in the US and these offers are just like General offers like iPhone 14 offer if someone enters in their email here and completes

This you’ll be paid 2.73 you’ve got 86 cents for this one and it depends what where your traffic click and what offer they complete but you’re going to earn different amounts here depending on your traffic you’ve also then got under this under the offer tools the referral

Program if you want to recommend CPA grip to anyone if you give them your link when it loads here you will receive five percent commissions for life that isn’t that more much but it is something now getting traffic to your offers is the most difficult part for beginners to

Understand so I’ve created a video which brings you through a full method with CPA marketing and chat GPT to automate this whole thing so if you want to check that out watch this video here and I’ll see you in the next one


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